OMFG! The GOSSIP GIRL Season Finale That You Didn’t See

Did you know that Monday’s season finale of GOSSIP GIRL was not supposed to go down the way it did?

According to GOSSIP GIRL Background Casting Director Renee Godbout, the shocking finale was originally goin to end with the surprising death of Chuck’s Dad. For all the deets on what could have been, simply click here. And on a totally unrelated note, we have a feeling Casting Director Renee Godbout will soon me looking for new employment after leaking this highly classified information, so if you happen to be a showrunner looking for a casting director, please email at your earliest convenience.

Thanks to the LA Times via TVTattle for the Tip!

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  • Lina

    OMFG…now THIS would have been a killer finale adn made the HUGE FANBASE of Chuck/Blair a little more happy..

    But killing off Bart Bass?? I’m happy he didn’t die

    But I would have LOVED to have Carter back…but isn’t he going to be on a NBC show now? (hope its cancelled b/c I LOVE him on Gossip Girl..with Serena)

    But both finales show that Chuck/Blair are gonna be the major couple of Season 2 (FINALLY..Dan/Serea were a bore) and I can’t wait for the CB action!!!!

    You can now preorder Gossip Girl on to be released on August 19th (wonder when its gonna be up on though..don’t wanna pay the extra shipping costs 🙂

    and I can’t wait for SEASON 2 to begin on September 1st in the HAMPTONS!!!

  • Jo

    Did you see that CTV is finally going to start airing Gossip Girl again, starting this Friday? Only 5 1/2 weeks behind The CW… this is exactly why I try to avoid watching shows on their station. At least they didn’t bury it on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer like they did with Veronica Mars.