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Apparently, all those guest appearances on shows such as GILMORE GIRLS and SCRUBS really exhausted poor Michael Ausiello. How else to explain the former TVGuide scoopmaster taking a month off before beginning his new gig at Entertainment Weekly?

Now, I could let our jealousy run rampant, shaking a fist at the heavens while asking “Why am I not worthy of such earthly pleasures?” But instead, we’ll take the high road by taking full advantage of his absence to steal your affections. (Okay, maybe the semi-high road.)

So beginning this Wednesday, I’ll be introducing a new weekly column called Ask The Addict. Now I know that at first glance, that might sound an awful lot like Ask Ausiello. And it might seem that by running the column on Wednesdays, I’m attempting to fill the void he left behind. In fact, it might seem an awful lot like I’m trying to steal his thunder.

Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

So what, you’re asking, will set Ask The Addict apart from its past, present and future competitors?

I’m glad you asked [No really!]

See, Ask The Addict will be a completely spoiler-free, scoop-free zone.

What does that mean for you? Simple. No more reading with one eye closed, both hoping for and simultaneously fearing that you’ll learn how LOST is going to end, or which CSI cast member is going to bite the dust next.

What we will offer is answers, answers, answers to all your burning TV-related questions!

Want to know if or when your favorite show is scheduled to be released on DVD? Maybe you’re wondering what your favorite actor is doing during their summer hiatus, or perhaps you can’t quite figure out how a storyline got from point A to point B. Well, that’s why I’m here.

After all, what’s the point of being an addict if you aren’t willing to share the high?

So if you’ve got a question, drop me a line at, and then come back next Wednesday to see if you made the inaugural column.

Oh, and if JJ Abrams, Robert Orci, Greg Berlanti, Josh Freidman, Marc Guggenheim or any other loose-lipped showrunners out there happen to be reading and feel the uncontrollable desire to slip me some scoopage, that whole “spoiler-free zone” thing will go down the drain faster than the proverbial baby-hiding bathwater.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    If you can loosen the lips of Darlton, ask how short Sawyer’s hair is going to be in the future. That is what I really need to know.

  • Common Sense

    You could start by finding out why the beloved Keri Russell is not on my TV screen on a weekly basis. (CW, are you listening?)

    Then find out why the entire set of Felicity (best drama ever?) has not been discounted on DVD. I’m seriously not gonna pay upwards of $200 for a 4-season set, but would consider it at half that price.

    (BTW, Addict, did you ever get thru the Felicity set? And if so, what did you think of the last 3 or 4 episodes…involving “time”….I personally loved them.)

  • Kelly

    After i watched the One Tree Hill finale, I have been wondering if i missed something. Am i suppose to believe that Brooke would actually get that phone call from Lucas. I watched the whole season and i didnt see any clue that says that the writers would start the Brooke and Lucas relationship again.

  • hen0219

    I hope that we can just post questions here, because it is a lot more convenient.

    Mine question is not one that can really be answered immediately, or just once, but I’m going to ask it anyway.

    Is there a way you could create, and update as information becomes available, a chart that says which actors are joining which shows for next season; or which actors are leaving the show next season. I always find it interesting to see how many new series regulars a series is getting, or who’s leaving a series. Obviously some are common sense, like Gary Dourdan and DIane Neal, from C.S.I. and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit respectively, but others that are up in the air, like Laura Vandervoort Smallville or Katie Cassidy/Lauren Cohen from Supernatural.

    I hope my question/request isn’t too confusing, and can hopefully be done rather painlessly. Again, it isn’t a one time only thing, so it would be easy to update one it exists.

  • hen0219, Yes, posting a comment is also okay. I just really like the noise my mac makes when I get a new email!

  • hen0219

    haha that actually made me lol

  • Allie

    Can you find out if The Sci Fi Channel or Direct TV are really considering picking up Moonlight or whether we are wasting our time? Thanks =)

  • Allie

    Another question – will there be a second (hopefully longer!) season of DEA on Spike TV?

  • Allie

    I’ve thought of another one – How much of The Tudors is factual? I know the fundamentals are based on fact (e.g. Henry’s wives, Anne’s miscarriages & being accused of witchcraft) but what about the other things e.g. Henry’s near death in a jousting accident, Anne’s knowledge that her time was nearing the end, Catherine’s letter to Henry and his apparent heartbreak over her death, Anne catching Henry with Jane and that possibly causing her miscarriage, the 4 month old baby boy being ‘deformed’ etc… Is that factual or dramatised?

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