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Needless to say, when this TV Addict first introduced ASK THE ADDICT last Wednesday, I quite honestly had no idea so many readers were too lazy to type a question into google had so many great questions. So without further ado, I present the inaugural edition of ASK THE ADDICT.

Question: Holy rip off Batman? Paging Michael Ausiello’s lawyer! — Jenn

The TV Addict: This may come as a shock to the numerous Ausholes [Fans of Ausiello] who emailed. But Michael Ausiello did not invent the ‘Ask [insert name here]’ format. In fact, after hours of tedious research*, this TV Addict discovered that advice columns have a long history in journalism, reaching back to the “letters to the lovelorn” that appeared in eighteenth-century magazine and newspapers.

* Hours of tedious research is actually code for the first thing that came up in a Google search query.

Question: Do you happen to know when SUPERNATURAL is going to start filming again? — Shannon

The TV Addict: According to my mole at the CW, SUPERNATURAL will be returning sometime in July. And although a specific date has not been announced, I can reveal that SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE will both be returning to this July’s San Diego Comic Convention. Yet unlike previous years, both shows are tentatively scheduled to have their panels on the Sunday rather than the traditional Saturday. So plan your trip accordingly, as it undoubtedly be a shame to travel all the way to San Diego only to discover you won’t be seeing your favorite Winchester Brothers up close and personal. But not too personal. Like a trip to the zoo, a good rule of thumb when it comes to encountering real-life celebrities in the wild is look but don’t touch.

Question: I miss EVERWOOD. Do Gregory Smith [Ehpram] or Stephanie Niznik [Nina] have any new projects lined up? — Charles

The TV Addict: What’s this you say, EVERWOOD has been cancelled? Memo to all current and future readers of ASK THE ADDICT. Call me crazy, in denial, or trapped alongside the mysterious LOST island in that unexplained vortex between time and space. But in TV Addict land, my favorite television shows are never cancelled. EVERWOOD, VERONICA MARS, GILMORE GIRLS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, GROSSE POINT, KIDNAPPED, I prefer to think of them on an extended hiatus. They’ll be back… really… they’ll all be back.

That said, Gregory, or Greg as he now likes to be referred to will next be seen on CBC’s [the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations] miniseries GUNS. And rest assured, I’ll be working hard to line up an interview with Mr. Smith to help promote the series that my Canadian tax dollars paid for.

Stephanie Niznik followed up the disappointment that was the CW’s short lived LIFE IS WILD, or as I like to call it, ‘they cancelled VERONICA MARS for that!’ with a guest spot on CSI: MIAMI.

Question: After watching the ONE TREE HILL finale I can’t help but wonder, did I miss something? Am I supposed to believe that Brooke would actually get that phone call from Lucas? Because I watched the whole season and didn’t see any clues that hinted that the writers re-booting Brooke and Lucas 3.0 — Kelly

The TV Addict: Rest assured Kelly, you didn’t miss anything. I too was completely blindsided by the finale and really believe that Brooke was just thrown into the mix to ensure our jaws dropped that extra little bit during the episode’s surprising final moments.

Of course, my TV compadre Couch Tater, or C.T. as he’s known around these parts disagrees and asked me to pass along this verbal smack-down to you, “Kelly, were you watching the same show I was? Maybe its that I’ve never been a big fan of Peyton and Lucas, but I thought OTH did a great job of dropping little hints that maybe, just maybe, he and Brooke would hook up again. Remember when Lucas fell asleep with the baby on his chest while Brooke worked her designs? I couldn’t help thinking that they looked like a happy little family. And let’s face: Given their self-destructive nature, it would make perfect sense for them to fly off to Vegas, get drunk and come home married! I only hope that if that’s how it goes, once they get back to Tree Hill, Owen shows up to say, “I was wrong… I want you back Brooke!” Frankly, from a storytelling point of view, Lucas calling Brooke is the most interesting option.”

The TV Addict: And yes Kelly, I know what your thinking. Couch Tater takes his ONE TREE HILL a little too seriously!. I mean geeeez, it’s just a TV show. (But that’s why we love him!)

Question: Why is the beloved Keri Russell not on my TV screen on a weekly basis? (CW, are you listening?)  — Common Sense

The TV Addict: Because I’m not her agent! If I was, I’d definitely have her back on my flat-screen each and every week rather than continuing to disappoint with movies like AUGUST RUSH and WAITRESS.

