Random Musings: GREY’S ANATOMY & UGLY BETTY Season Finales

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Last night’s two-hour season finale of GREY’S ANATOMY was the reason PVR/DVR’s were invented. Every few minutes there was a moment — be it a much anticipated kiss between Callie and Dr. Hahn, a surprising rant from Dr. Bailey revealing her penchant for Star Wars, Christina finally re-discovering her unequaled passion for surgery, George and Lexi, Alex’s Emmy—worthy breakdown and of course Meredith’s grand romantic gesture — that warranted a rewind and re-watch ohhh… only a few dozen times!

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for UGLY BETTY. While last night’s season finale was certainly an improvement over the show’s previous few episodes, this TV Addict still finds a few things troubling. No, not the ridiculously overhyped and underwhelming Lindsay Lohan cameo or the out-of-left field long-lost son that has inconspicuously popped up in Daniel’s life. Rather, taking a page from SMALLVILLE and THE OC, BETTY’s season ended with an elaborate music montage. Which any card carrying member of TV Addicts Anonymous will tell you is secretly code for, “Hey, we really have no idea where we’re going next season, so we’ll simply end the year off by throwing all of our characters into increasingly ridiculous situations and we’ll see what sticks come the fall.”

Agree/Disagree, Post away!

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  • Josh Emerson

    I thought Grey’s was great. It wasn’t one of those two-hour finales that you wish was only 1/4 that long. It was actually entertaining the whole time. I can’t wait to see where they go next season.

    I enjoyed Ugly Betty. Daniel’s son popping up was lame, as was the Lindsay Lohan cameo and Henry’s proposal. I used to like Betty and Henry together, but now I’ve completely switched to rooting for Gio. Really, the one bright spot of the episode was Wilhemina’s takeover of Mode. She is still the most fun part of this show.

  • bws

    Pretty sad night for TV in my view. I would say that the Ugly Betty and Grey’s finales both had a sense of “no clue what to do next year, we’ll wait and see what reviews say and then do that” and didn’t pack enough punch to feel like a season finale. Grey’s felt like a midseason episode. The big kiss? Well, they kissed last week. So not so big. The only thing I liked from either episode was Mer finally coming to terms with her mother’s life and death. Took long enough.

    In contrast, Betty’s finale last year was superb. It may have been the second best finale of any show last year so I was really disappointed this go around. I think I just have to chalk some of this up to the strike as most shows just didn’t come back strong.

    Most entertaining show of the night? So you think you can dance. I may have to agree with Cat Deeley that their show has the most talent of any competition show on TV! I’d place Top Chef and Project Runway right there, too.

  • What’s everyone’s thought on the rumor that Derek will get into a horrible car accident on the way to breaking up with Rose? I think we’re going to get Mer & Der for the long haul, and Shonda isn’t going to keep them apart with a clichéd device better suited for a daytime soap.

    And to Josh E — Here’s hoping last night was the last we’ve seen of Henry, I’m so on team Gio.

  • shanna

    ITA with the TVa. I thought Grey’s was phenomenal every second. I had to pause, reflect and rewatch. And there’s always a plan. Shonda pitches the next season’s finale after the current one ends.

    UB on the other hand was so disappointing. I can’t even pinpoint one thing but I felt so unfulfilled.

  • Rae

    D, based on Shonda’s blog about last night’s episode, I’d say the rumor is just that… a rumor. I guess it’s always possible but I don’t think that’s where they’re going or what they were trying to achieve by not having him leave in that moment.

    UB’s finale was just boring with a capital B. Especially considering it ended with a pointless cliffhanger. First, are ANY of us rooting for her to pick Henry? But also, we all know damn well that Betty’s not moving to Tucson so I felt like that whole “who will Betty pick” plot was tiresome and pointless. And there was a time when I actually LIKED Henry!

  • Rae

    Err, by HAVING him leave in that moment. Stupid typos!

  • showtime

    Derek and Meredith are not going to get their happily ever after unfortunately. he might get into an accident like you suggested tvaddict or Rose might be pregnant. I know they only hooked up once but it is Grey’s Anatomy. I think the whole Dr. Hahn and Callie thing is pretty lame though. It wasn’t original at all

  • Hil

    Ugly Betty was pretty much more of the same. Parts I liked, parts I didn’t, but for the last episode of the season it wasn’t much better than a midseason episode IMO.

  • Naf

    If there’s one thing this season of Grey’s has taught me, it’s to never give up hope. After the horrible Gizzie, and some bland episodes at the start of this season, the writers managed to turn it around and get me excited about Grey’s Anatomy again. Who’d have thought that they could turn this show around, and make it exciting again. I never thought I’d care about Meredith and Derek again, but they managed to do it. It almost makes me excited about the next season of Heroes.

  • Linda B.

    TVa – I was totally thinking GA would end w/ him in a car accident at the end leaving the cliffhanger being Meredith waiting for his return, but then i looked at the clock and knew they had no time for this to happen.

  • I pretty much second Josh Emerson’s comments on Betty.

    I still like the show but I think I realised at this poing I LOVE the characters but am too questioning where its going and hoping the big move to NY will help re-shift Betty back to the right track.

    Grey’s was amazing. Not as amazing as the previous few but still great. Great again, like Season 2!

  • tim wilkins

    Grey’s was great. The brain tumored love story that mirrored Mer and Derek. The guy in concrete in love with a girl who wouldn’t admit it. Oh, we’ve all had those moments . . . without the cement. lol I was glad Mer finally got to that “good place” to realize her life was better WITH Derek. Alex’s plea for “just one night” to soothe his pain was indeed Emmy worthy. I would have kissed him. lol As for Hahn and Callie, lets wait and see where the writers go next year.
    Ugly Betty – what has happened? The Lohan cameo was “all for nothing” and any extra could have done that. Could have saved Lohan for next year. Pointless. The “child he didn’t know about” was very soapy and maybe can be used to mature Daniel or give him an out for next season if he doesn’t “fly to New York.” Henry’s showing up seemed “abrupt” and “out of place” like Henry. Move on Betty. I hope she went to Rome and Ugly Betty gets their act together for next year. Love the characters but where’s the stories?

