TV Addict Interview: BURN NOTICE Star Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle Anwar

Recently, Senior Editor Amrie Cunningham was given the fantastic opportunity to attend the USA UpFronts. Enjoy the second in her series of interviews with the stars of the USA Network. [The first being Amrie’s interview with MONK star Tony Shaloub]

By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

Last interview of the evening was with the beautiful Gabrielle Anwar, Fiona on USA’s hit show BURN NOTICE. She was fun, and sassy, and so much more than just another one of your average breathtaking women in Hollywood (though breathtaking is the word I’ve used to describe her, for sure). Everything she had to say, she had a sense of joy in her words, she was so happy to be talking about the show, promoting it, and being able to spent time with press and fans who wanted to hear her stories.

One of my favorite movies of all times is WILD HEARTS CAN’T BE BROKEN, and it was just on TV like a week ago, so I figured that was a good sign!
I like signs! It’s totally a good sign. I think that was the most fun I ever had on a movie.

Of course we’re not here to talk about that haha! BURN NOTICE was one of my favorite shows last year – how did the role of Fiona come to be?
Same old, same old. I was sent the script and it was actually damn good. I actually finished it and I begged my manager to get me in the room, which is pretty much the story of my career in the last 7-10 years.

It seems to have worked.
I’ve been very blessed.

Do we know yet how or if season 2 will be different?
I have absolutely no idea. I’m in the dark. I’m actually traveling back to Miami on the weekend. They start shooting on the 25th of April. I have to unpack my thong.

What’s your take on Fiona? Does she have something perhaps a little more sinister going on?
I only have my own imagination which is unfortunately lucid and endless, so perhaps she may. I don’t know. I would like to think that she’s not the book by cover with we may judge her, if that makes sense.

THE TUDORS and BURN NOTICE are such different shows; is there something you prefer doing more – the drama or the comedy?
I enjoy being able to translate what’s on the written page into something tangible. And if it isn’t on the page then I suck. [Laughs.] Believe me, it’s true. I have plenty of proof. I don’t really tend to gravitate toward any specific genre. I just love to read something that’s been well-executed in its writing. And that doesn’t happen very often, unfortunately.

Is there a perfect role that you haven’t gotten to play, what kind of character would it be?
I am enjoying playing Fiona. I think that she’s multi-dimensional. I think there’s an element of authenticity to the woman that she is. I think she embodies the multiple personalities that make up a woman quite nicely. I don’t know. I mean, I think that the perfect role would have to become something that would metamorphasis as a woman that changes. What I may suggest today may not be relevant in a week.

I’d imagine working with Bruce Campbell is hilarious. Is the set as much fun as it seems?
Bruce is ridiculously funny. It is a tremendous of fun. I’m having way too much fun. The sh*t is going to hit the fan and something terrible is going to happen.

If BURN NOTICE goes on for four or five more years, do you picture yourself sticking with it?
If I don’t piss Jeffrey Donovan off.

Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you haven’t worked with?
God, yeah. I mean, I haven’t worked with anyone I want to work with [laughs all around].

Are you into other spy movies?
It’s not my thing. I don’t understand. I don’t understand how the gadgets work, the storylines – I don’t understand anything about a spy movie. I drive my friends crazy. If we go to a spy movie, halfway through I’m like, ‘Who’s he?! What are they doing? Where did she come from? How did they open the door with that?’

Is there any research you had to do for your character?
I open another bottle [laughs] Can you use any of these answers? Actors like to talk, don’t they? [laughs all around].

Do you do your own stunts on the show?
Some of them.

Do you have to do any sort of training?
I’m addicted to Yoga. But not ‘Om Shanty Shanty’ yoga. I do hardcore ‘sh*t that hurts my butt cheeks’ yoga. Jeffrey is black belt, twice. Can you do that twice? I don’t understand that either. He knows what he’s doing. I don’t. Because of the costumes that I find myself in, I do a smidgen of yoga every day. I a fondness for a new kind of yoga called YogaHop, which only happens in Santa Monica in California. We’ll have to satellite it in while I’m in Miami. It’s insane. It’s different in that one might call it blasphemous if one is a true Yogi. You’re not in a posture without like bumping around and shimmying. I have a tendency to burst into song halfway through, it’s so damn loud. But it’s exciting. To get me into a gym is probably the most difficult feat in the world. So, something that is inspiring and, to some degree or other, spiritual and gets rid of cellulite, what’s wrong with that? There’s no harm in it.

Do you have anything coming up besides BURN NOTICE?
I do, I have a little role in a film called Driving Lessons with Hope Davis and Dermot Mulroney which is really funny. I’m not that funny, but the film is funny. [Editor’s Note: I find it hard to believe that she would even remotely think she’s not funny. I laughed throughout the entire interview!]

I’m having trouble concentrating with the loud music. [Seriously, we were standing in front of speakers that were blasting for the whole Arts Club].
You should do a little YogaHop! I’m serious, it’s the only way.

What music do you do Yoga Hop to?
The teacher, his name is Matthew Reyes, he’s really a DJ / Yogi, so he will compile some of the most inspirational playlists. Nobody really wants to get going once they’re sitting on their mat. Next thing you know, you’re the contortions that your body never even new existed. But because of the music, it’s fun and just keep going. And by the end of the class, you’re dead, like you’re supposed to be at the end of Yoga. You’re in a transcendental state, it’s like a really fabulous drug trip, but you get really fit doing it instead of f***ed up.

What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?
Shit. What would I be doing? I would probably doing the drug trips and not staying fit.

Do you enjoy shooting in Miami?
I do. Having grown up in Europe and shooting a lot in Eastern Europe, Miami is truly quite luxurious. It’s very indulgent. I’m a big fan of the tropical weather. I’ve just discovered Coconut Grove, which is much more my thing than South Beach. I’m past the age of the all-night parties and getting to set in the morning and not looking like a donkey. Coconut Grove is a little slower. Joni Mitchell lived there. So it’s good enough for me.

Is there anything else you want fans to know?
I don’t have anything on my lips. My daughter tells me that I have horrible things written about my lips, my leathery skin, and my tits. So, I don’t know, whatever. My lips look big because I over-line them with lip liner because I want to look like Angelina Jolie. My skin is leathery because I love the sun and I’m not as vain as I am in love with the sun. And my tits got really big because I had a baby and then they got really small and then they got really big again because I had another baby and then they got really small and then they got really big again because I had another baby and then they got really small. You know what? It’s called aging. So, I guess that would be nice to clarify.

I had a great time in Chicago, and I look forward to the next time USA throws a party, because they know how to do it!

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    Burn Notice is just the best show. I have watched it a zillion times, and am happy that the second season has started.

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