An Early Look at Fall TV 2008: Friday

2008 fall tv preview

With the Up Fronts behind us, you’re probably wondering what new shows warrant a season’s pass on your DVR/PVR come this fall? Well, wonder no more. Because all week long will be posting our Super Early 2008 Fall TV Preview. Offering up ridiculously early and ill-informed snap judgments on a whole slate of new network shows. Putting to rest those who say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover – or in this case a TV show by its one paragraph summary and cast photo.


The translation of one of our favorite childhood novels, alongside the recent casting of Sam Neill, Sean Bean and Joss Ackland has this TV Addict intrigued.

Insert obligatory MOONLIGHT rant here.

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  • Naf

    I’ll check out Crusoe for Sam Neil, and The EX List for the Veronica Mars talent, but nothing else on that list excites me much.

  • heh Did I miss Wednesday & Thursday? 😉

  • Linda B.

    Fridays will no longer be the same 🙁

    CBS – you can suck it!

  • Allie

    I won’t be watching The Ex List and hope all other Moonlight fans boycott it also.

  • Naf

    Why boycott? It isn’t going to bring Moonlight back, and the good people working on The Ex List have nothing to do with the canceling addiction CBS have.

  • Wow.

    Fridays Last Season: Men In Trees, Moonlight, Women’s Murder Club

    Fridays Next Season:

    Of course, there’s Battlestar Galactica’s s4.5 and Stargate: Atlantis s5.0 and maybe Caprica, if they get it ready in time. Looks like Sci-Fi Channel owns Friday nights once again.

    But, as Fridays go, nothing recently has quite compared to the too-brief days of back-to-back Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. Ah, those were the days.

  • Jillian

    I don’t watch as much TV as some, and I’m personally not a fan of cop drama. But, I have to mention that I thought Life had the most interesting and refreshing premise with some pretty daring characterizations.
    I stuck with it and was really pleased with the creativity. I’m not sure why they dropped it to Friday nights though???

  • nctodc

    Wait, they moved Life to Friday nights?! CRAP.

  • Jake

    I’m gonna be laughin’ SOOOO hard when “The Ex” achieves half the rating that Moonlight did consistently. CBS and the other networks have to be taught another lesson, I guess, because they just refuse to listen to their own viewers. They still think they “know best,” and have been proven wrong time after time after time.

    Need we recall the CBS execs’ decision to bring back 7th Heaven over Everwood? Their reasoning makes no sense.

  • Cara

    Naf asks “Why boycott?” Because we are being told we don’t matter and that this silly premise of “womans’ gotta have a man” will be a better draw on Friday nights than the drama, romance, proceduals, and talented actors of Moonlight. We gotta do what we gotta do to get their attention. Even if Moonlight isn’t picked up, seeing Friday nights on CBS go down in flames will be very satisfying.

  • Life did not live up to the hype ?!? Really!??

    You gotta be kidding, this show was nothing but fantastic. Acting, writing, directing, music, it is all absolutely brilliant, it’s simply the best new series of the season.

    Seriously, the premise might sound bad and not really new, but the show is so much more than that, I love it.
    I think there are only a small handful of series on television that are really (way) ahead everything else, and Life is definitely up there!

  • fred,

    I wasn’t so into LIFE when it premiered (ie. oh great, another cop show with a twist)…. but as the season wore on, I really started to enjoy the show. WIll definitely be giving it another chance come next season. Although NBC putting the show on Friday does not seem like a very good sign.

  • Yes, the move to Fridays isn’t really great. But it’s NBC, they’re idiots unable to realize when they’re so lucky to put their hands on quaity stuff. I mean, not that I was a fan of it, but they did cancel Journeyman.

    I really hope you, and more people, will give this show another chance and realize how brilliant it trully is, and hopefully NBC won’t expect too much of it (being on Fridays), cause I really love it.

    I think the “cop show with a twist” only exists until you actually watch the show, any episode will show you that there is so much more to it. Plus, how could you not enjoy lines like this one :
    – It is the universe that makes fun of us all !
    – Why exactly would the universe make fun of us all ?
    – Maybe it’s insecure.

  • the good shepherd

    *Life did not live up to the hype ?!? Really!??*
    I was thinking just the same, Life is a great Show that’s far, far far away from being *another Cop Show with a twist*, but to understand that you should have watched the whole season

    Fridays seem to become very sad days, last year we had Friday Night Lights, Las Vegas, Men in Trees, now there is nothing left worth watching besides Life and BSG, i really don’t understand why NBC was so stupid to cancel Las Vegas, it had good ratings considering the time-slot they were in, though i love Life, i don’t think they will attract the same amount of people watching the show on Friday Nights… again stupid NBC Executives