  • jeremy d.

    Wow. The French spoke in Ugly Betty’s finale was disastrous. The lines in themselves are pretty much OK, but the kid playing Daniel Jr’s accent was soo wrong, it made watching the episode pretty painful for me. I can forgive Vanessa Williams, but couldn’t they find a real French-speaking actor for the kid? It’s a huge deal for me (since it’s my birth language), and it makes me even less want to tune into season three. (Plus, the kid choosing baseball over soccer? Nobody, litterally nobody, plays baseball in France.)
    Those are minor details for some, but not for others (and I don’t know if I’ll be able to go through season three if the kid stays).
    Aside from that, it was a good enough episode, but a lousy finale. (I can’t believe the great season one was just last year, personally.)

    Grey’s finale on the other hand was great (and I almost died when Bailey rambled about Han Solo to Andrew. Do I love this character !!), although it did surprise me that they ended the episode without any cliffhanger or any major twist. I, too, was waiting for Derek to be in a car accident or something like that (but at the same time, this would be déjà vu : Burke being shot at the end of season 2, and Bailey’s husband ending on the table from a car accident before that).
    I’m glad. The season ended perfectly, I can’t wait to see where they’re going to take us next year.

  • Allie

    I like that Grey’s didn’t end with some huge disaster (like others, I was suspecting something would happen to Derek – glad they didn’t go there). I’m kind of over Ugly Betty now. The only parts I liked were Hilda/Coach and Gio/Betty. I used to root for Betty/Henry but now I’m all for Gio. Henry is too much of a wuss. Gio knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to tell Betty – yay! I hope Betty goes to Rome.

  • Ugly Betty

    Good: I think & hope Betty’s finally realizing she needs to be single for a while. My hope is that she chooses neither Henry nor Gio and that she’s going to Spain or Australia or somewhere else all on her own. If that happens in the series premiere, I may just give the rest of season 3 a chance. I like that Daniel stepped up to fatherhood. I like that Claire is on his side and is disappointed with Alexis. Maybe there’s hope for a new direction for Daniel, as a fashion magazine doesn’t seem to be his wheelhouse anyway.

    Bad: If Betty chooses Henry or Gio, I’m done with Ugly Betty (I might be done anyway). The Wilhelmina power trip stuff is getting old. Let her have Mode, a crappy magazine anyway; and let Daniel start a men’s magazine and let Claire keep Hot Flash. I wish Hilda could be happy and that she weren’t falling for a married man. While the Meade heir storyline is dumb in the first place, it’s still odd that they ignored Christine & her unborn baby completely in the last episode.

    Grey’s Anatomy

    Good: The way the female cancer patient told Derek not to kill her boyfriend. Izzie standing up to Alex. Bailey using an elaborate & fairly accurate Star Wars analogy. Some of the interesting facts Lexxie learned from reading the files. Bailey giving the clinic to Izzie (now maybe Izzie can stop whining about not being important). George standing up to Webber and getting his 2nd chance. Derek having the refreshing decency to say he must talk to Rose before he can proceed with Meredith.

    Bad: I *can’t* believe *no one* thought about cement-kid’s bladder, especially Bailey who thought about it way too late. I’m not a doctor, and that’s the *very* first thing I thought of, “How’s this guy going to pee?” The female cancer patient repeated “Don’t say anything” line. Izzie having to go to Bailey before standing up to Alex. Nobody else in the room appreciating Bailey’s Star Wars analogy. Lexxie acting like a freak after reading the files. Bailey’s over-written speech when giving the clinic to Izzie (it started good, but the writer doesn’t know when to back off). George not looking Webber in the eye when standing up for himself. Derek choosing depressing, whineybutt Meredith over bright, spunky Rose. Meredith’s luminary arrangement being a little too perfect, and as a romantic gesture it seeming uncharacteristic coming from her. Meredith’s even more over-written babble in her final scene with Derek.

    Comment About Music Montages: Honesty, I’m a huge fan of music montages, especially as ways of ending episodes, even season finales. I first started liking them in the Buffy episode in which Giles leaves for England and Tara breaks up with Willow, set to Michelle Branch’s “Goodbye to You,” if I remember correctly. I didn’t mind that they did it in Ugly Betty. And, I actually would have preferred that they had ended Grey’s with their music montage as the few minutes afterwards felt tacked on.

  • Woops, forgot to mention in the Grey’s Anatomy good category… Even though I can’t stand Christina, I did like her finally standing up to Dr. Hahn (sp?) and Webber taking Christine’s side and chastising Hahn later.

  • I agree with Jeremy. I’m french and the french spoke in Ugly Betty was awful!The kid is not even french, and nobody knows how to play baseball in France, I mean football players are practicly gods (unfortunately…)
    And I’m totally for Gio !
    About Grey’s, well there was a lot of kisses, I think the relationship between Cali and Erica is going nowhere, and I don’t believe in the relationsip Georges/Lexi… but I believe in the rumor of the tragic accident of Derek, I mean it would be logic, almost everytime Meredith is about to be happy, something bad happens…
    Voilà, sorry if my english is not correct, I do my best… Vivement la suite et vive la France…et le français 😉

  • Courtney

    I’ve noticed that alot of you people seem to dislike that kid who played Daniel Jr.How can you hate him?? He’s such a little cutie!