The CW Gets its End of Season Report Card

Good Moves:
This season, the success of the CW boiled down to four hours. On Monday, GOSSIP GIRL actually lived up to the hype while ONE TREE HILL’s five year fast forward brought this TV Addict back into the fold. On Thursday, SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL continued to deliver with two of their strongest seasons to date.

Bad Moves: Outside of the above four hours, the rest of the CW’s schedule didn’t exactly attract buzz or viewers. FARMER WANTS A WIFE, CROWNED, BEAUTY AND THE GEEK and GIRLICIOUS were all virtually ignored. And sadly, so to was ALIENS IN AMERICA, which joins ABC’s MISS/GUIDED as last season’s best new show that absolutely nobody watched.

Prognosis for the Coming Season: Do you really need to know anything else outside of the fact that America’s Favorite Zip Code is back? If so, the Rina Mimoun [EVERWOOD] modern day ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING titled SURVIVING THE FILTHY RICH looks like the ideal fit for the CW. Plus, spending last season in the ratings basement means there’s no where to go but up!

Last Season’s Grade: B-

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  • paketep

    They should never have cancelled Veronica Mars.

    C- for the CW, and the only thing that saves it is Supernatural.

  • Josh Emerson

    I just can’t agree with you here. I’ve never felt that Gossip Girl lived up to all the hype it receives, and I ended up missing out on Supernatural because of the overload on Thursdays. I plan to catch up on that though.

    One Tree Hill is still pretty good though, and I enjoyed watching Reaper. I’m glad they’re bringing that back. But the new shows look awful. 90210 might turn out to be an alright guilty pleasure like Gossip Girl, but I can’t see any way that Surviving the Filthy Rich won’t be horrible.

  • Simon

    Sorry, did you watch the same season of Smallville that I did? It was atrocious, no wonder all the actors are leaving.

  • DB

    i agreed, they never should’ve cancel the best show on their net – Veronica Mars.
    For all the dumb reality shows the CW have aired this season, most notably, The Pussycat Dolls present Girlicious, I think the B- is waaaaaay too generous.
    Yes, the net did try to do something different with Reaper and Aliens in America, in addition to the strangely addictive Gossip Girl, but all the craps it aired really outweighs the goods.
    C- for this year, but the future looks awfully grim…

  • Mick

    I’m curious. The CW renewed Veronica Mars (against all odds) the first year of existence and paired it with their strongest show, Gilmore Girls. VM lost virtually 80% of GG’s audience and many weeks had a rating of less than 1.0. Trust me, I know; I work for a CW affil. So then, no matter how “great” the show was, and I enjoyed it, too…how can any network be expected to keep a show on the air that has virtually no audience to sell to an advertiser? The actors don’t work for free, and each episode can cost appx. $1-million to produce.

    Can someone tell me how to crunch the numbers to keep non-moneymaking shows on the air? There are a lot of network execs who’d really like to hear it. Can’t you give The CW credit for at least giving VM another season when it didn’t deserve it, ratings-wise?

  • Mel

    Mick — I agree with you — VM got a third season out of the goodness of the CW’s heart.
    Rediculous hype aside — how are the affliates and advertisers really liking GoGi? I keep seeing the word ‘hit’ associated with it and yet its behind SV, SN and OTH in ratings.
    How much are those tweens really worth to the affiliates?
    I read somewhere that the CW is paying to have the actors live the life on the upper east side so they can more realistically play their spoiled rich yet miserable characters — don’t know if its true — but somehow I think acting lessons would be chaeper.

  • erik

    mel, maybe you are right, but remember that GG sucess its on the web, as far as i know it,s the No 1 or 2 show in itunes and that counts too

  • Mick

    I suppose GoGi is a “hit,” in CW terms. The net needs a breakout, buzzed-about show that it can use to gain traction with viewers for other shows. The teen audience can be loyal, but the fact that they’re getting the show elsewhere besides Mondays at 8pm on TV is a big problem. I mean, One Tree Hill usually always draws a larger rating, and it’s not nearly as interesting as GG.

    What affiliates are really wondering/concerned about is: Why is the CW de-emphasizing the male audience? Believe me, WE watch TV, too…sometimes moreso than girls. The WB balanced its schedule to appeal to both sexes (and even some older folks), while tipping the balance toward women. But you can’t expect huge ratings when you’ve eliminated half the population, and are only focused on a narrow age group that has hundreds of other options. No matter how many OMG or WTF ads you run.

  • Linda B.

    Simon, you took the words right out of my mouth. I was just going to say that!

  • Simon and Linda B,

    Admittedly, SMALLVILLE is the most uneven series on TV. But the 10 year old boy in me still can’t resist the Superman Mythos.

  • Linda B.

    Is the 10 yr. old boy in you going to see The Incredible Hulk this weekend? I checked and there’s no secret scene after the credits. Apparently due to all the people complaining about missing the one at the end of Iron Man, they moved the special scene to right before the credits start. From what I hear, it looks tacked on and should really have been put AFTER the credits as originally intended.

  • Linda B. — Definitely going to see THE HULK tonight! Thanks for the tip about the now-not-so-secret-scene that WON’T be running following the credits. Too bad, since half the fun of IRON MAN, or at least 5% of the fun was watching everyone leave the theatre knowing full well they’d miss a wicked tag to the movie [cue maniacal laugh.. hahahhaha].

  • Linda B.

    Can’t decide if i want to see The Hulk or The Happening this weekend.

  • Linda B,

    At the risk of further angering theREELaddict, who let’s just say is slightly obsessed [in a good way!] with M. Night Shyamalan. I’ve heard some really bad things about THE HAPPENING.

    Shameless plug: Check out’s latest column: In Defense of M. Night Shyamalan.

  • Marcia M.

    Most of the CW’s shows do not appeal to me. I loved Everwood and the CW should have given it at least one more year — it averaged 4 million viewers, I believe, which was a lot more than Veronica Mars! I do like One Tree Hill’s new format — I like the new maturity and depth of the characters. I also have to admit that Gossip Girl grabs me, although I don’t really know why. I guess it is kind of intriguing to see how the rich live, since most of us will never be there.

  • Phillippe C

    They should have just gone ahead and done season 8 of Gilmore Girls. And if they want to win back that loyal audience they mightily pissed off, they need to at the very least do the GG reunion mini-series/tele-movie.

  • Phillippe C

    And ditto Veronica Mars – series 4 at the fbi sounds like a good idea to me….