If last night’s slew of season finales had all the trappings we’ve come to expect from your standard season ender, why exactly does this TV Addict feel so let down the morning after?
Is it possible that the writers of GOSSIP GIRL, THE BIG BANG THEORY and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER purposely want to depress us. So that the interminably long summer hiatus wouldn’t be so hard to endure.

Starting off with GOSSIP GIRL. Would it have killed the writers of television’s most addictive new drama to leave fans with a glimmer of happiness to hold onto over the summer? Was it really necessary to break up the awesome manipulative force that was Chuck and Blair mere minutes after they professed their love for one another? Could Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage not have taken a page from the BEVERLY HILLS 90210, DAWSON’S CREEK and/or EVERWOOD playbook? Who doesn’t remember the elation we all felt knowing Amy and Ephram were spending two weeks together in New York. Or that Pacey and Joey were off sailing the Atlantic. At the very least, GOSSIP GIRL could have given fans the summer to ‘pretend’ that Chuck and Blair were having the time of their life in Italy. Only to hit us with the harsh reality in September when ‘C’ and ‘B’ return to New York and reveal to ‘S’ and ‘N’ what Dylan and Kelly taught us decades ago [OMFG I’m old]. Traveling plus relationships equal a recipe for disaster!

Robots sent from the future to kill John Connor, a mysterious hidden island with remarkable healing properties, vampires secretly living among us — these things I can buy. But THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Penny and Leonard as a couple. Sadly, this TV Addict’s ability to suspend disbelief can only go so far. And in my world, Jennifer Aniston does not date this guy.

And speaking of things I’m not buying/recipes for disaster. Ted proposing to Stella in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s shocking final moments has me more convinced then ever that Stella is not the mother of this story [see clip]. We’re talking Ted here. The man who revels in sitting his kids down and re-telling virtually every significant story that has ever happened in his life. The man who is easily one of TV’s most romantic leading men. Where was the parade? The cabbie from season one? The yellow umbrella? The big ‘thing’ that acts as the catalyst for the story Ted will be r-etelling for the next thirty years?

Agree/Disagree, sadly, we’ve got until September to discuss.

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  • Ally

    I think you’re forgetting that the first season of Everwood didn’t end all that happily. Wasn’t it a cliffhanger about whether some kid would live or die? My memory is a bit fuzzy.

  • Ally,

    I was referring to the second season finale with Amy and Ephram. EVERWOOD incredible first season finale was a doozer of a cliffhanger with fans having to wait all summer to discover the outcome to Colin’s surgery. Amazing finale.

  • Josh C.

    i really liked HIMYM’s finale outside of the yes unbelievable proposal by Ted. I LOVED how Barney looked at Robin when Marshall and Lilly asked about what he saw when he was hit by the bus (which was both shocking and hilarious). Overall HIMYM’s finale wasn’t terrible but not my favorite.

    Gossip Girl was great. Drama and comedy and shocks and the B**** that is blair is BACK! She had my line of the night, “G Don’t you know, I’m the crazy bitch around here.” Slightly underwhelmed by the way G was disposed of, I had hoped it would be more “grand”. I more focused on N and V. Why did they break up and why won’t she tell Dan!?

    But, until next fall I must say good by to my favorite New York City gangs….thank god I have the DVD’s lol

  • Cris

    Ditto on GG! I thought B and C should’ve gone off to their vacation, and let us deal come fall :p but i guess C is not ready to settle down just yet! Thanks alot for that, Bart! Although Miss B is not one to sit down and wait for him, my guess is she’ll do just fine without him!

    Very excited to see how they develop N and S from now on and dreading what could become of D and V!

    How about OTH? nobody watched? My guess is the phone call was for Lidnsey….i would hate that it would be to Brooke, only cause it would be going back to the same thing all over again, which would mean fast forwarding meant nothing at all!

  • Julien

    I could actually buy Penny with Leonard, it’s not like she’s super smart or etremely beautiful, she doesnt have a great work either, i think they could be together to be honest, Leonard was always there for her so…

    I loved HIMYM even tough i hate Chalke, the look of Barney at the end is just awesome and the miracle sequence specially the one with the pen going into his nose, i laugh out loud for a long time ^^

  • Corie

    Hey I’m all for Penny and Leonard being together. Besides, it’s not the first time a gorgeous girl fell for a not-so-gorgeous guy (think Doug and Carrie Heffernan). Besides, they like each other, there’s not really anyone else out there that they are compatible with, and their differences will more than create laughter if Lorre and the gang play it out right.

