You Did Not Just Name Your Baby Apollo!

Recently, this TV Addict was having an email tête à tête with a fellow television blogger who just so happened to reveal that she was pregnant with QUINTUPLETS!

Okay, so the part about the quintuplets was added for dramatic affect — there’s only one baby [that we know of!] And contrary to online speculation, the baby is not the secret love child of one infamous fictional Los Angeles based plastic surgeon.

But in all seriousness, being a self-proclaimed TV Addict, I couldn’t help myself and emailed back, “Congrats on your first baby. Any names yet? TiVo works both for a boy or girl!”

To wit she replied, “We STILL don’t have a baby name chosen. Although, TiVo has potential. 🙂 I like Christian and Sawyer, but my husband swears I’ve chosen them because of Christian Troy on NIP/TUCK and Sawyer on LOST! Ah, the TV influences never end!”

Which not surprisingly got me thinking. Have you, or do you know someone who’s ever gone as far as to name a baby after a favorite television character? Do you have a niece named Starbuck? A daughter named Rachel? A son named Fox? If so, it’s time to come clean and possibly get some therapy!

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  • Rae

    I have a friend who named her son Brighton… Amusingly we have a mutual friend whose daughter’s name is Hannah. Even though Hannah wasn’t named after the character, it would be funny if the Hannah and Bright ended up together when they’re in high school

  • Linda B.

    Don’t really have any friends or family that are die hard tv fans and crazy enough to name their children after a fictional character.

    On that note, if I could have children, I thought I might name a girl Felicity because I loved that show and like the name.

  • The closest I got is when I named my turtle Vaughn (after Michael Vaughn on Alias) and his fish friend Weiss (after Eric Weiss on Alias). Then I accidentally killed Weiss, and my mom accidentally “euthanized” Vaughn….

  • Linda B.

    Oh crap, I wasn’t thinking about pets! One of my chows is named Sydney after Sydney Bristow! Duh!

  • Nicholas

    I have thought about what I would name my kids if I ever have any (and I am hoping I will). Of course, I have quite often backpedaled into names of some of my favorite characters…Sawyer being one of them.

    I am willing to admit that it’s a bit sad, and possibly a bit too obsessive. But then again, I really like the name. There are other names that I like. Evangeline, for instance. Named of course after my, uhm, favorite actress (Evangeline Lilly). Veronica, a la Veronica Mars. Xander, courtesy of BtVS… And, most likely unfortunately, there are many more.

    But I digress. Maybe I am am too big of a TV Nerd to have kids. My never ending idiot box allusions would only embarrass them do death.

  • Melissa

    One of my friends named her two sons Austin and Riddick. Austin is named after “Stone Cold Steve Austin” and Riddick is named after Vin Diesel in “The Chronicles of Riddick”. They are both ADORABLE!!!

  • Caryn

    It’s not TV but we named our son Lucas/Luke after Star Wars since my hubby is a HUGE fan! He wanted some MUCH weirder Star Wars names but I could live with Luke! He made me sign a piece of paper (that he still has in his star wars room) when we were engaged that if we had boy/girl twins we would name then Luke & Leia luckily I only had one baby!

  • elizabeth

    my son is totally going to be named after jack bauer. no joke…ive already decided that hiS name will be james reagan-jack for short

  • Elizabeth… I think it would be WAY cooler if you named your son Bauer!

    Amrie… that was the funniest thing I heard all day.

    And for the record, I was given two fish a few years back, named them Josh and Donna, May they Rest in Peace!

  • Amy

    Not as OTT as Starbuck, but my favorite girl’s name right now is Kara which I’d barely even heard of before watching the show. And if I get a cat in the near future they’ll probably be named Apollo. 🙂

  • shanna

    I really love the name Lucas/Luke for various reasons but there are many tv characters with this name (Growing Pains, OTH) and ever since Gilmore Girls I’ve loved the name Lorelai. I also want to name my son Nicholas Alexander so I can call him Xander.

  • Courtney

    While I wasn’t actually named after a character, my parents “found” my name on the Bob Newhart Show, back before Courtney was a semi-popular name. ah, the seventies.

  • SanFranSara

    I have a friend who used to work at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) who had a daughter and named here Anika which he swears isn’t because of Anakin Skywalker but I would lay down good money that it is.

  • jess

    i named my pug Rupert after Rupert Giles 🙂

  • Nuj

    I don’t think it’s sad at all, Nicholas! It’s actually better than finding a random name on some sterile list somewhere. At least there’s emotion and joy behind the choice when it’s a fictional character. 🙂

  • allie

    My mom named one of my brother’s Declan after an Irish character in some tv show who she thought was hot (no idea which show).

  • My mum got my name from the actress that played Amy on The A-Team (Melinda Culea). Technically I’m not named after the character, my mum just really liked the name. But I still like to say I am 😀

    We named our 2 cats Tasha and Cera… both after TV/movie dinosaurs, both triceratops. Tasha is from Land of the Lost and Cera from The Land Before Time.

