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katherine heiglIf Katherine Heigl is so desperate to get released from her GREY’S ANATOMY contract in order to pursue stardom on the big screen there are probably easier ways to go about it. Ways that don’t involve publicly humiliating your co-workers.

In a statement released to the Associated Press yesterday, Heigl revealed that she has opted to not submit her name for Emmy consideration this year stating, “I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.” Elaborating that, “In addition, I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials.”

Not surprisingly, GREY’S ANATOMY showrunner Shonda Rhimes, also known as the woman responsible for the success Heigl currently enjoys could not be reached for comment. Here’s hoping it was because she was too busy writing Heigl’s shocking season premiere death scene involving an unfortunate incident in a hospital elevator shaft.

Agree/Disagree, Post Away.

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  • paketep

    Not that I’m a fan of Heigl’s frequent unappropriate outbursts, but I think you’re reading too much into it.

  • nctodc

    I agree with thetvaddict on this one. I’m not sure how you could read this as anything other than a shot at the writers. Between this and her public statements about her salary, I’m not sure why she has a job anymore.

    Beyond that, I get a sense of entitlement from her comments–as if she’s like Candace Bergen, who deferred consideration after multiple wins. She won one time. Does she think the Emmy committee (or whatever) would be unable to recognize the awfulness that was Gizzie…that they’d give her a nomination just because?

    It’s Sandra Oh and Chandra Bailey all the way this year.

  • Common Sense

    I applaud Katie for this move. If the writers take it as a shot, well….don’t force preposterous storylines like George and Izzy on your actors. And nctodc, do I trust the Emmy voters to recognize what should and should not be nominated? THAT IS THE STUPIDEST COMMENT I’VE EVER READ IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COMMENT SECTION. (sorry)

    We’re talking the same Emmy “experts” who ignored Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Veronica Mars, Buffy, Felicity…on and on I could go…..while year after freakin year nominating unworthy retreads from The Sopranos, Will & Grace, West Wing…….like they were entitled to the nod simply because their show was on the air!!!!!! Good lord, Kelsey Grammer and John Larroquette had to freakin WITHDRAW THEIR NAMES permanently, because the moronic Emmy voters just kept handing the statue to them year after year after freakin’ year!!

  • TVFan

    I’m all for Heigl speaking her mind, but not at the expense of Shonda Rhimes. Without whom, Heigl would only be remembered for ‘My Father the Hero’

  • shanna

    ^Hey don’t forget Roswell!

    Here’s my take: On the one hand, the nominations/statues do tend to go to th same people year after year due to the popularity/acclaim of the show regardless of how well the actor/storyline was that season, so kudos to acknowledging that your performance/storyline was not Emmy worthy this season. On the other, the statement as it’s worded is a direct slap in the face to the writers. It says, my story wasn’t good, therefore my performance wasn’t good and overall your writing wasn’t Emmy worthy. So there!

    It’s a bit petulant.

  • nctodc

    Common Sense,

    A few points:

    1. Katherine Heigl never spoke out publicly against the George and Izzie pairing–in fact, I recall her being pretty effusive about it (mainly because she wanted to work with her BFF, TR Knight). But then the winds shifted and people expressed their hatred for the storyline and–voilà!–Katherine Heigl’s now *so disappointed* in the writers. This isn’t magnanimous, it’s disingenuous.

    But this is how Heigl is…she throws a blade of grass up in the air, sees which way the wind is blowing and heads in that direction. How else do you explain that she all of a sudden came to the realization that “Knocked Up” had sexist undertones after the movie hit DVD? This is what she does and it’s kinda ridiculous that people are willing to indulge her narcissism.

    2. I don’t take offense at the fact that you called my comment stupid. I mean, what with you comparing Felicity to the Sopranos…

    How can anyone argue with that logic?

  • At the risk of yet again facing the wrath of all you movie critics out there (and theREELaddict) I just wanted to say that Heigl’s perception of her drawing power may be a little skewed. Nobody went to see KNOCKED UP because of her, and frankly KNOCKED UP was one of the most overrated movies ever and 20 minutes too long.

  • Josh Emerson

    Actually Addict, I remember reading about how the polls done after people had seen the movie said that a surprising number of them were there because of her. I thought it was like 30%.

    Ah, I found it. Thanks Google! 35% of people.

    Anyways, I’ve always liked Katie Heigl and how open she is with her opinions. I think it was rude to put down the writers like she did, although I hope the actress she’s referring to is Chandra Wilson. CW needs an Emmy!

  • Josh Emerson

    And I couldn’t agree less with your opinion about Knocked Up. That is a hilarious movie. Not as good as Superbad, but still.

  • hahaha, I knew someone would disagree with me on that one Josh. Or my new movie nemesis.

