First Look: WEEDS Season Four

weeds season four promo pics

What’s cable’s No. 1 pot dealer to do when her cozy suburban enclave burns to the ground, taking her clients and stash along with it? What else? Pack up and move on. With the embers of Agrestic smoldering in her rearview mirror, Nancy & Co. relocate to the fictional beach town of Ren Mar on the San Diego/Mexico border to set up shop with a new front biz that’s… pregnant with possibilities. With the help of her old friends and new partner Guillermo, Nancy will get even deeper in the shadier side of dealing — on both sides of the border. She’s savvy and has earned her stripes in the business, but the new, un-chartered terrain ramps up the risk with every transaction. While there’s a whole new look, new locale, new friends and even a new love interest, the patented Weeds dark humor that the country and critics have grown to love over the past three seasons stays true to form.

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weeds season four promo pics

weeds season four promo pics

weeds season four promo pics

weeds season four promo pics

weeds season four promo pics

weeds season four promo pics

weeds season four promo pics

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  • Melissa

    How did you know that I was missing Weeds so much?? I watched all of season 3 this weekend, and you just made my day by giving me a season 4 update!!! I can’t wait for June 16!!! Thanks

  • Tarn

    well, ok!
    I know some viewers disliked the last season, but I thought it was fine, and I’m looking forward to this one. I’ll miss Heylia and Conrad, though.

  • bws

    Season 3 was only slightly off from the first two. Still a good run. I’m very excited it’s back this summer with some other summer staples like Entourage and Big Love pushed to the fall. At least there is some quality TV to get us through June and July!

  • Ally

    No more Conrad? But we still get Doug? I think somebody messed up here.

  • teresa

    HUNTER PARRISH IS getting hotter and more gorgeus!

  • nctodc

    How’s this work? Celia and Doug are both back, but no Conrad and Heylia? That sucks. It’s hard to imagine Weeds being worse than it was last season, but they may prove me wrong.

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  • Just Jody

    Thanks for sharing these, I can’t wait for the new season. Any word on when it will air in Canada?

  • Yes! About time! I’ll miss Conrad and Heylia, but it looks like there will be some guest starts that will take care of their absence. (I hear Julie Bowen!)

  • DATmafia

    Well-the expectation of the new season exceeds that of the third. Some say it sucked others liked it just as much as the first two seasons. I wish they would ditch Andy as he seems to be the ‘Otto’ of the show and Shane could fall in a well for all I care as the point of view from a junior high student doesn’t appeal to the audience Weeds is for. As for Heylia she had some good lines and scenes. Conrad was a spoiled white boy poorly portrayed by a black guy with little acting chops. So yes lets hope the 4th season has more bang for the buck than last season which had a few good moments but lacked it’s luster as compared with the first two seasons. However-It’ll be nice to see a show that has nothing to do with “reality”, dancing or karaoke with shows like “So you think you can act in a reality dance idol” kind of crap.

  • Lola

    I liked season three just as much as the second, but the first was the best. I don’t know much about season four, or whats to happen, or anything like that… but it looks good.

  • kelsey

    im so releaved that there is going to be a season 4!!!!!!!!!!! season 3 pissed me off at the end, the way it ended….im not much of a big fan of cilia either….she’s a total bitch, the way she treated her husband !!! but nancy is awesome, and so is silus, andy, and conrad!

  • justi

    who cares if heylia and conrad aren’t back, there probably gunna bring them back in season 5 cause they’re laying low… and doug rox!

  • sam

    i definitely think that season 3 was just as good as 1 and 2, even though it results in nancy leaving agrestic. or majestic. whatever it was at that point.

    HOWEVER. doug is amazing. and i think i’d be more disapointed by his absence than conrads. but this esteban shit? … no thank you. conrad was much better, and i think they just had a hell of a lot better chemistry.

    so. my vote is for conrad to come back. but i kind of just miss agrestic in general. even though i love the new demeanor shane has managed to create.

  • So Cal Drea

    I loved Conrad but I really like the looks of Esteban!! My mom got me started watching the series and I ordered them all on netflix and now I have to wait til season 4 come out on dvd and it’s killing me!! Does anyone know when that will happen?

    I also have to say the brother in law makes me so so angry but I guess he is supposed to be one of the charaters you love to hate along with Celia!!

    I hope they bring Conrad back for the next season I love Nancy and him together. He has such a cute butt!!

  • don

    season 4 sux cock

  • Garden Variety

    Season 4 blows rocks. Dumb plot lines; unrealistic character developments/progressions; disjointed relationships (exactly why did Nancy burn her house down?). Should have kept them in Agrestic and grown their expansions from there; this switch to the border town with Nancy somehow gunning for a drug’n’arms runner as a boyfriend is just pathetic. There was much more potential with Heylia and Conrad and the cousin in the picture. This is just now a sorry excuse for a TV series. Yurgh and good riddance for season 5.

  • Big Tree

    please bring back conrad and heylia stop hating on andy he is awsome but its just not the same since they left agrestic/majestic…still an awsome show no matter what but not the same without conrad/heylia