If The Showrunners of THE EX LIST Were Smart…

jason dohring moonlight

… They would do their absolute best to extend an olive branch to the eight million or so angry and bitter fans of the recently axed MOONLIGHT.

Take it from a TV Addict who knows. When EVERWOOD was unceremoniously cancelled to make way for the CW’s much-hyped and short-lived RUNAWAY, ask me how many episodes of it I watched. Not a single frakkin’ frame of footage! Seriously, that’s how bitter I was.

So rather than simply be remembered as the show that replaced MOONLIGHT, showrunner THE EX LIST showrunner Diane Ruggiero [who oddly enough knows a thing or two about fandom coming from the world of VERONICA MARS] might wish to consider taking a proactive approach when it comes to reaching out to grieving MOONLIGHT fans.

Which brings us to the free advice. With THE EX LIST revolving around Elizabeth Reaser [GREY’S ANATOMY] exploring her past relationships after a psychic tells her she’s already dated her future husband, why not make one or two of the potential love(s) of her life a familiar face. I hear Alex O’Loughin and Jason Dohring find themselves with a little free time on their hands.

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  • kayla

    you can’t just assume that moonlight got cancelled for the ex-list b/c it took it’s timeslot. likely, what usually happens is it gets cancelled for something similar in tone, even if it’s going to air at a different time (see: harper’s island). think of it like clothing or belongings — you purchase things to fill in what’s missing in your life — a new pair of jeans similar to the old one. you don’t buy a shirt to replace the jeans you only sort of liked.

    i don’t mean to discourage them from using those actors, but don’t immediately write off a potentially good show b/c it’s in an old timeslot!

  • Neferti

    You have given them good advice. I still will not watch it or any other show from CBS. The reason is because I feel like I am a lover that has been hurt many times and I will hate to fall in love with any thing else produced by CBS, only to be dumped unceremoniously again. Never again will I give them that chance.

  • Phee

    Don’t go giving them ideas….I don’t wanna see my two favourite vamps anywhere near that show, and I’d also like to think that neither Alex nor Jason would actually want to be on the show that took their show’s timeslot. With any luck, they’ll be too busy filming Moonlight season 2 for another network anyway. 😉

  • Even if I wasn’t refusing to watch any CBS show I wouldn’t watch this show no matter what. The basic premise is extremely insulting. This isn’t the 1950s anymore. Women don’t feel that they have to find a husband – nor do they go to psychics for advice about their love life. Putting the cast of Moonlight on the show isn’t going to get us to watch. We want to see them in Moonlight, not The Ex-List. I think the premise is bad, the acting in the promo clip was far from adequate and CBS is putting it on in place of a show I actually enjoy. There is nothing that would get me to watch this show.

  • Kay

    I saw in a clip of Nina Tassler of CBS saying that with the Ex-List they were aiming more for what young women were after and going back to their “roots” whatever that is. Hello? Most of the 8M viewers of Moonlight were not only young but cut across the demographics they are after and won it’s time slot. They don’t have a clue what we want because if they did Moonlight would still be on. I will not be watching this piece of–well–their ROOTS!

  • Naf

    As a Veronica Mars fan, I’m more than willing to give The Ex List a try. Moonlight got cancelled, but this is television. Things get cancelled. Yes, it sucks, but if I stopped watching a network that cancelled something I love, I wouldn’t be able to watch any television. This year along, Fox cancelled Back to You, The CW cancelled Aliens in America, CBS cancelled Kid Nation, ABC cancelled Men in Trees, NBC cancelled Journey Man. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching the other excellent shows these networks occasionally offer. How about we give the show a chance before we declare television dead.

  • allie

    Good advice, but even if they followed it I still wouldn’t watch. I refuse to watch the show that has taken Moonlight’s slot. I want the show to achieve worse ratings than Moonlight to send a message to CBS that they shouldn’t have cancelled Moonlight. (Although I realise that because I don’t have a Neilsen box and won’t count, I’m still doing this for my own conscience).

  • Naf, I’m not going to give a show a chance that is blatantly reinforcing the idea that a woman needs to be married in order to be fulfilled. I find the basic premise of the show incredibly insulting as a female and even if it wasn’t in Moonlight’s time slot I still wouldn’t watch.

    TV isn’t dead, but it is dying because networks won’t adapt to the new situation. They rely on the massively flawed Nielson system rather than trying to cater to the new ways of viewing – such as DVR and online. People aren’t always able to stay in and watch a show. Speaking for experience I’ve had class or work on nights when I would love to watch a show. But those people don’t count apparently. Actually unless you are a Nielsen family you don’t count. And so I’m not going to waste my time on a network that is most likely going to cancel any show that I like. NBC managed to save “Friday Night Lights” which was consistently beat by “Moonlight”. I would much rather watch their shows than CBS because they show that while not perfect they do listen to what their viewers want. CBS could care less which is why they keep canceling shows with devoted fan bases and giving us another version of CSI or other mindless drivel, like The Ex-List.

  • Kristen

    I love TV as much as the next person, but I think some of you take it WAY too seriously. It’s a form of entertainment… lighten up!

  • LW

    Well, maybe a good thought – but I’ll more than likely never watch CBS again. I haven’t watched for years since I’ve not been a fan of any of their shows, and I only tuned in for Moonlight. In fact, I actually suffered through Ghost Whisperer a few times waiting for Moonlight – so now I can say that CBS has been removed from my favorites on my remote!

  • girodet

    I will not be watching The Ex List. I am hoping that the ratings for the show are so bad that it is canceled after two episodes. I would also love it if Ghost Whisperer lost a few million viewers even though I like that show. Vindictive and petty, sure, but what CBS did to Moonlight was illogical and cruel. I could understand if the show had bad ratings but it didn’t. I would also understand if they replaced it with a show that was trying to bring a larger demographic. The Ex List is an insulting attempt to appeal to female viewers. The show is about a woman in search of her husband based on a psychic reading! Garbage. Ghost Whisperer has a strong female lead, Moonlight did also and even the women on Numbers are great. Why would I turn into a show that glorifies 1950s ideas of female self worth?

  • Naf

    I feel your pain Gwen, but it feels like your problems with The Ex List have very little to do with Moonlights cancellation. The show wasn’t developed as a replacement for Moonlight, that’s just how things worked out. And, the show is being written by a Veronica Mars alumni. Diane Ruggiero knows how to write strong, intelligent woman, so I feel it’s a bit harsh to criticize it based on its premise alone. A lot of shows sound terrible on paper, but the paragraph of information we know about the show is a very little indication of how the show will turn out. Even Moonlight, for example, sounded like a blatant rip off of Angel when it was first announced.

  • http://www.zap2it.com/tv/news/zap-cbscancelsmoonlight,0,6764293.story?track=rss
    nina tassler chuckled, that just goes to show you. at least be apologetic to the fans of the show, but nope, she chuckles.
    but to have swingtown and the ex list???