Good News, Bad News: Hulu, DIRT & SWINGTOWN

Good News: Hulu announced the addition of Comedy Central’s THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART and THE COLBERT REPORT to their digital library. Bad News: I still can’t take Hulu episodes on a plane, train or automobile. Not to mention watch them outside of the US. [Source]

Good News: 20th Century FOX has been quietly working on a pilot based on the Canadian hit series LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRARIE. Bad News: The last show that featured a Muslim protagonist — ALIENS IN AMERICA — was quietly cancelled when nobody bothered to watch. [Source]

Good News: We’re that much closer to a FRIENDS Reunion. Bad News: Because FX cancelled Courtney Cox’s pet project DIRT. [Source]

Good News: SWINGTOWN just received the endorsement of a lifetime, albeit from an incredibly unlikely source. Bad News: The Parent’s Television Council never learns. I mean who isn’t tuning into SWINGTOWN after PTC President Tim Winter calls it “one of the most sexually indulgent programs we’ve seen on broadcast television in a long time.” [Source]

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