Question: Can you find out if The Sci Fi Channel or Direct TV are really considering picking up Moonlight or whether we are wasting our time? Thanks =). — Allie

The TV Addict: While nothing’s official and both networks failed to comment, this TV Addict’s take is that MOONLIGHT is as dead as Misha Barton’s career.

Question: Okay, If I’m going to take this column seriously, I’m going to need at least one nugget of actual scoop? — Mary

The TV Addict: Fair enough, how’s this. A DEGRASSI cast member who recently landed a high profile pilot has just had his or her role recast because he/she was deemed to be too old to play ‘high school’. And in all seriousness, this TV Addict’s heart goes out to him or her, because being recast for lack of a better word stinks.

Question: I read a while back that SOAPnet was going to start showing THE EDGE OF NIGHT reruns. That was my favorite show ever… any chance this is true? — Jordan
The TV Addict: There’s good news and bad news, Jordan. First, the bad: Don’t expect SOAPnet to start showing the classic sudser anytime soon, especially since the network seems to be focusing a lot more attention on original programming such as the GENERAL HOSPITAL spin-off NIGHT SHIFT, which returns to the airwaves in June. But as promised, there’s also good news: If you head over to and look on the P&G Classic Soaps channel, you’ll find episodes of EDGE. (For those not in the know, EDGE ran from 1956 utnil 1984, first on CBS and later on ABC, and was known for its tendency to eschew traditional soap plots in favor of crime-centric ones. Under long-time headwriter Henry Sleasar, the show became extremely popular among fans of well-plotted murder mysteries.) The site posts two or three episodes each week. The storylines featured in the most recently posted eps revolve around Draper’s amnesia, Raven fighting dirty for custody of the son she sees as a major payday and the introduction of Nicole’s sister, Jodi (played by none other than future FULL HOUSE star Lori Loughlin).

Question: I’m going throught slight TV withdrawal with the end of the ‘regular’ television season and I need your help. What are some great shows to tide me over this summer? — Marisa

The TV Addict: Marisa, Never fear cable’s here! [Honestly, with slogans like that, how am I not on some network’s marketing payroll?] That said, your wish, well really question is my command. Four summer shows to get you through rerun/reality TV hell.

1. MAD MEN [Returns to AMC on Sunday, July 27 @ 10PM ]
This TV Addict is mad about MAD MEN. Seriously, I cannot help myself with these slogans, it’s as if they write themselves!

2. WEEDS [Returns to Showtime on June June 16 @ 10 PM]
This TV Addict is Mad…. okay, I’ll stop. But really, thanks to a new locale [the fictional beach town of Ren Mar on the US/Mexico border], new romances [Silas scores a MILF, ED/LOST actress Julie Bowen] and the hilariousness of the anti-GILMORE mother/daughter duo Celia [Elizabeth Perkins] and Isabelle Hodes [Allie Grant], this TV Addict could not be more excited for WEEDS to return. Which reminds me. Be sure to check back later this week for my first look at the new season’s first two hilarious episodes.

3. SWINGTOWN [Premiered June 5, airs Thursday @ 10PM on CBS]
The Parent’s Television Council just gave it a glowing review, with President Tim Winter calling it “one of the most sexually indulgent programs we’ve seen on broadcast television in a long time.”

4. CAMP ROCK [Premieres June 20 @ 8 PM Disney Channel]

Well that’s it for the first ever edition of ASK THE ADDICT. Thanks to everybody who took the time to ask a question. Got one of your own? Feel free to email

Now before I go, a question for you.

Question: What shows are you counting on to help get you through the dark days of summer rerun/reality TV hell?

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  • Allie

    I hated your column! Just kidding, although I didn’t like your Moonlight answer :`(

    What is going to help me survive? Burn Notice, The Closer, Mad Men, Army Wives & My Boys on tv, plus my trusty Friends dvds which are surely going to have to be replaced soon given how many times I’ve watched them! I’m also watching Six Feet Under which I haven’t seen before and a friend recommended.

  • Common Sense

    Wow, if Shanae Grimes is the person “re-cast,” that *would* be big news. Other than the fact that she may be the least “dynamic” actor brought to 90210 thus far.

    And I have to agree with CT….Lucas calling Brooke *would* be the most interesting choice of those three girls, plot-wise. It’s unexpected, forces us to watch poor Sophia in more scenes with her leacherous ex, and essentially breaks two other hearts. Good TV.

