Get Ready For a Shocking BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Death

While this is by no means a sure thing, numerous behind-the-scenes rumblings are leading this TV Addict to believe that we’re going to be seeing a major character death on Friday’s final BATTLESTAR GALACTICA of 2008. To discover who may-or-may-not be long for this world,


Final Five Cylon Tory, we hardley knew ya! Of course if by chance I happen to be wrong, keep in mind this famous quote from THE SIMPSONS, “Well, folks, when you’re right 52% of the time, you’re wrong 48% of the time.”

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  • Linda B.

    You know sometimes TVa I really hate you. You know I have no willpower when it comes to spoilers! Of course I was going to click on the ‘Read the rest of this entry’ link.

    Please, if you find out the identity of the final cylon, don’t do another post like this. I doubt I’ll be able to not look at it!

  • Unfortunately I know this picture well, so I figured out before reading ‘the rest of this entry’.

  • paketep

    Yeah, the first picture, pixelated as it is, is enough to know who it is for anyone watching the series.

    So, thanks, TVA, for (possibly) spoiling Friday for us!

    Next time, please, put the pixelated picture AFTER the ‘read the rest of the entry’.

    As a matter of fact, just title it “BSG spoilers” and say nothing. I don’t even want to know that someone is dying this Friday!!!.

    I *SO* hope your sources are wrong.

  • gadz and paketep.

    Just to clarify, I have absolutely no ‘insider’ knowledge! It’s just a prediction I’m making based on a feeling.

  • A prediction… Good to know!

  • EKI

    If it is about predictions, I would have my own candidates:

    a) Gaeta
    b) Gaius Baltar (he was in pretty bad shape)
    c) Adama Sr (the dying leader needs to be focused and determined to find earth, and old man’s death would make her bound with Starbuck)
    d) Athena (resurrection ship is destroyed, Grace Park would still be returning, and Helo will finally confront Laura)

    Come on, you said “major character”!

    Who the frak is that girl on the picture?

  • Tory, eh? That would be too bad for Rekha Sharma. I like her immensely, but can’t say I wouldn’t be relieved to see that it was Tory and not some other major character.

    For a prediction based on a feeling, that’s one evil title you got there. 😛

    Roll on Friday.

  • Between bedding Baltar and offing Cally I find it difficult not to classify Tory as major character this season!

  • In Cali

    Hey, I hate to break it to you, but I saw the finale of BSG last night at the LAT screening and she doesn’t die! Hate to break it to you.

  • “Well, folks, when you’re right 52% of the time, you’re wrong 48% of the time.” Thanks for the heads up In Cali!

  • EKI

    So, it’s tonights episode!!!

    Let’s vote a) Race and b) character and, if possible, argument why.

    I say it is a Cylon that dies, because even though one of the 6’s is dead because she was quite far from the resurrection ship, now that it is destroyed, it is the right moment to show the consequences of cylons dying.

    Although Leoben has a lot of dying potential (I don’t think he has anything else to say in this show) and the revelation and death of the Fifth Final would be an AWESOME cliffhanger, I would have to stay true to my previous comment and say it will be Athena.

  • Debsa

    Wrong as usual…