Good News: Justin Hartley has officially signed on as a series regular for SMALLVILLE’s eighth and most likely final season. Bad New: SMALLVILLE has now officially officially run out of new ideas. [Source]

Good News: IN PLAIN SIGHT opened to a whopping 5.3 million viewers, USA’s best series bow since the second season premiere of the 4400 in 2005. Bad News: Which means fellow TV Addicts can expect even more generic dramas featuring female cop/lawyer/doctor protagonists that play by her own rules. [Source]

Good News: TERMINATOR, PUSHING DAISIES, FRINGE, CHUCK, HEROES and THE OFFICE Scribes [rumored] are all said to be presenting panels at this Summer’s Comic Con in San Diego. Bad News: Odds are good that they’ll all be on the same day, so you should probably start lining up right now. No really. It’s going to be madness!

Good News: This TV Addict has been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the new online portal for Bad News: EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY are thus far no where to be found.

Good News: Michael Ausiello’s Senior Editor position has yet to be filled at TVGuide. Bad News: Clearly, TVGuide’s Editor-in-Chief Christy Tanner does not have her name set as a Google Alert and has completely missed my quasi-shameless campaign 🙂

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  • Sara

    Is the WB online going to be a US only kind of site? that would just plain suck. but ain’t it always the case.

  • ewanspotter

    Who’s the say getting more female cop/lawyer/doctor protagonists who play by her own rules is a BAD thing? Nothing in Hollywood is all that original anyway; at least they can mix up the sexes a little.

  • ewanspotter

    *Who’s to say

    … just ignore all that poor grammar in there.

  • Despite my present grudge against the TV industry for canceling so many good shows, I was also just bored enough to turn on In Plain Sight as background noise.

    I like Mary McCormick, so I wanted to like her show. I couldn’t do it. Horrible writing. No likable characters. An overload of sarcasm, snarkiness, and abrasiveness. It’s downright unpleasant.

    Mary McCormick gives a good performance, but I don’t like the material she has to work with. Maybe if I had been playing closer attention I might have found more redeeming qualities.

    Sometimes series are better than their pilots, so maybe In Plain Sight has potential, given a chance to develop. But, based on my first impression, I can’t help thinking, “They cancelled The 4400 for this?!?”

  • Josh Emerson

    I can’t watch any new shows on USA right now because they cancelled The 4400. Not that there’s really anything I’d be watching anyway.

    *sigh* Can replace the CW on TV? Their promo banner at the site makes me miss the times when The OC and Veronica Mars were airing new episodes.

  • I’ll be at the SD Comic Con this year on a press pass.. It will be extremely hard deciding which panel(s) to TRY to get into.

  • Josh – I couldn’t agree more. is such a nice trip down memory lane.

    ewanspotter – if i’ve learned anything doing this web site for two years, it’s that the grammer police are on vacation.

    Sara – unfortunately is only available if you’re in the US. But if you’re in Canada will direct you to something that may be able to help you out.

  • It’s a very interesting way to gain new citizens as only people from the U.S. can view the new and improved WB site. Like says one song from Gilmore Girs ‘life is unfair kill yourself or get over it’.

  • Charles

    Can I just say that I love that you still keep tabs on all things Everwood? Its very nice and I thank you for being just a devoted a fan as the rest of us.

    If you have a Facebook, has a page on there and the General Manager posts updates about everything on there and he has said that Everwood will most definately be on the site when it officially launches in August. In case you didn’t know…