Since frequent contributer ‘C.T.’ took the words right out of my mouth by saying that last night’s episode of “LOST Rocked,” I’m going to move on and simply mindlessly ramble about some of my other Thursday favorites.

UGLY BETTY finally brought the funny back by reuniting Marc and Amanda (“Marc and Amanda! We’re so funny together; everyone says so.”), putting Christina/Willi’s baby on the back-burner and having Gio step up and tell Betty, “I don’t want to be the rebound guy. I want to be THE guy.” Needless to say, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. No, we don’t want to be Betty’s guy, but we’re more than happy to never see the borefest that is Henry again. To paraphrase one of our generations great thinkers Paris Hilton [remember her?], Betty & Gio HOT, Henry NOT! In fact, here’s hoping that when UGLY BETTY moves to New York next season, the production ‘forget’ to tell Henry. Who’s with me?

As for GREY’S ANATOMY, I know I sound like a broken record — or busted Mp3 for all the young’ins out there — but Shonda Rhimes and Co. continue to hit it out of the park by offering up the perfect mix of hilarity and emotion. There was the absolute tear inducing story-line courtesy of brain tumor lady and her not-so-imaginary boyfriend. Hilarity thanks to the ‘new and improved’ Dr. Sloan, not to mention Christina’s continual descent into madness. Plus the obligatory Meredith/Derek melodrama allowing this TV Addict the opportunity to write the line I’ve been waiting all morning to type out, “I guess the bloom is off the rose!” (Zing!). Yes Meredith and Derek belong together, but am I the only TV Addict feeling somewhat bad for poor Rose? I mean Nurse Rose got exactly what she feared from day one — a heart broken courtesty of McDreamy. So cliché! Which is something GREY’S ANATMY usually abhors. See Dr. Hahn’s best rant of the night when the Chief tried to convince her to operate on his mentor, “I’m sorry is this going to be a story about how you were a struggling black med student who wanted to be a surgeon but no one would give you chance. And Walter Tapley gave you that chance and mentored you and without him you wouldn’t be where you are today?”

SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL are being reserved for the weekend, since this TV Addict apparently lacks the super-power necessary to watch more than four hours of television a night. Here’s hoping Lex got a proper send-off and Dean didn’t die!

Which leaves us with last night’s hour long JAM-packed [pun indented] episode of THE OFFICE. Quite honestly, this TV Addict is at a loss for words because the episode was such a mixed bag. I mean who’d have ever thought the highlight of an OFFICE season finale would be new HR rep Holly incorrectly assuming Kevin was ‘special needs’ [totally believable and brilliant by the way]. Don’t get me wrong, the episode certainly had its moments, with Michael’s attraction to Holly and his reaction to Jan’s pregnancy refreshingly endearing and for lack of a better word, normal. But after weeks of hype, confidentially agreements and secrecy, who didn’t see Jim’s proposal to Pam being interrupted by Andy and Angela coming a mile away? And finally, how ironic that Ryan’s arrest was uploaded to NBC/’s bitter rival YouTube. Now that’s funny stuff.

Got a take on last night’s TV? Post away!

  • Josh C.

    funny quote of the week:
    Sloan: “If you want what’s down here, you’re gonna get what’s up here too”
    Callie: “ew”

  • Sloan/Callie/Hahn — hands down highlight of the episode!

  • Josh C.

    last night wasnt my favorite post-strike episode but i must say it was the perfect episode to set up what could be a perfect season finale next week. That isn’t to say it wasn’t good. I definitely think it was. IT has a perfect balance just like you said and i LOVED the ending moments when meredith burst into the psychiatrist office and said “fix me” because she finally sees how mush she HAS TO love derek. Can they keep the psychiatrist on the show cause she is funny but dramatic and i think adds something to the show. I’d really like to see why she was talking to Hahn.

  • ewanspotter

    Supernatural was all kitties and bunnies and lattes. Noooothing to worry about. >.>

  • Loved Betty. You’ve been saying for weeks (and I completely agree) that the only way to reenergize the show is to bring Marc and Willi back to Mode. It was such a great episode. Though I love Chris Gorham I agree that its Gio time. Id also just like to point out the awesomeness that is Justin, he’s the coolest kid ever.

    not so much loving the Grey’s. I thought it was a distinctly weak episode considering that the past few weeks have been a return to the greatness that was once Grey’s Anatomy. I liked a lot of the elements and the storylines, the episode as a whole just didnt gel right for me and I didnt care very much about the central heart surgery story.

    I completely agree on the Office front. it was right up there with some of the best Office episodes at moments but spent the rest of the time in the vast wasteland that is the standard for season 4. The cliffhanger also left something to be desired after the past 2 years of spectacular endings.

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  • nctodc

    Loved Ugly Betty. Loved Grey’s Anatomy.

    Both have returned to, and at times improved on, the pre-strike quality of the show.

    Any word TV Addict, on who won’t be making the move with Ugly Betty to New York?

  • Manreet

    Liked Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy has long ago become a HABIT, and The Office was a HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT…WTF, that was a finale episode??? It had its funny moment.s.but overall it did NOT feel like a finale episode at all and had lots to be desired!

  • Mark

    “Here’s hoping Lex got a proper send-off and Dean didn’t die!”


    I won’t say which show I was addressing that to. You can figure it out for yourself when you watch them. But damn, Supernatural’s finale was amazing. Now THAT’S how you do a finale, The Office.

  • props for this post!!!

    ewanspotter Says:

    May 16th, 2008 at 10:47 am

    Supernatural was all kitties and bunnies and lattes. Noooothing to worry about. >.>