While 24 and Allison Mack Return, 90210 Dad Still MIA

Today’s announcement by FOX that 24 will be returning this November 23 for a two hour movie revolving around Jack Bauer and an international crisis in South Africa begs the obvious question. Would it have killed FOX to wait one day so that 24 could return on November 24! I mean hello?! We’re talking marketing 101 here.

With this morning’s news that ‘Team Mack’ successfully negotiated Chloe’s return to SMALLVILLE after securing a hefty pay increase for an eighth and most likely final season, this TV Addict can’t help but wonder — What is Michael Ausiello’s cut for so brilliantly ‘reporting’ the original story that put so much pressure on the CW/WB to begin with? We’re just sayin,’ be it Snapple or Smurfs the man deserves something.

And finally, with the news that 90210 is having difficulty finding the next Jim Walsh, which 90’s icon would you like to see cast as Harry Mills? Cast your vote in theTVaddict.com Poll [see right sidebar].

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  • Kimberly

    As long as they call the 24 movie, 2, I will be okay with it being on the wrong date. 😉

    I am starting to get shaky about the lack of 24 this year. The withdrawal is killing me. Stupid AMPTP. I hate those guys.

  • Monkey

    Gaaahhh!! I cant decide between Rob Estes & Jack Wagner! I would love to see them both back on my screen every week!

  • Common Sense

    Honestly, NONE of those 90210 “dad/principal” choices thrill me. Let’s think outside the box, not in the same tired old pattern of retreads. I’d wager a pretzel that Estes gets the gig, since he did a CW pilot a year or two ago (that included the Australian hottie kid). But he was such a snot on CSI Miami. Overexposed actors are a problem. Saw clips of Michael Cassidy in Surviving the Filthy Rich…and all I can think of is Lex’s clone bro and Cliff on Hidden Palms. It’s like the same character all over.

    Let’s think Whedonverse: Any support for Marc Blucas or Christian Kane? They’d bring more loyal cult-viewers with them.

  • Monkey

    Ooooooo, Christian Kane!!
    Except I can see him sleeping w/all the high school girls!

  • tlcinvt

    How about Scott Patterson? They cancelled Aliens in America.. so he is free to do other things now.

  • allie

    Christian Kane – love him but thankfully he’ll never be on 90210. He has an awesome new show coming out (Leverage) and is currently out promoting his upcoming albumn after finally being picked up by a major label (yay!!!). He is fully committed. My vote is for Thomas Calabro. Loved him on Melrose and haven’t seen him around in ages.