Attn Canadians: GOSSIP GIRL Returns Tonight on CTV

leighton meester
Chuck Who?

The TV Addict is showing off his photo with GOSSIP GIRL’S Leighton Meester from the recent CW UpFront because…

a) He likes to perpetuate the idea that he’s best friends with Blair Waldorf! [Umm.. what do you mean she’s not real?]

b) To remind my fellow Canadians that GOSSIP GIRL returns to CTV at 9PM tonight.

c) To shamelessly thank CTV for inviting this TV Addict to their 2008 UpFront event on Monday. And remind readers of to be sure to check back all next week for the great photos, news and interviews from both the CTV [Monday] and GLOBAL [Wednesday] UpFronts.

d) All of the above.

Photo Credit: Casey Fatchett

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  • shanna

    Leighton Meester is absolute gorgeous! Glad you got that CTV invite. They will snub you no longer!

  • omg CTV finally invited you!? I guess they had the realization that you have an awesome TV Blog.

  • showtime

    This means I get to meet you in person since I’m going to the Upfront too! Don’t be alarmed when a random girl walks up to you!

  • Haya — is only as good as its readers. So thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

    showtime — WOAH! [in my best Joey Lawrence BLOSSOM impression]. That is a lot of pressure, Off for my extreme makeover!