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Editor’s Note: Since’s discussion surrounding who should be cast as CAPTAIN AMERICA included so many of our TV favorites, this TV Addict thought he’d cross-post the ‘Casting Call’ on and see what you all think.

With the announcement that a CAPTAIN AMERICA film is coming our way, and that Marvel has already a compiled a list of actors it wants to potentially play the star-spangled superhero (with Matthew McConaughey at the top of that list apparently), I decided to sit down with my friend, fellow comic book connoisseur, and co-editor of MONDOmagazine – the online magazine that gave this humble blogger his start – Miles Baker and talk about possible casting choices for the film.

NOTE: At the time this article was written Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige had not yet informed us the McConaughey rumors were false, nor confirmed that the film will be a period piece set in World War II.

REELaddict: So, Matthew McConaughey. I think though he has the physical build, I just see him as too much of a silly rogue who likes taking off his shirt and smoking weed. I don’t think he’s “serious” enough for the role. He always has that ironic glint in his eye in every movie he’s in.

Miles: I would also say that he’s a little old. He’s going to be 40 by the time the film is released and Cap is a young man 25 year old when he is frozen in an iceberg. Also, besides EDtv, has he ever made a good movie? His batting average is pretty low. I heard someone recommend Paul Walker. I’ve never seen a movie with him in it, but I did see him in a swimsuit and he could probably pull it off.

REELaddict: Saw him in a swimsuit, eh? That must have been some weekend you two had. Anyway, physically he’s perfect. For the role I mean. He’s also young and got the blonde hair. The only problem is that this is a guy who would lose an acting contest to Keanu Reeves.

Miles: Woah.

REELaddict: What about Mark Wahlberg? He might be a bit old, but I think he might be a good fit.

Miles: Yeah, he only has a couple years on McConaughey, but I’d prefer him. He has a better build, also a slightly better batting average.

REELaddict: As long as he doesn’t end the Cap movie they way he did BOOGIE NIGHTS. Some people on the net have been throwing TV actors in the mix too. Tahmoh Penikett (Helo on “Battlestar Galactica”), and Brad Beyer from the recently defunct TV show, “Jericho?”

Miles: Those who know me know I love Penikett. His jaw could melt ice. I think the most important thing about Cap is that he’s a veteran. He’s a soldier before he’s anything else. So Penikett might be a good choice. He’s shown he can play military. I could see him with little wings on the side of his head. As for Beyer, I don’t know him, but so far he hasn’t pissed me off. He is also in his late 30s though.

REELaddict: I’m not sure age is such a huge issue though. I mean it’s Hollywood. You can make people younger with special effects or make-up. I mean, late twenty something actors have been playing teenagers for years. What about Scott Speedman or Josh Duhamel?

Miles: Speedman, again, not the best track record showing acting talent. As for Duhamel, he has the bod, but I can’t trust any man who thought that hiding the All Spark in a heavily populated city was a good idea.

REELaddict: It’s too bad he’s already stuck in a franchise, because I think Matt Damon might be a really good choice actually.

Miles: I know you’d like to see Damon, but I just don’t see him in the role, partly because he would not take the role. He’s definitely a good actor and works in an action movie, but I could see him being done with them after BOURNE.

REELaddict: Some people are saying Ryan Reynolds, but even though he’s buff, his body structure is too small. Also, I’d much rather see him as The Flash, which he is apparently wanting to play.

Miles: I’d also rather have Reynolds as the Flash, because his Jason Lee school of acting technique is well suited to that character. But, I do like him, so would be willing to have faith in him

REELaddict: What about Ryan McPartlin, or one of my favorite underappreciated great actors, Neil McDounough?

Miles: Ryan McPartlin may have already bitten the superhero cookie with SUPER CAPERS coming to an empty theatre near you. As for McDounough, the men who agreed to play M. Bison from STREET FIGHTER are always good actors.

REELaddict: Neil McDounough played M.Bison?

Miles: He will. Before him it was Raul Julia who played him the first time. It was his last role. He died during the filmmaking. You’re supposed to have a Masters in this stuff!

REELaddict: What about Eric Dane?

Miles: My problem with Eric Dane is that he was in X-MEN 3, and everyone who was involved in the making of that film should no longer be allowed to make movies ever again. My beloved Captain Picard included.

REELaddict: But this might be his chance to redeem himself. I mean just look at his chiseled face and jaw. If that’s not a Captain America face, I’m not sure what is.

Miles: He ruined Multiple Man for a generation of movie-goers. They’ll never understand Jaime Madrox now. Then again, Ben Foster who played Angel, or Shawn Ashmore who played Iceman…

REELaddict: Ben Foster is a solid actor, I just think he might be a bit too lean and scrawny, even if he bulks up. Also he’s pretty much made a career out of playing psychotics at this point that it’s hard for me to imagine him in anything else. As for Shawn Ashmore, that’s not bad call. He’s young enough, and he’s got the wholesome All-American look (even though he’s from British Columbia). The only thing is he looks almost too young, not like someone who was military trained, but that can be faked. The only issue is the fact that he played a comic book character already. In three films.

