in plain sight mary mccormack

Hoping to replicate the success of BURN NOTICE and PSYCH, this Sunday, USA Network premieres their latest sizzling summer drama IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Unfortunately, what sounds like a great concept on paper — Mary McCormack [THE WEST WING] playing a US Marshall tasked with protecting those unfortunate souls in the Federal Witness Protection Program — falls flat. Because creators David Maples and Paul Stupin apparently haven’t met a cop cliché they didn’t like.

Not only is McCormack’s Mary Shannon a [surprise!] tough as nails US Marshall, she’s saddled with a partner who has a snappy comeback for every situation [Fred Weller], a boyfriend who doesn’t ‘get’ the job [Cristián de la Fuente] and worst of all, a needlessly tacked on family subplot revolving around a flaky mom [admittedly played to perfection by Lesley Ann Warren] and a ditzy, blonde down-on-her-luck sister [Nichole Hiltz].

That said, what the show does have going for it — aside from the fact that it’s airing in the summer when virtually nothing else of interest is on — is the fact that the Federal Witness Protection Program conceit offers up some very exciting guest star opportunities. Coming episodes will have our protagonists cross paths with the likes of Dave Foley [NEWSRADIO], Percy Daggs III [VERONICA MARS] and Sherry Stringfield [ER]. Ensuring IN PLAIN SIGHT remains on our radar for at least a few more weeks.

IN PLAIN SIGHT Premieres Sunday June 1 at 9PM on USA Network and June 17 on Canada’s GLOBAL TV

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  • allie

    I wish they’d make Janet Evanovich’s book series about bounty hunter Stephanie Plum into a TV series. I think that could be really entertaining and would probably be better than In Plain Sight. (Sherri Shepherd must play Lula and Betty White should play grandma).

  • jaytho

    liked peter wellers cousin weller’s jay and silent bob’s jay impersonation and stoic philosophical quips

    research kinda sucked, watching eipsode 5, as in a fire situation, by code all doors unlock, period. ya don’t get to shoot out of a public place in a fire, sorry. kicked me completely out.

    liked the joy from earl, impersonation (or more original (from my limited knowlege) men in black wife of edgar) by the sister.

    always like dick jokes. I can’t help it.

    music/sound good to great although seemed to me the cigarette guy was completely redubbed-sounded like exactly like a kung fu movie in his first scene. heavy breathing at theend of each phrase- later scene was ok…

    great shooting/filmography

    poor editing/consistency-walk across with a cigarette, then light a new one and toss it to the ground to stomp it out….other stuff/facts scenes thrown in, that seemed important, but in the end, didn’t mean anything…

    “oh marshal, take me now” blah– she needed to collapse much more mentally before believably wanting it….

    This show has a chance, but doubt it, until someone who loves the show comprehensively stands watch over it.