The TV Addict Doesn’t Think He Can Dance

sytycd contestant

As I watched last night’s two-hour installment of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, it finally dawned on this TV Addict why I have yet to get completely hooked on the show.

I don’t think I can dance. Actually, I know I can’t.

Which is unfortunate, because I truly believe that one of the big lures of reality television is imagining yourself in each contestant’s shoes. Essentially playing couch potato quarterback as you meticulously second guess contestant’s song choices, alliances, strategies and outfits. Yes, believing you can do better is half the fun.

So while I may not be the world’s most talented singer, I’m pretty confident that even outside of the confines of my car/shower I can belt out a tune better than 90% of the IDOL wannabes. Not to mention outwit, outplay and outlast many of the boneheaded SURVIVOR castaways. But when it comes to dance, I know my limits.

And while I most definitely appreciate the astounding talent and dedication of the contestants involved not to mention the energy and excitement that exudes from judges Nigel Lithgow, Mary Murphy and whomever happens to be sitting in the third chair when they witness someone really special. Like original 90210’er Brandon Walsh, I simply won’t do it. Seriously. Not only could you not pay me enough, there is no amount of alcohol on this planet that could get this TV Addict to pop, slide and twist on the dance floor in front of millions.

Unless of course my partner was Kelly Taylor, but unfortunately that’s an entirely different show.

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  • shanna

    I figured out the other day why I don’t like this show. It’s because I also don’t like Idol. I don’t like the weeks of audition episodes followed by prolonged weeks of calling and voting. I want professionals to pick good, talented people and then I want to watch those professionals evaluate, critique and eliminate them like Top Chef.

    Plus, it’s all diluted because people know if they do a wacky audition or have a sob story they’ll end up on tv.

  • Shanna,

    Agreed that the ‘wacky’ auditions don’t add anything to the show. Unlike IDOL where some contestants most likely really believe they’re talented, the ridiculousness of the guy with the black hat and cape during last night’s sytycd episode was plain dumb.

  • tlcinvt

    Dear TVaddict and Shanna:
    Have you really watched the show all the way through? I for one love it for how it IS NOT like Idol.
    SYTYCD audition rounds last two to three weeks, unlike Idol’s six weeks or more. They do show some bad dancing, but a lot of what they show are really good dancers who just are not able to do other styles and therefore not really suitable for the show. Idol hurts your ears a lot during auditions, but with bad dancing more often than not you just laugh a little.
    Instead of being a popularity contest like Idol, the judges actually pick the bottom three each week before allowing America to vote. I prefer the Top Chef way of leaving it all to the judges too, but that isn’t a perfect system either. (Lisa making it in the top three as of last night. Ugh!) At least with the SYTYCD system the judges decide a lot more than on Idol, where they become nothing more than commentators after auditions.

    I don’t watch reality shows so I can think about how I would do the situations better. I would never assume that I could do Survivor, and I think most people would be surprised at how hard it would be if they tried. I watch SYTYCD to see things I could never do, for the occasional brilliant routine (most are good, but some are amazing), and to route for someone who works really hard at what they do so beautifully.

  • Josh C.

    i love SYTYCD because the people on that show actually have talent. While on the other hand Idol is full of wannabee’s including some of the winners and finalists. I love this show simply because i DESPISE everything AI related

  • Josh Emerson

    I will take Idol any day over SYTYCD. There have been a number of talented people on AI and Canadian Idol, and when you find someone you like, it’s fun to watch them on the show and then to follow their career and buy their CD afterwards. With SYTYCD, I just couldn’t care less about dancing. At all. It’s just pointless to me. And is there anything to follow after the show ends? Where does any contestant go from there?

  • balehead

    Ok, I am totally bored by Idol but am addicted to SYTYCD. I hate Idol for the embarrasing auditions but even though there is crazy auditions on this show they highlight so many great dancers & stories right from the beginning. Also you discover so many songs & the choreography is fantastic!

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  • Kyrie Johnson

    I really havn’t watched AI all that much, because I found that they let too many people in that honestly cant sing. Thats also the reason that I won’t try out for it. With SYTYCD, you get to watch dancers who are amazing to begin with grow until they are unbelievable! They defy gravity, they learn a dance with a sometimes completely new partner in three days, and then they are expected to dance it flawlessly in front of a live audience plus the TV audience. Also, you say that you can’t follow contestants of SYTYCD after the show?? What do you call being casted into movies that show on the big screen and being backup dancers for some of the most popular music talent out there??