Miles: Well, I don’t think they were planning on a Captain America meets Iceman movie anytime soon

REELaddict: All right. So we went through a lot of casting options here. If you had to go with one, who would it be and why?

Miles: Ashmore for Steve Rogers! You?

REELaddict: I think I’m going with Eric Dane.

Miles: Apparently it’s X-Vets for Cap.

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  • hanncoll

    Hmm…Jensen Ackles would make an excellent Captain America.

  • Amy

    Nathan Fillion. Seriously. He’s perfect for the role.

  • mbuzz

    I agree with hanncoll and with Amy, too, actually. They’d both be great. However, Nathan doesn’t look young enough, neither of them are blonds and I’m not entirely sure how well they could pull off a dye-job. Jensen looked sorta froofy with the Jason Teague dye-job in Smallville and the idea of Nathan Fillion as a blond makes me giggle.

    Even so, I would be *very* happy to see Jensen Ackles as Cap. He’s got the All-American look down solid, we know he can pull off military trained, he looks about the right age, he’s got an excellent bod, he’s a pretty good actor, he’s a great leading man and he could definitely pull off an action film. Who knows if he’d go for it, though, and there’s probably a snowball’s chance in hell he’d even be considered for it. It’s nice to dream, though. 🙂

  • Gowan

    Of the ones mentioned, I’d go with Helo. I’d like to see Neil McDonough, but he’s already 42, so a bit long in the tooth for the role no matter what you say about special effects and makeup.

    Fillion isn’t a bad choice, but a) I don’t think he’d do it and b) I cant see him blonde.

  • shanna

    I actually think Paul Walker would be great and they’re a little judgmental on the acting skills. I loved him in Running Scared, which was a bit below the radar for lots of people.

    I agree about Jensen Ackles, although I think some of the older actors can pull it off as well. WenI think of a “captain” picture older so I could deal with a 30-ish Captain America.

    I’d also like to add though, does EVERY comic book have to be made into a film? Some things I enjoy purely in comic book form.

  • As a ardent Supernatural fan, I’m rather ashamed I completely forgot Jensen Ackles. Aside from the hair color, I think he would actually make a great choice. In terms of Fillion though, as much as I love the guy, I frankly want better for him. He deserves better anyway. Not that superheroe movies is slumming, but I’d rather Fillion become famous for what he’s been doing great all along.

    As for Shanna’s point, I think as long as comic book movies keep making the money they do at the box office, you can rest assured that probably every comic book will be turned into a movie in the hopes of getting the next IRON MAN or SPIDER-MAN (as opposed to the next ELEKTRA or CATWOMAN).

  • Common Sense

    Matthew Bomer. No brainer.

  • Hi there.

    Well, according to The Incredible Hulk director, Louis Leterrier, Captain America actually APPEARS in The Incredible Hulk. He let it slip in this interview on G4:

  • Marie

    I’m not a Matthew McConaughey fan in any way. But wanted to reply to the comment about Matthew never making a decent movie. He was good in Reign of Fire where he played a very hardened (and bald!) warrior. Good action/fantasy movie – also starred Christian Bale and Gerard Butler. It’s just laziness I guess that he’s only taking romantic comedies lately.

  • Tarn

    Who says Capt America has to be so blond? He could be light-brown with subtle highlights, that would work (I’d favor Ackles or Penikett – I’ve met both, and they definitely have the physical presence for it!)

    I fear that if they stick too closely to the comic-book image, we could end up with a bleach-job which will look silly – think of Flash Gordon.
    And finding a naturally yellow-blond actor who fits the part might be a stretch (I am afraid I agree with those who think Paul Walker is Keanu-lite. And McDonough is 42, so sadly I think he’s too old).

  • Tarn has a point. If the majority of us could come to accept a non-black haired James Bond, why couldn’t we also accept a non-blond Captain America? In the end I guess it’s about the actor, really, not the hair color.

  • wil

    How bout John Cena as Cap…. he certainly looks the role…

  • Mark

    Being a fan of the Captain America comics, I agree with some earlier posters and think Jensen Ackles would fit the role perfectly. Right age, right looks, a legion of fangirls from Supernatural that would flock to the theatres to support him, and a great actor. What more could Marvel ask for?

  • Judy

    Jensen Ackles.

  • wil

    I still say John Cena…. Cap is 6″2′ 240lbs…. and Cena is 6″1′ 240 lbs….Jensen Ackles???? come on, really? Cena has Cap down pat looks, size, demeanor… if anybody i think it should be him to play Cap…

  • moises

    jensen akles….NO,jared padalecki…YES,tahmoh penikett…YESjohn cena…NO!!!!! anybody near forty years old NO!!!!! leonardo dicaprio is someone marvel is intrested in must have been impressed with his performance in blood diamond of all the actors around the shield i would pick josh.

  • moises

    not josh i meant tahmoh

  • Sam

    Jensen Ackels would be perfect for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America. He has that tough guy appeal, and the voice for it. He has the face, and maybe can bring a little bit of comic appeal to it. Some people said he looks like a kid, but I still think he can do it. Leonardo DiCaprio I think is just not right for it.

