Justin Brueing: Expect Big Changes When KNIGHT RIDER Returns

It looks like the negative reaction that followed February’s two-hour KNIGHT RIDER movie may not have fallen on deaf ears after-all.

Talking to the Canadian media [including your very own TV Addict] at Global TV’s 2008 UpFront this morning in Toronto, KNIGHT RIDER star Justin Brueing had this to say when asked how the series returning this fall will differentiate itself from the underwhelming two-hour movie.

“Just as the original series was reinvented as a sequel for the two-hour movie, the new series will be reinvented again. Picking up six months after our little origin story, everything will be different. The car will have a different look and will be able to morph into a different attack mode each week. There’s also talk of different gadgets in every episode.”

Needless to say, this TV Addict thinks I speaks for everyone when I say, here’s hoping third times a charm!

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