  • TVFan

    Congratulations on your fantastic first edition of Ask the Addict (although it would be nice to see some scoop that doesn’t involve a Degrassi star!) A few more weeks of this and I’ll definitely be saying Ausiello Who?

  • Patty

    3 Seasons on Veronica Mars on DVD

  • Jackie

    My summer TV salvation, why cable of course:

    “In Plain Sight”, “Monk”, and” Psych” on USA, “Mad Men” on AMC, “30 Days” on FX, “Doctor Who” on Sci Fi, “The Venture Brothers” on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and others I can’t recall at the moment. And my trusty DVD library, naturally, because no matter how many times I re-watch “Firefly”, “Wonderfalls”, “Arrested Development”, and “Dead Like Me” they are all still made of awesome and cancelled before their time. Oh! And “Battlestar Galactica” becuase it gets better with every viewing.

  • Bobby Brown

    Again I will ask, where is Joel McHale’s pilot that was supposed to debut in the spring?

  • ami

    keep the supernatural stuff coming and you will be guaranteed a million hits. SN fans are nothing but loyal. Interviews, pics just anything in general! thanks for the comic con info, we had just all been talking about that.

  • shannon

    thanks for answering my supernatural question!

    im gonna watch psych and perhaps in plain sight if i ever catch it

  • Hey! Don’t go dissing “Waitress.” Keri Russel AND Capt. Tightpants plus the deranged Billy Chenowith? Great cast, cute story.

  • Tim G. Keri Russel was cute, the movie I’m sorry to say was such a bore.

  • Lauren

    Wait, so– are they for SURE going to be at Sunday and not Saturday? I’m totally up for buying a ticket, I just have to make sure I’m going the right day!

  • Lauren,

    SUPERNATURAL being on Sunday is what I’ve been told. But when it comes to Comic Con, every panel is tentative and nothing is for sure.

  • The Closer, So You Think You can Dance, Stargate: Atlantis, Eureka and currently Doctor Who. Right now, summer is looking pretty good. (Oh and Heroes Webisodes in July are going to be hot, hot, hot)

  • Alyssa

    So You Think You Can Dance, Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, Mad Men, and My Boys! Also watching shows I haven’t seen on DVD like The Shield and Greek.

  • Ally

    Waitress was a fantastic movie. Well written, well acted, well directed. I guess thats why you aren’t called the movie addict.

  • It’s funny, while some want Keri Russell back on the small screen, if she keeps on making movies like WAITRESS (I am rather taken aback that anybody, say a certain fellow addict, would find that film boring), I wouldn’t want her anywhere else but in my local multiplex. On the screen that is. Though having her sitting next to me wouldn’t be so bad either.

  • shanna

    WAITRESS was fantastic. I cried. Plus, it’s so sad to know that the director /co-star/writer of the film was killed shortly after it was made.

    But I digress. Good first column. I will be watching Weeds, The Closer, My Boys, Army Wives, Psych, In Plain Sight, Project Runway and Sear Genius to get through the summer which is a huge downgrade in terms of actual hours of television. I’ll be missing The 4400 though!

  • Uh oh, war of the addicts!


  • Elizabeth

    Army Wives (I wouldn’t watch it during the regular season though), Kathy Griffin, My Boys, SYTYCD, Project Runway, The Next Food Network Star, and multiple tv dvds, including ALIAS, Pride and Prejudice, The West Wing, Arrested Development, and The Tudors.

    If it wasn’t already obvious I am an unemployed student without a boyfriend.

  • Diana

    My Boys & Army Wives… and catching up on all those shows that I never have time to watch….

  • Iko

    Yeah, don’t forget about “Burn Notice” for the summer, that show is made of awesome. Also, you’re INFINITELY better than Ausiello, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just don’t start writing lame ***** quotes and other crap like that.

  • Pyggme

    Thx for the column, I’m glad I didn’t hear anything about Smurfs or Snapples 😉

    Pls, not Brooke and Lucas again – I can not stand to watch anymore fights between Peyton and Brooke over selfish and obsessive Lucas.

    My summer is saved by So You Think You Can Dance, Euro 2008 (soccer!) and things I’ve saved for the summer, like The Black Donnellys, My Boys, FNL and Heroes season 1.

