Archuleta vs. Cook, Who’s Going Home?

As he’s wont to do, Simon Cowell ended off tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL on exactly the right note by telling David Archuleta, “At the end of the day, this show is about finding a star. And tonight, I think we’ve witnessed one of the great finals. But here’s the difference, in my opinion David [Archuleta] you came out here to win and what we have witnessed is a knock out.”

In other words, there’s no denying that David Cook is a star and will no doubt parlay his stint on IDOL into a bona-fide career. But Archuleta was at the top of his game tonight and truth be told, this TV Addict still has chills from his flawless rendition of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”

Agree/Disagree? Which David will be crowned America’s seventh IDOL tomorrow night?

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  • Josh Emerson

    David Archuleta is incredibly overrated. He’s got a great voice, but his original song choice tonight sucked and the repeat of “Imagine” didn’t have the same affect it did the first time.

    I think it comes down to the style of music you prefer. Both guys have great voices, but I 100% prefer Cook’s rock over Archuleta’s generic pop.

  • Josh, I will agree that there’s no way Archuleta should have been allowed to repeat “Imagine.” That was such a letdown. That said, when it comes down to who’s songs I’m buying. Archuleta beat Cook, at least tonight.

  • theTVaddict, Archuleta definitely won the night and will end up being the next American Idol. But, when you talk of buying their songs, Cook will probably go on to join the likes of Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry, who have outsold the winners of their respective seasons.

  • Snowman

    The ultimate question is not who will win but who will you spend $9.99 on? It is clearly David Cook. Archuleta might be flawless but there is nothing exciting about him. I think if he puts out an album with all original material it will all be so boring. Nothing edgy or unique. Archuleta dreams about being the Idol I don’t think he has ever seen past that. As for the show Archuleta deserves to win but I agree with Jason’s thoughts on Cook. He will out sell.

    So if theTVAddict is excited to buy Archuleta’s music enjoy the debut album and the spectacular Christmas Album follow up, it will be a very thin collection.

  • Hil

    I don’t watch the show but I watched that clip and *yawn* — what is the big deal? Nothing really impressive there. He has a very boring voice. Not to say the other guy is better (actually, I’ve not even heard him), but as a person who buys music and doesn’t watch Idol if I heard him on the radio I wouldn’t run out to buy his album. There have been a few Idols who I hear on the radio, look up, and am surprised they were on Idol because they actually are good in their own rights…doubtful this guy will reach that status.

  • Josh Emerson

    I think Archuleta will end up like Clay Aiken. He’ll have a very devoted group of fans and will probably sell well with at least his first CD or two. But he won’t be a radio success or superstar.

    On the other hand, I would predict David Cook will probably have success similar to Chris Daughtry. The main problem he’ll have is just that, though. If he competes with Daughtry for radio airplay and sales, he might lose out.

  • Jessica

    David Archuleta bores me to tears. While I agree that his voice might be better trained than David Cook’s, at least I can muster up the strength to watch DC. Personally, I loved his rendition of the Collective Soul song “The World I Know”. David A. sings the same thing every week and when he does try to break out of that shell (as rare as it may be) he is a train wreck. I just can’t understand week after week why the judges are falling all over themselves to fawn all over him. He has no stage presence either. I just don’t see him being a “star”.

  • I think the TV Addict is right about the fact that Archuleta wanted to win and Cook didn’t, and the fact is that he had two choices: Show that he is evolving as an artist and what his album would be like, or play the audience to get votes

    He made the choice of showing himself as an artist, instead of just doing whatever the crowd wanted of him in order to win when he didn’t play “Hello” or “Billie Jean”. And that was clear when he stated “why do something I already did”

    So, maybe he’ll lose Idol and we’ll have an album from a guy who wants to grow as an artist, which is actually better, since an “idol made” cd from him would probably suck! Idol producers chose I don’t want to miss a thing an U2 for him to sing which is nothing like what he has been doing.

  • tlcinvt

    I have to say that David A bores my husband and I so much that we almost always end up fast forwarding through his performances. Last night we only lasted about 10 seconds before hitting the remote on all of his songs. He sings sappy slow songs… Is that a genre? To me it is just not appealing at all. I’ll admit I liked Clay Aiken in his year, though I haven’t followed his career since then. Even though he was good at ballads, and mostly stuck to singing them, I wasn’t bored with him like I am David A. Now on the other hand, I still think David A should win, merely because I think that David Cook will need more artistic liberty than the Idol winner is given.

  • tim wilkins

    Both Davids are good. But Archie came out and did better performance wise. Cook seemed like he wanted to go 2nd to save himself the American Idol CD. lol Archie has a voice but what’s he gonna sing?

  • Archuleta really…sucks. I’m sooo sorry but it’s the truth… Well, Cook rocks!! ^^,

  • ska14

    I adore David Archuleta, and believe with every fiber of my body that he should have been the winner. He was so on top of his game compared to David Cook. David C acted as if he didn’t care what happened, but David A surely put forth his best effot. (:

    I think America made the wrong choice for the idol crown of 2008.