We’re High on WEED(S)


Now that we’ve got your attention with our catchy little headline, why not enjoy this first look at Showtime’s new promotional art for the upcoming fourth season of WEEDS.

Last season’s scintillating imagery it ain’t! But all the same, combined with today’s report, courtesy of Super Scooper Michael Ausiello [seriously Ausiello… thank me anytime for the endless plugs, You so have your name on ‘google alert’!] that ED/LOST alum Julie Bowen is joining the cast as Silas Botwin’s MILF — June 16 cannot come soon enough. Agreed?

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  • blueberry

    I promised myself I wouldn’t watch anymore serial dramas/comedies (I watch too much tv), but if Showtime doesn’t stop making all these posters showcasing MLP (season 3 poster!) I can’t keep that promise.

  • icc

    MILF weed!