America Disappoints as MOMENT OF TRUTH Outperforms All

Proving once again that American’s may not in fact be smarter than the average fifth grader, FOX’s THE MOMENT OF TRUTH was the most popular new show of the 2007-2008 season.

According to TV Decoder, boosted by its AMERICAN IDOL lead-in, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH averaged 14.6 million viewers. With the next most popular new scripted show of the season being ABC’s SAMANTHA WHO with 11.8 million viewers.

Which begs the obvious question — what’s sadder?

That amidst all the original and entertaining new shows that last season had to offer [including CHUCK, ELI STONE, PUSHING DAISIES and TERMINATOR: TSCC] America elected to watch people publicly humiliate themselves and tear their families apart for cash.

Or the fact that news like this is no longer surprising.

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  • 1. I blame the strike and other network BS switching things around so much that the only thing on is ‘reality’ and game shows.

    2. I blame England for letting us import these forsaken shows in the first place. At least most of them originated outside the U.S., including Idol and others. I just wish Moment was one of the imports. Sadly, we are to blame for that one.

    3. I blame the networks for picking shows that cost around 3-4 million per season to produce vs. shows that cost 1 million or more per episode.

    4. I blame everyone for watching them, attracting advertisers to these programs and re-enforcing the cost to profit making these shows even more appealing to networks. This is yet another reason why a network will pull a show after 3-4 episodes and replace it with something that will net them 20-50 times their investment. From a business stand point, can’t blame them. But from a fellow TV addict standpoint, MY GOD MAN! WHY!

    I loathe reality tv and game shows. Give me back my dramas, comedies, sci fi, procedurals and genre shows. I miss tv. I barely watch 3 hours of tv in two weeks these days!

  • Yep, and to answer your question, sadder is the fact that news like this is no longer surprising…

  • Jake

    The continual “dumbing down of America” continues, and the networks are major contributors. But even sadder, the nets are cannibalizing themselves by putting this low-cost trash on the air, because the segment of society which hasn’t yet transformed into trailer-trash is simply switching to cable….or swtiching off the tube altogether. Isn’t this apparent? The “iinstant-gratification” dollars that nonsense like Moment of Truth provide is a sad reminder that the execs are unwilling to produce quality television anymore. And it will surely be their demise. Take heed.

  • But can we really blame FOX for producing affordable content like MOMENT OF TRUTH when it generates double the eyeballs at a fraction of the cost of say a TERMINATORL TSCC or BACK TO YOU?

  • Michelle

    …proving once again that Americans don’t know the difference between plurals and possessives…

  • I am as big a reality tv/game show junkie as almost anyone (I enjoyed Kid Nation, Love American Idol, the dance shows – even watched Dance Wars. lol – etc) but even I drew the line at The Moment of Truth. Compare that demeaning crap to The Amazing Race or So You Think You Can Dance and to me, there is no comparison. Compare it to Amne$ia, which came out about the same time but isn’t coming back. I LOVED Amne$ia. It was light-hearted & fun, with a slight chance of embarassment, and had a great host in Dennis Miller, but it never took itself too seriously. And you didn’t go into it knowing to make $1m or whatever it was that you would most likely destroy your family and/or career. Ridiculous. *sigh*

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ll admit, even I was curious and watched the first episode of Moment of Truth. It was horrible in every way and just plain boring. I haven’t watched again, and I can’t imagine why anyone would tune in for this show rather than Pushing Daisies, Samantha Who, or the other new shows of this past season.

    I don’t think there’s a problem with quality reality TV. I don’t watch it, but I don’t really have a problem with people watching Dancing With The Stars. But I can’t figure out why Moment of Truth exists still.

  • Lindlee Bullock

    Maybe America’s just lazy. Not that shocking. Instead of changing the channel after one of the biggest hits on television (Amercan Idol) people just keep watching one of the worst shows to come on television (Moment of Trust).

  • Kristen

    Or maybe it’s because people don’t have time to watch a scripted show because if they miss 1 episode, they’re lost. So they watch it to escape without having to pay attenton or think too hard.

  • Jacob

    Thank your Kristen for stating the obvious. I’m far from wanting to call my fellow American lazy and stupid if I can just stop to think about the fact that I don’t have to know anything about Moment of Truth before I watch it and if I miss an episode or two it won’t mater one bit.

  • Josh C.

    to be honest i can’t blame fox or America for that matter. I’ll be the first to admit I was totally into moment of truth just simply to watch people crush their lives for money. Now as a fellow tv addict this is truly abysmal since Reality tv might as well be the death of scripted shows. But come it was so damn addictive. It was good to see Samantha Who? was so well received. It was a hilarious show that I hope can build an even larger audience next season.

    You are right though in saying there were way too many quality shows on to watch that sort of thing. I know I should feel ashamed but I’m only human lol

  • Josh, Don’t feel bad. Like slowing down at the scene of a car accident, I too tuned into the first episode just out of the MOMENT OF TRUTH.