Will You Be Dropping By SWINGTOWN Again?


Because this TV Addict really isn’t sure.

On the one hand it’s summer, which means there’s virtually nothing else on in terms of quality scripted television dramas. Also in SWINGTOWN’s favor is that it features MELROSE PLACE alum Grant Show sporting an awesome 70’s-porn-star-moustache and a series premiere that was compelling enough that I’m asking, “what happens next?”

On the other hand, was anyone else slightly perturbed with how quickly Susan and Bruce Miller threw caution to the wind and cast aside their oldest/dearest friends in order to sign up for this new and exciting lifestyle? Not to mention the far more pressing issue — the fact that SWINGTOWN is a series that CBS has relegated to the summer — meaning that it’s more than likely already cancelled in the minds of the proverbial Powers that Be. Thus should I really be investing my time into a show that’s sure to follow in MOONLIGHT and JERICHO’s footsteps?

With that in mind, please feel free to post away with whether or not you’ll be returning to SWINGTOWN next Thursday, what parent’s Susan and Bruce must have been smoking to name their kid B.J., and your prediction as to whether or not uptight neighbor Janet Thompson’s marriage is falling apart because she seems a little too attached to her best friend Susan! Yes, you know what I’m talking about!

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  • Melissa

    Ok, so I got to watch this up until the point where they went into the Decker’s party… I live in Oklahoma and it is tornado season! So every weatherman was all over our local channels. But that being said, I am going to finish watching it on the internet after I leave work. I liked what I saw, but from the summaries I have read today I missed all the exciting stuff!!! I found myself singing along to all the songs! So I can’t say that I will definitely be watching it all summer yet, but I will definitely be watching a few more episodes before I make up my mind!

    Oh and I also think that the CBS execs put it on in the summer because they know that we have nothing else to watch, so they probably think that it will do better! but that is just my opinion!

  • TJ

    As a fan of everything retro, I had planned on catching it at least once. I had no idea the premier was on last night until I flipped channels after another show ended. I’ll definitely watch again.

  • Hil

    I tried it out because Jack Davenport was in it. I probably won’t be tuning in again. I didn’t connect with the characters very much, found the kids annoying, and was also confused with how the main couple so quickly accepted the party. Maybe it was first episode jitters, but already it isn’t as interesting as it might have been.

  • Ratings-wise, it did pretty well, coming in second place to I think basketball. And I like Swingtown. It might not be as subtle or graceful as Mad Men is at telling a story-set-in-the-past-but-is-really-about-now, but I think the pilot showed real promise.

    And I wasn’t surprised when Susan and Bruce rather automatically changed because it was all, well, “new and exciting.” I got the feeling they’re dealing with the challenges of social and economic mobility, which is were the new, richer friends come in: a gap has been created between the Millers and their old neighbors because they’re no longer in the same income bracket. At least that’s what I think.

  • jeremy

    i really liked the Swingtown pilot!
    i was just on some site, and i saw an ad for it for the first time, watched the preview and told myself to go set it to record. I forgot, and then remebered around 20 minutes into the episode. I’m kinda mad i missed the first few mins, but im sure ill find it online somewhere…(if anyone has the link, please post!)

    Anyways, i like the show, probably just because there is NOTHING on…i keep seeing previews for fall shows and im getting so excited!

    do you think this will last its 13 episode order? i hope CBS does not cancel it midway through.
    im returning to swingtown next week forsure!

  • I watched the pilot last night, not bad, keep in mind I watched Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle, so this show isn’t all that far off, but it has a hint of something.

    Will I watch next Thursday? Yeah, I will DVR it and if I have time, I will watch it.

  • ct

    I have to say that I absolutely loved this show. I think people who tuned in expecting a smutfest were probably disappointed, but I really enjoyed the characters… especially Miriam Shor’s uptight Janet. It definitely earned a place on my DVR list.

  • momof3tinyvamps


  • Francesca

    I’d watch Swingtown a lot more-I developed a girl crush on molly parker after Kissed-if it wasn’t pushing leftist politics all the time. I actually cringed last night when the episode ended with the ultimate I am a special victim group song-“I am Woman.” Here’s a little note: swinger tend to be libertarian or conservative.

  • I love,love,love swingtown! I hope they don’t cancel the show. I tune in every week and if I should happen t miss it I watch it online. I am a very picky person who is very hard to please and I absolutely love this show.

  • Carolina

    I’m a ‘child of the 60’s & 70’s…need I say more! Aha! I will. I felt that Swingtown was not only acted well, but handled some tough subjects that are touchy when presenting. I eagerly await the next season of this show with all the same actors…PLEASE! No changes now. When something works don’t fix it! And hell…if Survivor can go on season after season, a show like Swingtown ought to have NO problem doing the same.

  • Carolina

    Additional note that I truly hope the ‘powers that be’ will see. My daughter lives in Wellington, New Zealand. They don’t get Swingtown there. SHE PAYS TO SEE THIS SHOW EVERY WEEK! Hopefully that will help swing (pardon the pun) the producers in the fan’s favor!!

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