Remember the good old days. Or as Rachel Green used to call them, “the times of yore.” That magical time when you had to record your favorite shows on a crazy contraption called a VCR? Simpler times, before DVDs, illegal downloads, youtube, BitTorrent and iTunes. When the only way you could catch up on the shows you missed was to watch them during the summer rerun season.

Well FOX is bringing reruns back. Or to be more specific, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. With a mini-marathon of the fantastic first season running this August 10-24. So don’t forget to set your new-fangled PVR to record on the following days:

Sunday, Aug. 10: “Pilot”
Monday, Aug. 11: “Gnothi Seauton”
Tuesday, Aug. 12: “The Turk”
Wednesday, Aug. 13: “Heavy Metal”
Sunday, Aug. 17: “Queen’s Gambit”
Monday, Aug. 18: “Dungeons and Dragons”
Tuesday, Aug. 19: “The Demon Hand”
Wednesday, Aug. 20: “Vick’s Chip”
Sunday, Aug. 24: “What He Beheld”

Thanks to TVGuide for the Tip and Matt (What happened to the Webb?) Mitovitch for the handy schedule!

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