AMERICAN IDOL Finale: Why Am I Watching?

OMFG! The fact that both Davids just won Escape Hybrids! and Mike Meyers just checked his dignity at the door to shamelessly [and successfully mind you] promote his upcoming movie THE LOVE GURU, begs the obvious question: What’s sadder? The fact that this TV Addict is actually sitting through the two hour endless product placement that is the AMERICAN IDOL finale, or the show itself?And FOX wonders why ratings are down.

UPDATE: Okay, so I’m a sucker for a happy ending. To find out who your newest AMERICAN IDOL is,

david cook

Could Simon Cowell’s smile have been any bigger when Ryan revealed that David Cook was this year’s AMERICAN IDOL? You just know he wasn’t looking forward to working with Papa Archuleta!

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  • Mel

    YAAAY!!! I’m so glad David Cook won!!!

  • i was so so happy he won! David Cook is awesome!

  • Josh Emerson

    Awesome result. 😀

    I watched the second half of the finale. The product placement was incredibly annoying. I’m glad I watched live though. The show went over by 6 minutes which my DVR would’ve cut off!

  • Josh C.

    how incredibly stupid was the ben stiller, Robert downey jr., jack black stunt. I forgot what it was about halfbway through. I only watched that section and it proves why I don’t watch American idol

  • Snowman

    The actual music performances were great. All the filler was skipped on the PVR viewing. Congrats David Cook – my faith has been restored in the American democratic process. It really does work.

  • tim wilkins

    i only watched the last 5 minutes. lol That’s one of the reasons I quit watching Am. Idol on a regular basis, I can’t stand all that filler. Just do the results and it’d only last 30 minutes tops. lol I am glad Cook did win although I was sure it was Archie. lol I guessed wrong. Age over beauty once again. -) I hope Archie gets a deal. He’s come up 2nd on both Am. Idol and was that Star Search or something? Let us know if he hits Canada for their Am. Idol. lol =)

  • Ju-Ju

    Meh…this year was mostly forgettable for me, as was the last. Cook may have a chance at success if he follows the same path Daughtry set out on. David A should totally go the Disney route. He’s SOOOO squeaky-clean and I could really see him on his own tween sitcom on a family channel.

  • Stephanie

    WOO! David Cook! He should DEFINITELY go the same route as Daughtry. I’m a huge Daughtry and David Cook fan!!!

    Congrats to David Cook!!!