Win ARMY WIVES Season 1 on DVD

As much as this TV Addict really [and I mean really] wants to rip open and start watching ARMY WIVES Season 1 on DVD, since (a) there’s absolutely nothing on TV tonight and (b) it was billed as DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES on an Army Base, I feel somewhat obligated to give the season away to one lucky reader of

In order to qualify to win the emotional series that the “Miami Herald” calls “100% engaging,” simply answer the following question in the comments below. Who is your favorite Army wife and why?

One winner will be contacted via email on June 10, 2008. Which is coincidentally the same day the DVD is released in stores.

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  • Amy

    Roxy of course, because she’s so real. She’s a good wife and mother without being at all pretentious.

  • Jamie P

    I agree with Amy, I love Roxy best! being an army wife myself ( my husband is in iraq again for the year) I can relate to her character most. She is sweet, genuinely nice, and a great wife and mother.

  • Dana

    I loved Roxy too. I think that is because I love her and Drew Fuller’s chemistry. She plays this great new Army wife.

  • Kelly

    I’m going to have to say Pamela. Because I loved her radio show and she had the most interesting storyline in my opinion.

  • Rueben!

    I actually like Denise, as I’m a big Catherine Bell fan, but I relate to her more reserved nature while wanting to break out of her shelll and have a real life outside the home. I’m not married, but for years I was the caregiver to my late mother and I relate to her wanting to leave the home and get a job now that her son is grown. Yes, she dealt quietly with the abuse from her son, but she stood up to him and had that over-riding fear of loss before it was revealed that her husband survived the attack he was involved in. I think her character is slowly growing and coming into her own and I admire all that she’s gone through.

  • shanna

    Wow, this is a hard one because my favorite is actually Roland. I count him as the unspoken Army Wife. Because he’s not serving but his wife is, I find his story really interesting. My second fave (and actual woman) would have to be Pam. First off, I’ve loved Brigid Branaugh since Kindred: The Embraced and second, I loved her story of being a surrogate and this beleaguered wife, to getting her own radio show and standing up for herself.

  • allie

    There is just something about Roxy that I love. I’m not an Army wife and if I became one suddenly like she did I’d probably make all the embarassing mistakes that she makes. It’s amazing how she bounces back from those situations. I feel like I can relate to her and seeing everything through her new Army wife eyes is really entertaining. Plus she has a heart of gold, is a great mother and extremely protective of her boys. I really respect a mother who puts her children first (I respected her reluctance to let Trevor adopt them until she was really sure it was the right thing for the boys). She is also learning to be a great wife to her sexy husband. I’m simply in awe of her.

  • jess

    I’d have to say Claudia Joy because although she is always a lady she is nobodies doormat. I like her style how she’s never just the “wife”. She is the one they all follow and its clear to see why. She is both kind and strong. I also like that she evolved into a far more complicated character as the season went on. I can’t wait to see what happens in season 2.

  • Vanessa

    Sounds like the popular choice, but Roxy is my favorite as well. To be thrust into the situation of being an “Army Wife” without any idea of how the army works is just amazing to watch. I also love the idea that she and Trevor had just met when they were married. Seeing all the trials and tribulations they have worked through together is an impressive way to show “love at first sight”.

  • Janice

    Roxy! She is niave, yet, strong! She may not know much about army life, but she doesn’t put up with any “crap!”

  • Jaymie

    Roxy, she is strong and an awesome wife and mother, she is also supportive and an awesome friend, she and I are in the same boat, I just hope my kids know I love them as much as she loves hers

  • Melissa

    My favorite character is Roxy. She represents the young real army wives who are determined and learning throughout the entire experience of being an army wife. She stands up for herself when needed and does not take bull from anyone. Plus, she is spices up the show with her attitude and personality. She is a good friend to the other wives and trying her hardest to be a good wife to Trevor and good mother to her two sons.

  • Alyssa

    I don’t have a favorite Army Wife because I’ve never seen the show! I set a recording for season 2 based on good reviews but need to catch up on DVD for the first season.

  • Melissa

    Roxy is my favorite because she is so spunky and tells everyone just how it is. I also enjoyed seeing her transformation into an army wife and getting used to army life on the show. She is funny and at the same time a great wife and a wonderful mother. She does it all!

  • I love Roxy, too! ‘Cause she’s spunky and a little trashy and totally badass.

  • I’d have to agree on the choice of Claudia Joy as much of the same reasons. I mean, there is a presence about her that I can’t ignore.

  • Mimi

    I have to first preface my answer with this…all of the wives (including Roland) are amazing characters. They each show an interesting side of the women behind the frontline- the families affected by the war and how each handles the separation differently. That being said, my favorite Army Wife is Pam. Pam’s character is extremely unique because it acknowledges two realities of many women married to service men- 1) many of these wives were independent, career minded women before they became involved in this lifestyle. Pam was a police officer with an apparently budding career. 2) Army wives don’t have to be blindly patriotic. Pam was vocal of her disapproval with the way the military hid the events surrounding a soldier’s death. With the patriotic rhetoric being pushed at the US, (“Don’t criticize the gov’t or you’re not supporting the troops.”) Pam’s courage and no-nonsense attitude was great to watch. Lastly Brigid is fantastic and I’ve loved her since Angel. (anybody remember her?)

  • joss

    it would have to be roxy because she is the most realistically portrayed one. i could easily imagine myself running into her at the grocery store, or the library and having a chat about life, the family etc. In a TV world where everything is overdramatized and over the top, its nice to have a familiar face around.

  • christine

    Well, i think Claudia Joy is my favorite army ife bacause she is an individual. Although at times it seems that most of the other omen are out to get her, she is still a confident woman. When it came to her choosing between an old friend and her own husband, She did give in to her loves’ regards, but soon sided with her friend, not being a sheep in the herd. Also, i think she is a leader of the girls while their husbands are away and honestly, she seems like a motherly/friend figure to everyone. Even in the season finale, when we discovered her dughter passed (rip amnda), the relationship between mother and daughter was incredible and compared to the other wives, she is most definitely ahead of the game being through it all. Claudia Joy is probably the best army wife bacause she can do it all and still have time to maintain a decent household (although undergoing life with teenagers).

  • Emily

    That cute bundle of sass- Roxy!