Rob Estes Relocates to 90210

rob estes

Call us nostalgic for MELROSE PLACE, but there’s something not quite right with Rob Estes being cast as the Mills family patriarch/West Beverly High’s principal. I mean what’s next? Heather Locklear playing a West Bev teacher who gets a little too cozy with one of her students. Wait… that actually isn’t a bad idea!

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  • Melissa

    I was already going to watch this show, but now i am SUPER excited about it!

  • nctodc

    That was quick.

    Women’s Murder Club gets canceled and the guy gets a great job like a week later.


  • Monkey

    Mmmm, Rob Estes!

  • Allie

    I love him but think his talent will be wasted on this teen show. I’m disappointed =(

  • Jake

    YAWWWN. Further demonstrates the lack of creativity in casting this show. Grimes? Please. Estes? Could’ve predicted that rerun a mile away. Tell me there are more roles to cast, please, so we can gain some sense of excitement (other than the great Jessica Walters). I’ve yet to see a truly hot breakout-type male in BH, in the same vein as the 3 Gossip Girl hotties.