We Talk Rashida Jones and THE OFFICE Spin-Off

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The TV Addict hangs with Rashida Jones

With E! Online reporting today that Rashida Jones may be in not-so-secret negotiations to star in the highly anticipated OFFICE spin-off. This TV Addict thought he’d take this opportunity to ask two obvious questions. 1) Does Karen Filippelli really have what it takes to headline her own show? And more importantly (2) is a carbon copy or photocopy if you will of THE OFFICE: Dunder Mifflin Edition really going to work?

First off, the Filippelli equation. Nothing against Rashida Jones, who is pretty much one of the most adorable women on the planet [see above photo]. But aside from doing a remarkable job of playing a stumbling block between Jim, Pam and happily ever after, did Karen Filippelli really have fans rolling off the couch in laughter? Didn’t think so.

And second, since NBC has a track record of running a good idea into the ground [see LAW & ORDER, JOEY, hour long episodes of THE OFFICE]. Is anyone else thinking that for THE OFFICE 2.0 to truly be successful, it should revolve around a substantially different premise than the original series? Transporting Dunder Mifflin’s trademark docu-drama style into varying professions. Albeit ones that are intrinsically linked to the original Scranton series. Say [just off the top of our head] a look at the inner-working of a department of human resources, a Chili’s, a Booze Cruise, or an IT department. Unique and interesting environments that would not only offer up endless possibilities for hilarity, but ample opportunity for cameos from our favorite Dunder Mifflin denizens.

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  • Tim

    I do think it needs to be different, but it will probably just be a different office with new characters. I wouldn’t mind it revolving around a different branches warehouse. They could even bring back David Denman to play Roy again.

  • I’ve never really been thrilled about the Office spin-off. I personally really liked Karen Filipelli. I think its their best bet, since they aren’t gonna be giving Jim, Pam, or Dwight their own shows.

  • For a show based on an IT environment, take a look at the great British show “The IT Crowd.” I believe NBC had picked up an American version for this past mid-season, no idea what happened with that…