An Early Look at Fall TV 2008: TUESDAY

fall tv preview 2008

With the Up Fronts behind us, you’re probably wondering what new shows warrant a season’s pass on your DVR/PVR come this fall? Well, wonder no more. Because all week long will be posting our Super Early 2008 Fall TV Preview. Offering up ridiculously early and ill-informed snap judgments on a whole slate of network shows. Putting to rest those who say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover – or in this case a TV show by its one paragraph summary and cast photo.


90210 [CW, 8PM]:
How excited are we for the return of the show that spawned our television addiction? We’re already prepping our ‘Annie Mills Graduate’ signs. Too soon?
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Why is a twenty-something TV Addict excited for a show about two rich high schoolers and their nanny? EVERWOOD alum Rina Mimoun is spearheading this adaptation from the popular series of books. And where EVERWOOD alum go, this TV Addict follows.
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KATH & KIM [NBC, 9:30PM]:
While quality programming may not be NBC President Ben Silverman’s strong suit [Exhibit ‘A’: KNIGHT RIDER], he does know a thing or two about adapting hit foreign shows [see: UGLY BETTY, THE OFFICE]. Which is why we’re excited for KATH & KIM, based on the hit Australian series of the same name. That, and co-stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair don’t hurt.

The brilliance of JJ Abrams plus MIGHTY DUCKS DAWSON’S CREEK alum Joshua Jackson! Consider our PVR already set to season’s pass.
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Not even the ever so cool Simon Baker is enough to get this TV Addict to tune into yet another paint-by-numbers CBS procedural crime drama. All together now, they cancelled MOONLIGHT for this? [sorry, couldn’t resist!]
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  • Josh Emerson

    I have zero to watch on Tuesdays this fall! I might end up checking out Fringe since there’s nothing else on, or Kath & Kim since it’s a comedy and it stars Molly Shannon. I don’t expect it to survive though. It’s a comedy sandwiched between a reality show and Law & Order.

    I doubt I’ll be tuning in for 90210, and I will definitely not be watching Surviving The Filthy Rich. The plot sounds horrible, and I could barely even make it through the preview video.

  • … The Mentalist isn’t reality… heh

  • Linda B.

    Only show on this schedule for me is Eli Stone. So glad it got renewed.

  • lol I have 8 maybe 9. lol

  • I’m with Jenny, in that THE MENTALIST isn’t a reality show and that there will be nine shows that I will be watching or at least checking out on Tuesdays in the fall, although none of them in the reality genre. THE MENTALIST actually sounds interesting to me, sort of a CRIMINAL MINDS meets PSYCH.

  • allie

    Doesn’t The Mentalist star hot Aussie Simon Baker? Although I want to boycott CBS because of the Moonlight fiasco, I’m actually tempted to watch The Mentalist to see Simon….

  • Hey All,

    My Bad. I read ‘The Mentalist’ and incorrectly assumed it was a cheesy reality show. Will make the necessary change above! Thanks for pointing out my idiocy.

  • blueberry

    I can’t wait for Fringe. But I have a feeling J.J. Abrams just enjoys yanking my chain. Plus, it’s on Fox so it has an 83% chance of getting horrible promotion and getting canceled.

  • Daniel Álvarez

    Josh Emerson you should give Eli Stone a shot. It’s an amazing show.

  • I’m sticking with House, and I might give Fringe a try. That’s about it for me.

    I think Fringe might need a slightly better promo. It looks like it has great production quality, but I don’t get enough sense of story or characters to be quite intrigued yet.

    In fact, the high production quality worries me. It’s a sci-fi show on Fox, which means it’s already on the chopping block, like right now, automatically, before it even airs. But, if it has a high budget too, it will be that much more necessary to prove itself with significant or even high ratings.

  • shanna

    I’m glad House is back on Tuesdays. Mondays and Thursdays were ridiculously overloaded.

  • Gowan

    NCIS & House, The Mentalist & Fringe, Eli Stone & Without A Trace.

    Thank goodness for TiVos.