  • victoria

    We have two dogs. Zoe who has black hair and is totally the little warrior completely dominates over the kind of effeminate (if that can be said about a dog) and totally wimpy brown haired Simon. Yes, Firefly is our favorite show.

    Oh and our cat is totally named Angus after MacGuyver (the character’s first name).

    No kids yet but I have no doubt that their names will have positive TV influences.

  • victoria

    We have two dogs. Zoe who has black hair and is totally the little warrior completely dominates over the kind of effeminate (if that can be said about a dog) and totally wimpy brown haired Simon (Wash just didn’t suit him as a name).

    Oh and our cat is totally named Angus after MacGuyver (the character’s first name).

    No kids yet but I have no doubt that their names will have positive TV influences.

  • elizabeth

    very nice idea, but I really love the name Jack …Bauer can be my second son! That would be so awesome to introduce them to people: these are my sons, Jack and Bauer

  • NikkiHolly

    i’m named Nicole after both Nicole Kidman and a character on an old tv show called Dark Shadows.

  • Callie

    One of my sons is named Max (Maxwell), and while it wasn’t completely intentional, it’s probably in no small part due to season one Max Evans on Roswell. Each of our kids has a special song that we would dance to with them when they were little, and it just seemed fitting for his to be the Dido theme song from Roswell, “Here With Me.”

    Ah, Max and Liz…good times, good times…at least until Tess showed up.

    Oh yeah, and I also have a Jackson, and I’m embarrassed to admit that Jack Devereaux from way-back-when Days of Our Lives was a bit of a happy influence on that front.

  • showtime

    my brother named me samantha. i think he had a crush on alyssa milano during her “who’s the boss” days.

  • tim wilkins

    I named my first attempt at goldfish after “dynasty” characters. lol I had Dominique, Blake, Krystal, and of course, Alexis! LOL They all got “snobby” on me and died in my fish bowl. lol =) The tv show lasted longer. lol Those fish didn’t.

  • Kristen

    My mom got my name from a character on a soap opera. Before that, it was gonna be Brandy. I’m glad she chose Kristen.

  • annabelll

    My friend’s cousin named Seth Ezekiel Cohen, he was born when the O.C had a huge hype.

  • Jamie P

    I wanted to name my 5 yr old son Noah. Knowing what a hardcore Tv Addict I am, my husband said “I know you and we are NOT naming our kid after Dr Carter on ER!”

  • LOL. Thanks for the shout out, Dan! That photo is adorable. We still haven’t chosen a name, but I’m loving this post and all the suggestions. 🙂

  • Christina

    A friend of my husband named his son Crais after Bialar Crais from Farscape. I was surprised that his wife went along with it. I guess the deal was that she’d get to mane the next one.

    Also, from pure coincidence, my two year old daughter Mikaela’s name popped up in Transformers last summer. We were pretty surprised. And here we though that spelling her name like that was unique. 🙂

  • Bryony

    My friend named her first born daughter Chardonney and to be quite honest I’d love to have a name like that. Okay, it’s unusual but theres something about it’s make up. Chardonney.

    I also know of a girl in my street called Angel.

  • Kathleen

    My daughter named her twin girls Aisleyne and Misty.

  • Andrew

    My sister knew an Annette Curtain at high school – no joke.

  • Dionne

    A friend of my husband is a huge Shania Twain fan and when her daughter was born back in 2003 she was named Shania. Trying for her second child she vowed that if it was a boy she’d name him Twain. Two years later she had another daughter, Kylie. Looks like the kid got off lightly!

  • Skyla

    My grandparents were quite traditional Jamaican people and named there four children Ann, John, Elizabeth and Judith. My mum always hated her name (Elizabeth) as it was more of an “old ladies name” and quite common. When she had my brother she and my dad decided on a quite up-to-date name and named him Justin. After that the buzz of giving there children unusual names grew more popular and my sister Tiara was born, followed by Martelle-Li, Precious and me Skyla.

  • stacey clair

    i named my baby girl jordan after katie price.

  • sahida

    Same as one of the previous comments.. My husband is a huge star wars fan.. When we found out we were having a baby boy, he originally wanted to go with Anakin(umm… NO WAY!) so we compromised and named him Lucas/ Luke, I like luke cause it’s also biblical..

  • Pets Pets and its always about Pets, Things were not the same for me 1 year ago, I had a broken relationship and needed something to active charge my life, I got a cute little puppy and I must say she changed me ( THough housebreaking her was a Pain ) 🙂 Great Post! Thanks

  • KittyKitty

    Is this just for people, or can it be pets too? Anyway, just wanted to say I named three of my pets after tv stuff. My collie is named Sawyer off LOST, my cat was named Mario, and my Bluetick coonhound was APOLLO, after Lee “Apollo” Adama….BATTLESTAR GALACTICA:))

  • cory mcdonald

    Although some will have doubts. I did name my son Apollo and I am a huge fan of battlestar galactica. Apoollo is a God, what better name can you pick for your son :). Its a very strong name and would not change it for the world.

  • Your post just made my day – so glad I got to read it,