If Television Studios Were Smart…

… They would stop waiting so long to release TV seasons on DVD. 

Take this week’s releases for example. Both MY BOYS and ARMY WIVES release their first seasons on DVD today. Which means, if you were among the many, including theTVaddict.com reader Alyssa who recently commented, “I set a recording for season 2 of ARMY WIVES based on good reviews but need to catch up on the first season DVD first.” You’ve got A LOT of watching to do!

Am I the only TV Addict who would like to see studios give fans a good two to three weekshost at we all have a chance to catch up on the previous season we missed? Not everybody has a DVR/PVR/TIVO with the ability to record an entire season while they watch their just purchased DVD box set. Or the time to watch 5.5 hours of MY BOYS before Thursday’s premiere.

Who’s with me?

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  • Josh Emerson

    Yes! I don’t understand why they refuse to release the DVD sets over the summer, when many people would actually have time to check out some shows before their fall premieres. When September comes, I’m not going to have time to watch any TV on DVD. The fall TV season will take up any TV viewing time I actually have.

  • I AM!

    I am a big Moonlight/30 Rock fanatic!


  • Just Jody

    I totally agree! I’ve complained about this for some time… especially when I only had 2 weeks to watch BSG season 3!

    Also, any idea what happened to TBS in Canada?? I’ve been trying to set the PVR for My Boys, but no luck! What’s up? Anywhere else we can watch it?

  • Just Jody,

    At least in Toronto, TBS seems to be re-branded PeachTree TV!?! No idea why. But it’s still on Channel 47 on Rogers. Not sure what channels you get up in Ottawa though! Oops, was I supposed to reveal your secret location?

  • Ally

    The reason they do that is so the series will be fresh in people’s minds. When the box set is sitting on the shelf under “New Releases” it’s pretty much free advertising for the show.

  • Agree with you there Ally, but I also think the show would be fresh on my mind after I spent two weeks watching the last season getting ready for the new one!

  • Ally

    Yeah but casual viewers aren’t likely to buy the DVDs, but they are likely to see the cases and tune in to the next season if its fresh in their minds.

  • shanna

    I”m with the TvA. It makes more sense to release them at least a month or so before the new season starts so you can watch them and the networks can go “oh yeah and it’s coming back soon!” And with shows that don’t rerun over the summer the DVDs need to be out sooner.

  • Just Jody

    TVA – Thanks. We have Peachtree on 47 now too… but there’s no My Boys on Peachtree! That and the Dawson’s Creek re-runs were the only thing I watched on TBS, and this Peachtree isn’t airing either of them. This is just not an acceptable substitute! Please let me know if you happen to find My Boys on Can. cable. Thanks.