The TV Addict Hangs with the Cast of ONE TREE HILL

one tree hill cw upfront 2008

In anticipation of tonight’s ONE TREE HILL season finale, this TV Addict thought he’d post a few photos from my recent trip to the CW Up Front in New York City. Not surprisingly, unlike some of the more standoffish GOSSIP GIRL cast members, the denizens of Tree Hill were more than accommodating when it came to taking photos.

one tree hill cw upfront 2008

one tree hill cw upfront 2008

one tree hill cw upfront 2008

one tree hill cw upfront 2008

‘Copywrite’ Photos Credit: Casey Fatchett

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  • John K.

    I was only slightly jealous from the other photos, but this is too much. I’ve become hooked on OTH this season, and to have your picture taken with Dan and Skillz is quite cool. If only adorable Jackson Brundage was there, because James Lucas Scott is da man!

  • I completely forgot to ask the awesome Paul Johansson about his days on 90210 and a my fav guilty pleasure movie SOAPDISH.

  • Josh Emerson

    That’s so awesome. I’m jealous!

    I’d be interested to hear who from the Gossip Girl cast was standoffish. I get the feeling Chace Crawford probably was one of them.

  • shanna

    Although it’s sad that the GG cast is standoffish it’s understandable seeing as how their show title makes it almost REQUIRED that they be gossiped about in real life. They probably have complexes.

    But yay! Skillz!

  • Mark

    Dan Scott is the coolest.

    I too am interested in hearing who/why the Gossip Girl cast was being standoffish :p

  • Common Sense

    Did anyone ask why One Tree Hill is so mind-numbingly boring? If not for Dan’s accident and Lucas’s surprise final words, last night’s season finale even put the cats to sleep.

    In all seriousness, this show has GOT to pick up the pace and add more interesting/shocking storylines next season. The whole “jump ahead” gimmick is old news now. We’ve got to have some meat….and by meat, I mean something more intriguing than me watching my neighbor’s cookout.

  • Frédérique

    I heard Ed Westwick was very standofish and that he was like forced to do interviews and the whole time he was macking on this girl the whole night.