First Look: 90210

Because it’s never too early to get excited for the fall season, here’s a first look at the CW’s new take on 90210.

The promo promises “Cooler,” “Sexier” and “More provocative!” And thus far we the TV Addict like what we’re seeing. Shenea Grimes is completely believable as Lori Loughlin’s daughter, and having loved this past [slightly crazed] season of NIP/TUCK, nobody does sexy evil like AnnaLynne McCord.

That said, not everything is copacetic in our favorite zip code. If we may humbly offer up one suggestion, the show’s tag-line “You want to live in the zip… you got to live by the code” has to go!

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  • Oh wow…. I had not given much thought to this show but after watching this clip and hearing that song in the first 5 seconds it really got me excited!

    Good to know we have a new show of the “problematic teen rich” genre to look forward, we haven’t had anything good like it since the first two seasons of The OC. I mean, Gossip Girl is good but the NY atmosphere somehow makes it a little different than those Californian ones we got used to.

  • Jacob

    I agree about the tagline tvaddict. It’s catchy but not exactly fitting. Sadly because of the writers strike, this is one of only 3 shows I’m excited for to premiere.

  • Jacob,

    Thanks for the comment! But you neglected to mention what other two shows you’re excited for! Don’t leave me hangin’

  • John K.

    Did anyone else get a serious “Hidden Palms” vibe from this whole thing? Everyone has a secret and whatnot. I will boldly predict this will be one of the worst, but most entertainingly awful, bombs of the new season. Can we start placing bets on what character is gay (because you know there’s at least one) and which character hooks up with the young teacher guy (will it be the same character for both?). Teachers sleeping with students is so Dawson, and family’s moving from the midwest to California is so Summerland.

  • John,

    Please stop destroying my love of 90210 with you ‘logical’ and ‘well thought out’ comments. Clearly this show is being rushed into production, and yes, I’m incredibly curious as to how 90210 will offer compelling stories that we haven’t already seen on the original, THE OC, DAWSON’s etc…. but nonetheless… it’s the TV show that got me hooked on the small screen. I’m more than willing to give it the benefit of the doubt!

  • Mohammad

    so is the title officially “90210” now?

  • John K.

    Fair enough. At leastwith this once, since Brenda and Brandon aren’t biological twins, that s ong-standing sexual chemistry can boil over. That’s my bold prediction: the main chick is doing it with her adopted brother! And in defense of my comments, I actually thoroughly enjoyed every trashy, guilty pleasure minute of Hidden Palms.

  • tim wilkins

    How can these “actors” know what the show or their role will be about? Did I miss a pilot ep or something? I’ll probably check it out but like others said above: “how will this show do it differently?” Why not “nip/tuck” meets “queer as folk” meets “90210”? Now that’s a combo. lol =)

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