  • Luke

    Okay I have some stuff I would like to say: Leonardo DiCapio would NOT make a good Captain America.

    Captain America——They need to get Jensen Ackles for the Catpain. He’s tough, he has great humor, an American acsent, about the right age, and has the face of a hero. Jensen Ackles is also great in Supernatural, and he can be great in Captain America. People just need to give him a chance. Viggo Mortensen for Red Skull. He is also a tough guy, great actor, and would be a great villain.

    Thor——-I have no idea who could be Thor, but I think the villain needs to be Loki. Loki should be played by Mathew Marsden. He has that personality, that could make him a trickster and a villain.

    Iron Man 2——Chow Yun Fat should be the Mandarin. He’s a great actor. He is tough. He was awesome in Pirates. He would make the perfect villain. Also keep all the cast fom the last movie.

    So that’s my cast for Thor and Captain America. Here is my whole cast from Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2, and Avengers.

    Steve Rogers/Captain America- Jensen Ackles
    Red Skull- Viggo Mortensen

    Thor- I don’t know
    Loki- Mathew Marsden

    Tony Stark/Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr.
    Jim Rhodes/War Machine- Terrence Howard
    Pepper Potts- Gwenith Paltrow
    The Mandarin- Chow Yun Fat

    Nick Fury- Samuel L. Jackson

    Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk- Ed Nortan
    Betty Ross- Liv Tyler

  • Carl

    Jared Padalecki would be perfect for Captain America.

  • Captain America

    i think Mark Wahlberg would be a good Steve Rogers and Captain America, plus he has acted with Edward Norton before so i think he would be a good choice for Cap

  • Keith Thomas

    Being a fan of Supernatural also, I was a little ashamed I didn’t think of Jensen for the part. Damn. Y’know, he actually could pull it off. As for “sausage fingers” John Cena: since when did looking like you injected yourself with a 55 gallon drum of HGH make you Captain America material? Please…

  • LEEE777


    we don’t need no B movie/tv star like Ackles for the role! JASON LEWIS is the way to go! You can just believe him as CAPTAIN AMERICA! ; )

  • Sarah

    I think Jensen Ackles would be perfect for the role.
    Many people write him off just because he’s on the small screen, but he’s an incredible actor (with an equally incredible body) and since when does being in movies make you better or more talented? Jensen could act circles around Matthew-and he doesn’t have to rip off his shirt to do so.
    I believe it would be wonderful to have a fresh face attached to such an iconic and beloved character instead of cheapening it with some over-exposed Hollywood sweetheart.

  • Kurt

    Give me a break. Since when did “having an incredible body” make you a great actor….remember Superman Returns and Brandon Routh??

    Listen guys, you gotta at least get someone that has some big screen, leading man experience. Otherwise, we end up with some WB idoit leading a group of Avenger A List actors (Robert Downy Jr, Ed Norton, Samuel Jackon, and Scarlet Johansson) into battle.

    C’mon, really??

  • LEEE777

    Sarah @ Screw Tackles lol, Jensen Ackles cant stand next to actors like RDJ, SLJ, NORTON, im with KURT here! Ackles coulds play a decent HAWKEYE but NO to CAP! Too big a role for that over acting i love myself too much actor! ; D

    I got another name BOYS ‘N’ GALS = SAM WORTHINGTON!!! (From TERMINATOR SALVATION, next to be in AVATAR and CLASH OF THE TITANS), Hot property which i think MARVEL could be looking for!!

    So JASON LEWIS if they want a UNKNOWN!


    And Ackles for HAWKEYE, no way is he CAP, if he gets it, he’ll sink the franchise before its begun! ; )

  • lolo

    Jensen Ackles of course!!!
    He’s just perfect!!!

  • Yarb

    As much as I like Jenses Ackles as an actor, I think Mark Valley would be a better choice.

  • ironman

    man forget all yall, JENSEN ACKLES IS PERFECT

  • Julie

    Jensen Ackles. Period.

  • JJ

    Jensen Ackles for CAP! And i could see Jared Padalecki as The Flash. Not as CAP! But hey, i love them both, they are waaaaay underestimated actors. And deserve more attention!

  • tim

    jensen ackels noooooo, please, i cant stand his overly-exaggerated acting!!!!

  • Jensen Ackles is absolutely perfect in every way. He’s a great actor, and he’s being underestimated. I think he could really carry this role well. Whoever said a freshfaced actor was needed was totally right. For those who say he is a B grade actor, no offence but half the other actors mentioned here, though on the big screen, are in no way better actors- I mean Mcconaughey? Seriously? Plus Jensen’s tall (6’1″, so about 6’2″ with shoes), incredibly handsome, chiselled features, and a drool-worthy body. He’s beautiful and I say he should be given a chance.

  • Mel

    Please no not Jensen Ackles, he is a terrible actor, rates himself far to much and it shows. He is okay on his show but he plays the same character in everything. No range. Sam Worthington would be a better choice. Nearly anyone else would be a better choice.