Week in Rewind

With thirteen episodes remaining, serious kudos must go to the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA creative team for not only continuing to deliver one helluva final season, but forgoing all pretense of keeping the show accessible for new fans. Stand alone episodes, tedious exposition, who needs it? Certainly not when we’re this close to reaching earth!

Sloan’s new leaf! Callie and Hahn! Christina Cleaning! The Chief’s intern! Mer and Der! The only thing we’re not loving about the phenomenal string of post—WGA strike GREY’S ANATOMY episodes is that they’re coming to an end this Thursday.

Proving her Academy Award Nominated turn in GONE BABY GONE was no accident, we’ve got two words for Thursday’s remarkable guest starring turn by Amy Ryan — Emmy Nomination. In fact, Ryan’s stint as the ‘new Toby’ was so stellar that this TV Addict is going to offer up three more words on the off chance the proverbial Powers That Be are reading this. Spin—off potential.

While the majority of the net is up in arms this week thanks to Mick St. John’s untimely stake to the heart and ABC taking the ax to MEN IN TREES. This TV Addict wanted to offer up one final shout out to last Sunday’s penultimate installment of ALIENS IN AMERICA. From heart to hilarity, there was absolutely nothing alien about the CW’s comedic hidden gem, except of course for viewers. Which is unfortunate, because surely I’m not the only one who is going to miss his weekly fix of Tolchuk adventure?

Since this TV Addict has been harping on UGLY BETTY’s shall we say ‘lack of funny’ for a few weeks now. I thought I should take an opportunity to give credit where credit’s due. It only took three weeks, but Thursday’s BETTY brought the funny back by finally reuniting Wilhelmina and Marc with the Meade’s and Mode. Here’s hoping Thursday’s season finale featuring ‘special’ guest star Lindsay Lohan doesn’t ruin the momentum…

… like Britney’s did on Monday’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Now I’m not normally one to kick a girl when she’s down. But Britney Spear’s return to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was nothing short of an embarrassment. Or to quote Time TV Critic James Poniewozik, “The storyline and character the writers have contrived to shoehorn her [Britney] into the show—kind of an extreme version of the borderline crazy-obsessives that characters on Friends were always hooking up with—just made her seem like she had wandered onto the wrong sitcom set.”

  • You won’t be the only one missing a visit to the Tolchuk household each week.

    And, in regards to Britney’s second appearance on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, it was terrible. Not just her, the whole episode was just bad. Might of been the worst of the series. The first episode she did was really good and she was pretty good in her small role. They really should have left well enough alone. Even if they got more people to watch because of her appearance, it was squandered, because this was a poor example of why we love the show.

  • Common Sense

    1) Who is Amy Ryan?
    2) Aliens in America = smart, funny comedy. It didn’t have 30 suitcases to open, a lie-detector, D-listers dancing or tone-deaf singers….in short, it was smarter than a 5th grader. And American viewers simply are NOT.
    3) Oh yeah. Amy on The Office. Really funny; keep here there. The bit with “slow” Kevin is gut-busting.
    4) Britney? Sorry hon, your 15-minutes are up. Go away, now.

  • Josh C.

    i love everything about grey’s right now and i’ve even come around from totally hating Hahn.

    I was looking over at Ausiello’s page and he has his dream emmy comedy ticket written up. Who are your picks for nominees this year?

  • Josh,

    a) thanks for the comment
    b) In the midst of writing my own dream emmy ballot right now in response ti mr. ausiellos! check back tomorrow!

  • Mel

    Oh, the heck with grey’s!! How about that Supernatural season finale!!

  • Sorry Mel,

    There’s too much TV. Still have yet to watch SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL.

  • Don’t know if you’ve been catching Desperate Housewives lately, but I definitely think it should get a up arrow graphic thing, especially for the season finale. I can’t even describe how well executed it all was. Really, watch and tell me what you think because I loved it — and I’m not even a DH fan.

  • Sheindie

    Aliens in America… a gem of a family show..get rid of Dawn Ostroff .. keep and bring in quality fare (Everwood! Aliens! pick up Moonlight!) and the CW will be #1