HOME IMPROVEMENT’s Marketing Needs Improvement

home improvement dvdHome improvement is hell. The endless delays, inconveniences, broken contracts and unfinished projects are enough to drive one mad. In fact, I often wonder how my contractor sleeps so soundly at night knowing full well that he’s left me hanging with an incomplete kitchen. Oh wait, the giant bag of money that substitutes as his pillow probably helps! But I digress, because clearly this isn’t thebitterhomeowner.com and I know full well that I’m supposed to be writing about television.

Which is perhaps why I feel so compelled to point out the massive lie currently being perpetrated by one Walt Disney Studios with the release of the eight and final season of HOME IMPROVEMENT on DVD. Notice how Jonathan Taylor Thomas is smiling back alongside the rest of the Taylor family. Well it’s because they’re in on it too.

Did Walt Disney Studios really think we wouldn’t notice? I mean seriously, what HOME IMPROVEMENT fan [and yes, you know you watched the show] doesn’t remember that the artist formerly known as JTT was not actually in the final season of the show [with the exception of one ‘very special episode’] In other words, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. And if you happen to know any good contractors…

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