Dealing With LOST Withdrawal

lost via domus videogame

With tonight serving as the first of far too many Thursday nights sans LOST, the fine folks at Outcast Communications were kind enough to send this TV Addict a copy of the LOST: VIA DOMUS videogame. No doubt with the hopes that I’ll be able to continue the adventure all summer long. So check back next Thursday to discover if the new survival/adventure videogame based on the hit TV show translates well on your favorite videogame console [which in my case, is a PS3].

At the very least, It’s pretty nice to know that you can’t end a videogame on an ambiguous cliffhanger, or can you? Stay tuned…

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  • Josh C.

    hey I just thought I’d let you know to NOT buy this game. A friend and I played it and is absolutely pointless unless you are seriously desperate for a LOST fix………..just giving you a heads up

  • Naf

    I’ve got to agree, there is no point paying for this game. The game play involves walking from one end of the beach to another, encountering cut scene after cutscene, all of which are avaliable on youtube.

  • Nate

    I’m going to spoil anything but this game has huge wtf ending!

  • Tie

    I recently watched all 4 seasons of LOST in a dedicated marathon, based on the TV Addicts comments and recommendations. First of all, I am indeed disappointed with the TV Addict’s infatuation with what I would essentially term a crap show. This self-indulgent, manipulative piece of programming crap has gone on for far too long. In a lot of ways, I can draw parallels between the cast/storyline of LOST and the fans/viewers. What’s presented is an oblivious group of individuals that are essentially “doing the motions” on an island. They are confused and disoriented and they suspend their belief in all things logical, seeking a deep-rooted explanation as to why they are “there”, why they are lost and why they are positioned in this inexplicable scenario. I view avid viewers of LOST similarly. I am afraid to tell them right now that they are “doing the motions” and are awaiting this grand revelation, this euphoric explanation as to why they have spent several hours (years even) viewing this elaborately and intricately crafted tale; sadly, this revelation will never come. For brief moments, LOST was clever, well-crafted and retrospective/introspective. However, it was soon obvious that the writers had burrowed into a “rabbit hole” that they have no sensible way to lead the viewer out of. Alice has not only wandered off into this deep crevice, but she has run into a band of singing Dutch maids and after a wild and crazy evening has decided to join a softball team and take up a knitting and capoeira classes while she’s at it. You get my point? Maybe not, but that, in fact, is exactly it. The ridiculous tangential lines in LOST are the most unfortunate. The very instance that the viewer was encouraged to suspend logic and settle in this faux-mystical realm was the exact point when I started to speed-watch the series. No longer did one have to understand the characters by figuring out their past stories and perhaps why they’d respond to certain scenarios in a certain way. At some point, it “never really mattered”. So, I watched, and watched, and watched, waiting for the series to allude to some minute distant ray of light, to suggest that all my viewing hours had not been in vain, but at this point, Alice had quit law school and become a professional archer.
    Flash-forward, flash-backward … all these gimmicks were inconsequential. Actually, initially, I was fine with a mystical island; I was fine with a few (even several “unexplainables”), but midway through the second season, I knew I was being led down a path from which there was no sensible return. So when a character ran off into this dangerous forest to save a dog, or when someone had a fit and decided to walk into this dangerous forest all alone (and then the rest of the group gathered a team to go save them), or when someone had a hallucination in the forest that was inspired by their past, I could really care less. There was no sense in any of the actions exhibited by the characters. All that was left was a chaotic assemblage of random events.
    I resolved that I had done this to myself. After all, I was the sad dude watching LOST. Even after logic told me to abandon the series after the first season. I however, decided to see it through after I ran into a lady who was keenly awaiting the 4th season finale. In her exact words, she said “It’s such a good show, right?” I shrugged, because then, I had only seen two episodes. Now, I want to hit her upside the head. I’m sure I’ll run into her again though, so don’t you worry.
    So, thanks, TV Addict. There is surely a significant part of my existence that I would never get back by going with your recommendation. I’m sure you are perhaps right on other things though. However, as far as LOST is concerned … thanks, but no thanks. And … never again.