  • Firstly Iko… while it’s by no means a competition, thanks for the kind words. I promise to never offer up a classic asterisk quiz! But that’s pretty much because JJ Abrams, Josh Schwartz, Josh Friedman, Roberto Orci, Greg Berlanti and Mark Schwan don’t return my calls! 🙂

    Also, to that other ADDICT…. we each have our own opinions with regards to WAITRESS. Mine just happens to be right. Rest assured we’ll be fighting this out in a steel cage at date to be announced.

  • Linda B.

    Another positive vote for Waitress (sorry TVa).

    I think the only show I’ll be catching this summer is Eureka.
    TVa – is Big Love coming back this summer, or is it slated for fall?
    Am also watching the Discovery mini-series When We Left Earth.

  • In the summer I’m gonna be watching Mad Men, Weeds, and SYTYCD…

    As for old shows, I’m watching the first (and only) season of Freaks and Geeks, and Sex and the CIty.

  • Bring on the cage! Sorry, TV Addict, but I respectfully disagee with your take on Waitress. It was a brilliant piece of film making. My Keri rocked, as did Andy Griffith, Capt. Tight Pants and the rest of the cast.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I have a question. Is the second half of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica going to air in 2009? Has this ever been confirmed by TPTB? Or is it just an assumption?

  • Linda B.

    I think that’s what i read.

  • SimplyKimberly

    While SCI FI has yet to confirm anything, SPACE, the network that airs BSG in Canada touted Friday’s finale as the final episode until 2009.

  • tim wilkins

    I like this. Good job TV Addict. I was wondering “How about a guess the Emmy nominees?’ this summer. lol I don’t have cable. There’s nothing I want to see on regular tv besides my soaps. lol U get the picture. Just read about Katherine Hiegl taking herself out of the running due to “non Emmy worthy material.” Something like that. I agree. She didn’t have that great Denny death scene equivalent this year. What’s ur take? =)

  • SimplyKimberly

    Thanks for the answer. My fragile hope was that this was just an assumption and not the real plan. I guess I will start the mourning process now that this Friday’s episode is the last we see of BSG until next year.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for answering my question but i completely disagree with CT. Lucas picking Brooke would not be that interesting because it would be like watching the first 3 seasons of the show again. The whole purpose of the 4 year jump was to develop new and better story lines and reliving the whole Lucas/Brooke plot would not be interesting, it would be Lucas choosing the wrong decision again. If you could pass that on to CT that would be great.

  • Pam

    The Degrassi cast member being recasted… Lauren Collins by any chance? Then again, you used the term ‘high profile” and I think 90210 (with Shenae Grimes) is a little more high profile than Rita Rocks…in my opinion…or maybe you’re just trying to trick us. 🙂

  • I can’t wait for Burn Notice this summer – the cast is so frakking awesome that I just can’t wait. My Boys is on the list, for sure, and of course SYTYCD!!!

    Loving this Ask the Addict! Keep them coming 🙂

  • Mel

    I like ‘Ask the Addict’ — but you have to come up with a name for us, your loyal readers, ‘Addicticons”? “Addictiers”?

    I have a question for next edition–
    Upfronts are all over with –the networks have made their decisions about which shows we get to watch — tell me — are any notable series regulars playing hard to get and not yet signed on the dotted line for next season?

  • Jamie Page

    Definately looking forward to Big Brother 10! That has been my summer addiction since the 1st season. Also, My Life on the D List,, Army Wives, Friday Night Lights, Shear Genious and Runway. I also have DVD seasons to catch up on from Netflix. I dont have HBO so I am waiting to see Weeds and Entourage and the rest of Friday Night Lights I havent seen yet.

  • shannon

    hey im posting yet again just to say that i really like this column, even if you don’t have the moles ausiello or friggin kristin on e! apparently do. you actually answered my supernatural question, so thats something you have other those 2!

    as for OTH…brooke and lucas. ugh. i just dont want it to happen because of brooke and peyton. i really really really love their friendship and i dont want it jeopardized in any way.

  • Tarn

    Mel: – ‘junkies’?
    Kidding! Well, unless people think it’s funny, in which case, totally not kidding…. 😉

  • Mel

    I think ‘Junkies’ is hysterical!! I vote for that!! LOL!!

  • A-w

    Doesn’t anybody watchs EUREKA here??
    That’s what Im looking forward this Summer, and of course the GREEK episodes I missed..

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