Donna Martin Graduated For This?

Not that there was any doubt, but it’s now official. Tori Spelling will reprise her role as Donna Martin in the highly anticipated spinoff 90210. According to Entertainment Weekly, “She’ll play the owner of a chichi store in Beverly Hills, a hot shopping spot for local youths.” Which unfortunately begs the question. Was it worth it? Did hundreds of West Beverly High students honestly risk their academic livelihoods and walk out of final exams to ensure that “Donna Martin Graduated” so that she could end up selling overpriced designer clothes to spoiled rich kids? Was it really worth it?

Thanks to reader Tim G. for the Tip!

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  • yeah, donna martin in a boutique after all that? c’mon, give her something more meaty than “hi, i’m donna, can i help you find something today?”. happy she’ll be on but not down with that. i may be prejudging though, it may just start out that way and get better. hopefully anyway.

  • Common Sense

    Most every TV character “occupation” sounds dull on paper….it’s just the background for all of the drama that happens. Sounds a lot more interesting than say, a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or 7-11, doesn’t it?

  • At least she “owns” the store.

  • Tim

    I’m sure one of the main characters will end up working there and all kinds of hell will break loose.

  • shanna

    Just wanted to connect this to the post below. Last week’s episode of Greek had a great moment where there was a protest and one of the characters started shouting “Donna Martin Graduates!” It was a classic moment.

  • Shanna, thanks for that. Can’t wait till I get to that episode of GREEK!