  • Naf

    I loved HIMYM, the slow motion running to see if Ted was alright being the standout moment. But his proposal to Stella really does just confirm that she isn’t the mother, which is a shame. I love Chalke, and I think she’s much better on HIMYM than she has been on Scrubs this last sason. Scrubs has pushed their characters so far that they’ve become cartoon characters. I liked Big Bang Theory too, the show has come a long way since it’s poor pilot episode.

    I’m not too sure about Gossip Girl. I expected a showdown between Gorgina and the rest, but it never happened. Also, I’ve always kind of disliked Dan, but I hated him in this episode. The guy is in this big, teen soap drama, but his character doesn’t seem to act like it. The guy doesn’t understand why his girlfirned lies to him about a supposed murder?

    I’m also not sure why the chose to destory all the relationships at the end of the episode. If that’s it for these couples, then it’s kind of a cool way of having a fresh start for the new season, but I have a feeling they did it just so we can watch the couples fight to get back together. Now that the season is over, I can fairly compare it to the first season of The O.C, and I think Josh Schwartz did a much better job with that finale.

  • What’s going to take you to like TV again, Danny Downer 🙂

  • What’s it going to take to get you to like TV again, Danny Downer 🙂

  • tim wilkins

    Getting rid of G was funny but a let down. We should have seen her lay at the bottom of some stairs for the whole summer and have had B, C, S, and D standing above her, looking all 90210 guilty. lol Then in the fall, we could learn it was V. lol I think if anything, we’re gonna see mixed pairs in the fall working their way back to their old coupled selves.

  • First, I just want to say that I’m glad to hear anyone throw in Everwood as a comparison show, because it seems as if people just act like it didn’t exist. (Don’t even get me started on that..) It was my favorite show, and will always be my favorite. I still cry over the loss of it, regardless of how dumb it sounds.

    I totally agree with you that seeing Amy on the plane, because she’s “just not that good at waiting” was like OMG…AWW!!. It was definitely a good cliffhanger.

    I am also disappointed in the GG finale, only bc I was rooting for C and B, and I really don’t like V, especially with D. I’m not too psyched about N and S either, only bc together they seem like they would be boring.
    To me, it seemed to wrap the whole thing up too nicely, with not that much left hanging. If i didn’t already know that GG got another season, I would be scared for its fate.

    I did like BBT putting Penny and Leonard together, because you are really rooting for them, especially poor Leonard, all year. I thought that if I seen her kiss him/lead him on AGAIN, and not follow thru, it would have pissed me off. She kissed him on the night of her halloween party, she kissed him on the night of his birthday party, she was almost jealous about Leslie, and still she just went on with her normal dating…that was confusing….
    Plus, this might make me a nerd, but I thought the Schroedingers Cat (sp?) thing was cute.

    Oh well, thats just my two cents.

  • Sonia

    It’s obvious the writers finally realized what a cash cow Chuck and Blair are and the writers are going to milk it for all its worth. I was SO MAD at the ending..but after I calmed down, I gotta say Chuck acted in character. I l oved the finale and CAN’T WAIT till September 1st!

    Hopefully Season 2 will finally make CB the main couple while DS can be in teh background 🙂

  • Neena

    Slightly disappointed in the season finale of GG. I really hope that S & N – DO NOT get together as a couple…only because they are both so boring. So glad that S & D broke up…nice couple…but tbh S is getting on my nerves…she has no back bone.

    Agree with the opinions here that the Georgina/Sarah showdown was a letdown…i really was hoping for something more dramatic.

    I like V & D as friends…please don’t make them become a couple….and yes it would have been lovely to see B & C go to Italy. They could have come back and then there could have been a back story about what really happened…never mind…However i agree with you Sonia…yep the writers realise that…C & B are so much more fun and interesting to watch then dullsville couple S & D.

    Message to the GG producers and writers – please make C & B the main couple in Season 2…thank u 🙂

  • Tim

    i’m sure they ended himym that way because they didnt know if they were gonna get another season