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By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

Hey gang, did you miss me? It’s been a long time since I’ve done the Tuesday column thing and for that I absolutely apologize and promise we’re all back on track! This week, I want to spend some time with you all, with the hopes that by the end of the next few paragraphs or so, you’re as pumped about Season 3 of 30 DAYS as I am.

First things first, I think Morgan Spurlock is a genius. He isn’t preachy. He doesn’t force you to care, but somehow, after spending an hour with him or one of his weekly participants, you start thinking about changing things in your life. What he tries to do is show another side of things, the part of life you wouldn’t normally get to see and it’s some of the best television I’ve ever watched.

I was lucky enough to view all 6 episodes of the new season, starting June 3 at 10PM on FX, and, to be honest, my only complaint is that I wish there was more. Everything we love about seasons past is there – the raw emotion, the intriguing stories. This season, I feel like Morgan and Co. stepped it up a notch.

The first episode of the season deals with Morgan living with a coal mining family in his home state of West Virginia. I learned so much more about the lifestyle than I ever thought I would be interested in learning. Did you know that you can make over $100K a year by running a coal mine? I didn’t, and now I want to move down to WV and see what I can help with! I found myself caring about the families, especially Dale and Sandy, who Morgan bunked with for 30 DAYS. I worried about Morgan’s wife, and what would happen if these 30 DAYS were going to be his last because of a mine collapse. I was intrigued by the financial aspect of coal mining that Morgan got from the suits involved in the trade. So much great stuff in one hour, by the end, I found myself moved to tears.

Episode 2 continues the trend, with a great story of former Broncos Cornerback Ray Crockett living his 30 DAYS in a wheelchair. It was really great to see how he was visibly affected by what he was going through. His family was incredibly supportive, and it looks like he made some great friends along the way. Cut to me, once again at the end, in tears. I just like when people learn a lesson or realize something without being force fed the way to do it.

I want you guys to tune in and pay attention to the show for yourself, but here is a sneak peek into the rest of the season:

Morgan himself has said that he thinks Episode 3 (“Animal Rights,” the episode where hunter George Snedeker finds himself living with a vegan campaign coordinator for PETA in LA) is “maybe the best hour of television [he has] ever seen in [his] life.” That’s a rather glowing review from the creator, but he’s not really exaggerating. The episode ranks extremely high on my list of favorite hours of TV, too.

Episode 4 deals with a hot issue right now, the argument for and the argument against “Same Sex Parenting.” Whereas Episode 3 is outwardly the “best hour of television” of the season, Episode 4 packs a punch. Kati lives with Dan and Thomas and their four adopted sons in Michigan. It’s a difficult story to tell, because there are people on both sides of this argument, but I think anyone with a thought on the matter could appreciate this episode.

“Gun Nation” features a woman steadfastly against guns learning to shoot after getting her gun license. It could have been just another episode detailing the gun/no gun argument, but, of course, it goes in a great direction that’s so much deeper than that.

Morgan is back in the season finale, living his 30 DAYS on an Indian Reservation – and it’s another hit. He’s a naturally funny guy, and it’s so intriguing to see him out of his element. I don’t know if could do what he does and be so gracious and understanding about it all.

It sounds like I’m just blowing smoke, but I honestly love this show and hope you’re all excited to watch Morgan and Co. help us see the other side of the coin. Let us know what you think after you’ve tuned in!

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  • Amrie,

    Fantastic review. I love 30 DAYS, and as cheesy as it sounds. It really is a nice reminder as to how lucky most of us really are.