ABC Gets its End of Year Report Card

Good Moves: By agreeing to a specific 48 episode end date, ABC gave LOSTerminds Lindeloff and Cuse the finality they needed to deliver the best season of LOST to date. The alphabet network also scores points for showing surprising patience [and good taste] by renewing freshman fan favorites PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY and ELI STONE. Not to mentions this TV Addict’s eternal gratitude for renewing SCRUBS for what will hopefully be one helluva final send off.

Bad Moves: The same can’t be said for the Judy Greer vehicle MISS/GUIDED, which unfortunately has the distinction of joining this TV Addict’s ever expanding shelf of brilliant-but-cancelled TV series. PRIVATE PRACTICE was sadly no GREY’S ANATOMY. While DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES five year fast forward could either be the best thing to happen to Wisteria Lane since the arrival of Dana Delany, or the biggest shark jump since Cousin Oliver. Stay Tuned.

Prognosis for the Coming Season: Thanks to a resurgent GREY’S ANATOMY, the addictive as ever BROTHERS & SISTERS and the ratings powerhouse that is DANCING WITH THE STARS, ABC is heading into the fall season with quite possibly the strongest slate of shows since the WB’s heyday.

Grade: A-

Check back tomorrow when NBC gets their end of season report card

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  • Common Sense

    Lest anyone think you’re blowing smoke with that reference to The WB’s heyday, here is the Frog’s 2000 slate of all first-run series:

    – 7th Heaven & Roswell
    – Buffy & Angel
    – Dawson’s Creek & Felicity
    – Gilmore Girls & Charmed
    – Sabrina, Grosse Pointe, & Popular
    – Jamie Foxx, For Your Love, Steve Harvey, The P.J.s

    Note to The CW execs: THIS is how you program a successful network.

  • Linda B.

    I still miss Felicity 🙁

  • Jeffrey Bryan

    Common Sense… you just made me cry a little inside for all the shows that are no more.

  • Josh Emerson

    I would consider ABC my #2 network. They get big points for the amazingness of Pushing Daisies and the pick-up of Scrubs, not to mention the resurgence of both Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. But Brothers & Sisters is in the air, ready to “jump the shark” anytime now and Ugly Betty is starting to suffer too.

  • While this season’s B&S was a tad uneven for my liking I’m chalking UGLY BETTY’s ugliness to the traditional sophomore slump [see: HEROES]. Thus in my books, BETTY gets one more season to prove itself.

  • shanna

    I agree with everything in this post. Where ABC has excelled above other networks is prudence when it comes to canceling/renewing shows. Though there are some missteps (Miss/Guided) there were far more strides (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone). Though I don’t watch all these shows, I know they’re liked and well-received by critics.

    I can’t even imagine NBC’s report card, EPIC FAIL!

  • The Good:
    – A surprisingly excellent s4 of Lost after an uneven & disappointing s3.
    – A fun, pleasant s2 of Men In Trees, one of the best returning show of 2007/2008.
    – The overall best season of Boston Legal yet with one of the most surprisingly successful cast shake-ups since Stargate SG-1 s9 or The Practice s8.
    – ABC renewing (albeit reluctantly) Boston Legal for one more season this fall. After next year, I will miss Alan’s long, eloquent, thought-provoking closing arguments and his balcony conversations with “Mad Cow”-afflicted Denny Crane.
    – The rescue of Scrubs, which the ex-must-see network (NBC) apparently grew tired of.

    The Bad:
    – First and foremost, the abusive scheduling and eventual cancellation of Men In Trees.
    – The overly-prolonged and very fake-feeling presidential campaign of Robert McCallister on Brothers & Sisters
    – The robbing of Rebecca’s relation to the Walkers on Brothers & Sisters.
    – The sophomore slump of Ugly Betty, particularly the repetitive nature of Daniel’s partying, Wilhelmina’s evil deeds, and Betty & Henry’s on-again/off-again romance.
    – The increasingly annoying characters and over-written dialogue of Grey’s Anatomy.
    – The generally disappointing Private Practice.
    – The morbid gimmick, gaudy color palette, unappealing plotlines, and drastically annoying voiceover narration of Pushing Daisies.

  • Sheindie

    I miss Everwood …the WB had a terrific slate ie Roswell and Felicity and the others mentioned