Our 2007-08 Season in Review

Look, we love TV. Really, we do. But seasons like the one which just wrapped up leave us wondering if maybe we should rethink our stance on reading. (It is, we hear, fundamental!) Fortunately, even on the darkest of nights (better known as the evening CBS aired SECRET TALENTS OF THE STARS), we know in our heart of hearts that if it weren’t for our love of the tube known as boob, our lives would be horribly empty. Besides, if we didn’t watch, how could we possibly report on the best and worst of each passing season? With that goal in mind, we present a look at the 2007-2008 season… the good, the bad and the so ugly we wanted to look away… but couldn’t. (Yes, we’re looking at you CAVEMEN.)

Most Talked About Show: If buzz were money, the CW would be rolling in cash thanks to GOSSIP GIRL. Unfortunately, there seem to be more people talking about the show’s trashy teens then actually watching them.

Most Talked About Show That Never Actually Aired: In a move we’d expect from FOX, HBO spent over $20 million on the star-studded laugher 12 MILES OF BAD ROAD and then pulled the plug (reportedly due to material of questionable taste) before any of the six produced episodes aired.

Most Downwardly Mobile Career: Mischa Barton turned down the role of GOSSIP GIRL’s Georgina Sparks. Worse, the former OC resident reportedly told the press of her decision to pass on the role before GG’s execs, who believed she would be joining the cast!

Reason #45 To Invest In A High-Definition TV: As if PUSHING DAISIES weren’t one of the most brilliantly acted and written shows on television, it also features some of the most eye-popping visuals ever to grace the medium. And if you think the pie maker’s world looks great on your boring, regular set… wait until you see him in high def.

Proof That We Know What We’re Talking About: Shortly after viewing the pilot of BACK TO YOU, our own CT said the show spent too much time on secondary players and made a huge mistake in revealing that the leads shared a child in the pilot. Sure enough, despite moments of brilliance, the show didn’t get renewed.

Evidence That We’re Full Of Crap: Shortly after writing a scathing piece on why he absolutely, positive hated SUPERNATURAL, our own CT was convinced by fans to give it another shot. Much to his chagrin, he fell in love with the series.

Most Egregious Product Placement: Forget those Coke cups AMERICAN IDOL’s Paula and company sip their… er, soda, yes, that’s it, soda from. A study showed that during the first three months of this season, the show racked up 3,291 instances of product placement. And that ain’t even counting the commercials!

Most Disturbing Moment, Reality Division: Following an alcohol-fueled tirade, THE REAL WORLD: HOLLYWOOD’s Joey passes out, dead to the world… with his eyes wide open.

Most Disturbing Storyline, Primetime Division: NIP/TUCK wins this one hands down, but we’re torn between two storylines which unfolded in a single episode: The married couple who fed on one another, or the agent who killed her rival by replacing his insides with the material you’d find inside a stuffed teddy bear!

Most Disturbing Storyline, Daytime Division: GENERAL HOSPITAL sank to a new low by having Sonny’s troubled son pick up a gun and accidentally shoot Kate. Oh, wait, the real low was then having the kid pay for the sins of his mobster father by taking a bullet to the head!

Trend We Refuse To Buy Into: By dividing seasons of a TV show in half when releasing it on DVD (ala the upcoming DYNASTY: Season 3, Volume 1), manufacturers are making it easier for us to ignore that internal voice urging us to purchase shows we’ll probably never watch anyway.

Most-Missed Sugar High: Sure, CBS’ CANE had some problems, but it also featured some solid acting from such heavy-hitters as Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo and the woefully underused Rita Moreno.

Best Use Of A Time Machine: What sounded like a lame gimmick — fast-forwarding ONE TREE HILL four years — turned out to be the smartest thing the show ever did. Sure, the characters are still a whiny, self-absorbed lot, but at least they no longer look like teachers trying to pass themselves off as high school students.

Worst Use Of A Time Machine: Jumping five years into the future should have propelled the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES characters into exciting new situations. But all we got was Gaby playing mom to chubby kids and Susan making out with a stranger. Yawn.

Inconceivable Plot Twist We’re Willing To Forgive: We love MAD MEN, but come on. Peggy didn’t realize she was pregnant? Seriously?

Inconceivable Plot Twist We’ll Certainly Never Forget: Perhaps determined to go out with a bang, soon-to-wrap-its run sudser PASSIONS had hermaphrodite Vincent/Valerie sleep with and get pregnant by his own dad, Julian!

Worst Reality Hostess: Has BIG BROTHER’s Julie Chen – aka The Chenbot – ever once asked a departing houseguest the question we most want answered? Like how Ryan feels about the fact his girlfriend called him a racist, or how Crazy James thought showmance Chelsea would react to news that he’d done gay porn?

