Channel Surfing with C.T.

When LOST rocks, it rocks. And last night… yup, the ship was definitely swayin’. Best moment of the episode? Sun earning her “pimp” card by telling her dastardly dad that she’d bought his company out from under him. In other news, the show did something I love and that too few programs have the ability to do these days: take a single basic storyline and divide it into several segments involving numerous characters and then build each individual plot to a cliffhanger. Will the boat explode? Will Ben sacrifice himself in order to help Locke become a hero? When the heck did Kate become such a great tracker? (Um, okay, let’s forget that last question… although it’s a valid one.)

Listen up, ’cause I’m only going to say this once: Thanks, you rapid worshippers of the Winchester boys, for using your powers for good by rallying to humble me into giving SUPERNATURAL a second look. If you hadn’t, I’d have missed a heck of a season, not to mention last night’s literally kick-ass finale. From the fantastic use of music (particularly Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son”) to the fast-and-furious one-liners (my personal favorite? Dean referring to Ruby as “our slutty little Yoda”), this was a roller coaster of a ride made all the more emotional by the fact that you people got me to care about the Winchesters almost as much as they care for one another. Yes, the “Lillith in the suburbs” scenario was a little too reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite TWILIGHT ZONE episodes, but homages are one of the things this show does best. In fact, that final scene — with evil forces having gotten their “hooks” into Dean — reminded me of something right out of one of fav fright flicks, HELLRAISER. Yup, you fans totally reeled me into this show… heck, I’ve even kinda sorta maybe gotten used to that put-on voice Jensen uses.

Look, I want to be thrilled that a “plus-size” (read: normal) gal finally won AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. I really, really do. But… well, I can’t shake this nagging feeling that it was basically a set-up. Let’s face it, some strong girls — such as Claire and Dominique — were eliminated while weaker competitors (um, Anya? Seriously?) were kept in the running. Tyra and company have taken a lot of flak over the years, with the argument among fans and critics going something like this: “Why the hell do they bother having a plus-size girl in the mix when that gal never, ever wins?” Well, this year, they found a girl who just barely qualified as plus-size and, while not a great model, will no doubt get some work. And hell, she ain’t as bad as drag king Jaslene from a few cycles ago.

How weird is it that I get majorly excited by those teaser promos for 90210 — you know, the ones that show nothing but a palm tree as a modern version of the famous theme plays? — given that I never watched the original?

  • bws

    I guess Kate being on the lam for so long made her a great tracker? Since day one, she’s been sniffing out trails like a pro. It’s just her gift, I guess.

    That boat is DEFINITELY blowing up in two weeks. It’s just a matter of who will die when it does. Given Locke’s history, I would not be surprised to find he’s the one who blows it up. But if they kill Desmond in the explosion, that would be simply unforgivable. The Desmond – Penny love story is paramount to the entire show!

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  • Chris

    Back in season one (I think when Ethan kidnapped Charlie and Claire), Kate revealed that she used to go hiking and track deer with her non-bio dad (the army guy) and that how she’s learned to track. She’s done it a bunch of times over the years, particularly in this season’s premiere when she followed the right trail to the dying Naomi.

  • SimplyKimberly

    My favorite line of the night was when Ben looked at Locke like he was retarded and said “How many times do I have to tell you John, I always have a plan!”

    Next week looks even more amazing! James Ford is stealing my heart even more than Sawyer did.

  • Katrina

    Dominique — a strong model, really?!

  • CT

    Katrina: Stronger then Anya! I mean, come on! Anya was just… she was so blah to me! And definitely stronger than Whitney!

    Chris: You’re totally right! See, that’s why I have trouble with Lost sometimes: It expects me to remember so much week f to week! LOL

  • babygirrr

    Supernatural rocked last night… I couldn’t have asked for a better episode, but come on the best line of the night had to be “Bon Jovi does, on occasion, rock!” from Dean, and then the two singing it.. come one.. it was one of my favorite Supernatural episodes hands down! I am so going to be looking for spoilers everywhere this summer! Can’t wait for it to return now!

  • Patty

    Ah! CT I’m SOOOO glad that you feel that way about Supernatural! That really was quite an amazing episode. I think it’s great that you can go from hating a show to admitting that you were wrong. You totally made my day!

  • Mark

    Welcome to the Supernatural Club, CT. We reeled you in and got you hooked onto our show…

    …And now you must wait with the rest of the fandom for an entire summer, just waiting. All the while, Dean is in Hell – suspended by meat hooks plunging through his skin. What a terrific little show.

    One of my favorite aspects about the show is the classic rock, so hearing Kansas (again) and Bon Jovi made me a happy viewer.

  • Mel

    Yaaay!! C.T., so glad you’re liking Supernatural!
    My favorite line in SN’s finale was Dean’s
    “If this is my last day on earth, I don’t want it to be socially awkward”
    Excellent EXCELLENT episode. Its going to be a long summer waiting to see how Sam gets his big brother back!.