The TV Addict Meets Blake Lively

blake lively

At yesterday’s CW Up Front, GOSSIP GIRL star Blake Lively could not have been more accommodating to the hundreds thousands of fans, reporters and media buyers wishing to pose with her. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Who needs Penn Badgley!?!”

Photo Credit: Casey Fatchett

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  • Josh Emerson


    You can have Blake and I’ll take Penn. Done. 🙂

  • Well… seems like your visit to NY was definitely worth it I mean, just that right there would be worth the plane tickets and everything! 🙂

    Congractulations on the coverage, great job!

    PS: Are you short or is she really tall?!?

  • Roca,

    Glad you’re enjoying the coverage.

    And for the record, I’m 5’11” — Blake Lively is really tall.

    More photos to come.

  • Ow wow!! More than 5’1”… didn’t think she was that tall

  • Sarah

    she is probably wearing heels and is probably around your height. 🙂

    she’s my favorite person everr… she’s gorgeous

  • KAT

    OMG! im so jealous of u
    lately blake&penn had cum 2Thailand! Bangkok :)my hometown and one of my pals saw ’em but i missed even i was hangin out around there too so saddddd so baddd T^T