It Ain’t Easy Lovin’ A Foreigner: Fall began with a full-on invasion… until NBC pulled the plug on EASTENDER babe Michelle Ryan’s stint as the BIONIC WOMAN, the staking of MOONLIGHT left Brit beauty Sophia Myles unemployed and Scottish JOURNEYMAN Kevin McKidd had his trip cut short.

Series We Really, Really Wanted To Like… But Didn’t: Much as we love Addison, PRIVATE PRACTICE is no GREY’S ANATOMY.

Reality Show Most In Need Of A Makeover: Sorry, Miss Tyra, but AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL has officially fallen into a rut.

The Energizer Bunny Of Reality Shows: SURVIVOR’s fan vs. favorites cycle – thanks in large part to a shocking series of tribal councils in which one contestant after another was blindsided — proved that if it ain’t broke, there’s no reason to fix it.

Worst Villains: In a good story, you feel at least a little sympathy for the bad guy. But we weren’t feelin’ the love for Hollywood execs who drove writers to strike by insisting there was “no money” to be made in rebroadcasting shows over the internet even as they urged viewers to watch shows on their websites!

Best Drinking Game: Raise a glass every time one of the Walker clan of BROTHERS & SISTERS does and you’ll be drunk by the half-way point of most episodes.

When Good Shows Go Bad: Landry and Tyra’s ridiculous murder plot threatened to turn FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS into the worst kind of soap opera.

Early Bird Special: The 2008-2009 season hasn’t even started, but we’re already rolling our eyes at PRISON BREAK’s announcement that Sara – you know, the gal whose head wound up in a box? – isn’t really dead. This despite the show’s producers assuring us she was really, most sincerely dead when first Lincoln made the grisly discovery.

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  • Bobby Brown

    Hey does anyone know what ever happened to the pilot that was supposed to star Joel McHale from “The Soup”. I could swear it was greenlit for Spring 08?

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  • Jones

    Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill had better REALLY ramp up the outrageous and scintillating plot twists, because there are far too many other options for young people these days when their TV shows become routine and boring (yes, OTH, I’m talking to YOU). GG could fall into the same trap.

    For the life of me, why Tyra hasn’t mixed up ANTM with an all-male model cycle is beyond me. Is she too intimidated? Does she think she’ll be “copying” that shrew Janice? Hey, Dickinson doesn’t own the copywrite to that idea. Think of how ANTM would be re-energized with a cycle of hot young males!!

  • CT

    Jones: I think Tyra hasn’t done it because male modling shows have proven to be something of a disaster. Bravo tried one that tanked, and this past season, A&E attempted a mixed-sexes modeling show that just didn’t do very well.

  • Chris

    I’m going to have to argue that Alison Sweeney is actually the Worst Reality Hostess. In the debacle with her, Britney, and Jillian, she proved that if she has to leave a cue card, she’s pretty much a b####.

  • Bobby Brown

    That’s a great question… and one we’ll answer in the debut edition of our new column, Ask The Addict! Keep your eyes peeled, and if anyone else out there has burning questions, send them to me at ask@thetvaddict.com

  • SimplyKimberly

    Best Revival of an Existing Show: LOST

    At the beginning of Season 3, in the mini-arc they were calling 2.5 I was really hating LOST. I gave it until the end of the season to hook me again, watching only for Sawyer, who has had the most character development of all the islanders. But in the last 7-9 episodes of the season it really jumped back into being the show that I knew and loved. But that was only a precursor to Season 4 which was an unbelievable ride. From The Shape of Things to Come (my favorite episode of the season) to Cabin Fever to the awesome finale There’s No Place Like Home I would have to say that it it is easily my favorite season. And LOST has become must see tv once again for me.

  • Yay for you finding Supernatural. 🙂

  • jess

    Okay in response to the not knowing she was pregnant thing. (first i don’t actually watch the show) but that being said and having worked at a GYN clinic for 4yrs i can say that it actually is possible. For alot of both physical and pyschological reasons

  • Laura7888

    Glad you now see the light on SUPERNATURAL!! Our family LOVES the show and have watched it from day one!
    Thank goodness that there is one great show on-SUPERNATURAL!

  • Interested…

    OK, just curious – how is it you know that the “Worst Use of a Time Machine” is Desperate Housewives because all we get is a “Chubby Gaby” and “Susan kissing a Stranger”??? Just curious, but have you seen the whole of the next season to know this already? Considering that was a what, 60-second clip…I find it kind of strange that you could predict all of that! Or did you just need SOMETHING – anything? – to balance the “Best Use…” and there weren’t any other options? HA!! I find that kind of irresponsible and just because some people don’t like the concept, you and they have absolutely no idea how it is going to play out! Just had to say something…

  • katie

    does amyone if jewel is going to be part of Nashville Star on NBC in the season priemere?

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