NBC Gets its End of Year Report Card

Good Moves:
Quirky newcomers CHUCK and LIFE were given another shot to find a fan-base thanks to second season pick ups, THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK continued to live up to the marketing mantra ‘Comedy Night Done Right,’ while FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS successfully managed to shake off its rocky start by ending off its strike shortened season on a high note.

Bad Moves: Where to start? Subjecting audiences to another season of ‘The Donald’ on THE APPRENTICE: ‘CELEBRITY’ Edition? Or ruining childhood memories by butchering the two-hour KNIGHT RIDER tele-film? How about canceling JOURNEYMAN, easily the Peacock’s most interesting new drama of the season. Or spending all summer focusing on marketing their breakout smash HEROES, all the while forgetting to read scripts to ensure the show didn’t crash and burn creatively [it did!]. Adding insult to injury, with BIONIC WOMAN the network managed to do the impossible, turn off horny teenage boys from the hotness of a Michelle Ryan vs. Katee Sackhoff girl-fight. 

Prognosis for the Coming Season: KATH & KIM looks like a hit thanks to the fact that we’d watch SNL alum Molly Shannon read the phone book and the combination of Christian Slater plus KIDNAPPED creator Jason Smilovic already has us reaching for our remote to “Season’s Pass” MY OWN WORST ENEMY.

Last Season’s Grade: C-

Check back tomorrow when the CW gets their end of season report card

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  • Josh Emerson

    Wow, a C-? I’m probably biased because of my love for 30 Rock and The Office, but NBC remains my favorite network along with ABC. Chuck is awesome, definitely the best new show besides Pushing Daisies, and like I said, any network that airs 30 Rock and The Office automatically gets at least a B+ from me. And I didn’t hate Heroes’ Season 2!

    I know it’s not ’til tomorrow, but the CW is a network that truly deserves a C-. lol

  • annsensei

    the only prime time show I watch on NBC is heroes, and that didn’t even come back post-strike. I did catch the last couple episodes of chuck, which has some potential. overall, though, I think the C- is pretty generous!!! it was a MISERABLE season!!! I’d give it a D.

  • shanna

    I’m with you. C- was generous. Heroes did rally in the last few episodes but it was largely a waste of time this season EXCEPT for Milo’s abs. That is never a waste of time. And because I only recently watched the first season of 30 Rock and I don’t watch The Office, NBC gets no reprieve from me.

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