    Don’t get me wrong, KNOCKED UP was good, very good. I just think the whole Apatow operation has been way overhyped. SUPERBAD was way funnier.

    also, nice use of deadlinehollywooddaily as your source! Always good to back up your rebuttals with cold hard facts!

    what would we do without google?

  • shanna

    I’m just confused by K. Heigl lately. She decries Knocked Up for being sexist but then films/promotes a movie in which the main character is so weak willed she plans a wedding so her sister can marry the man she loves.

    Then instead of diplomatically stating that she doesn’t feel she put out Emmy-worthy material she says it wasn’t given to her AND that she’s witdrawing her name so someone else can win. Implication: If I had been given better material by my writers it would be Emmy worthy AND even if I don’t have Emmy-worth y material, i still would have won so Ill take a step back for someone else. It’s all very confusing to me the amount of hubris and I’m a Katie Heigl fan.

  • This whole “debacle” would have gone better had she not decided to blame the “materials” she was given. She would have come across a lot classier if she had just said she was dropping out to give other actresses a better opportunity.

    And yeah, she didn’t get any real “Emmy” moments out of last season (for which I suppose a finger could be pointed at the writers for being so), but a little professionalism never killed anyone.

  • Mick

    Crap, I’ll bet “The Acah-demy” nominates Tony Soprano again this year, even tho his show’s off de air. Cuz it takes reeeel acting to belt out 20 F-bombs per minute. Gandolfini wouldn’t know a nuanced performance if Keri Russell herself smacked him with a “Hey.”

    Leave Heigl alone. Isn’t is possible she’s just saying that other actresses had more to work with this year and are more deserving? Why does everyone have to try to read something evil into her intentions? Get a grip, man.

  • jess


    I think your ready to much into it. People have off days,unfortunately when celebrates have off days everybody gets to criticize them. And truthfully it wasn’t until the end of the season. Hell the last episode that she truly had something worthy of her to do. If anybody should be nominated from Greys (sorry for using character names) i’d say it would be Callie and McSteamy there characters actually grew throughout the season.

    And on another note the Emmys are totally biased i mean there are great shows with fabulous acting that are constantly ingnored. Like Battlestar Galactica that entire cast rocks. the writing, directing everything but has it ever been nominated NOOOOOOOO.. And how about BOnEs i mean Angela and Hogdes would win hands down inthe supporting catergory. Oh and lets not forget Friday Night Lights, that is just a few of the glaring misses.

  • K8ie

    OTOH, she’s the only “break-out” star that Grey’s Anatomy has actually managed to produce and she’s consistently treated like an afterthought by the producers and the network. Nor did her character actually have a major storyline this season, so I actually give Heigl some credit for not submitting her work for nomination.

  • Gowan

    I think you’ll find that most critics and fans would agree with her as to how her character was handled this season.

    Personally, I wasn’t as bothered by the George & Izzie thing, but then perhaps I’m not as emotionally invested in the show as others are.

    Still, it’s the way she handled it that most everyone will also have a problem with. One article I read called her refreshing for her “candor”.

    As attractive and talented as she may be (and I find her to be both), I don’t think that’s candor; it’s plain diva behavior, a social faux pas and maybe bad business. That amount of “candor” is ill-suited to a performer so early in the uptick of her career.

  • Since I heard my ears burning, I thought I might chime in. Though I do agree partially with theTVaddict’s take on KNOCKED UP, I have to disagree about his thoughts on Ms. Heigl’s drawing power. Josh already pointed out some statistics regarding KNOCKED UP, and you can’t really argue with the $76 million domestic tally of 27 DRESSES, a film that was all about her. That’s pretty good numbers for a romantic comedy, especially one with no real “mega-star” in it.

  • allie

    I’ve read a lot about her so called ‘diva’ behaviour. Like most stuff in the media, I took it wtih a grain a salt. However, after now reading this quote directly from her mouth I believe everything else said about her and I am sooooo over her! I believe it is appauling to come out and bag a show that made her a ‘star’. Yes I agree that the season just gone wasn’t the greatest (although it did have some great moments – the episode where Addy came back was great, as was the final ep with Bailey/Chandra), but to come out publicly and say that is simply poor form. She obviously wants out of her contract and I hope Shonda et al stick it to her by making her uphold her contract. Whilst I enjoyed 27 dresses, there are plenty of other actresses who could have pulled off the role just as well. I don’t think Heigl is that talented or special (and the fact that she chain smokes repulses me!). I think on principle I won’t be watching any of her future movies, but I will stick with Grey’s despite her presence because I love most of the other characters.

    I hope Heigl’s ‘good friend’ TR Knight has a word with her and tells her to pull her head in, although maybe he is just as bad as she is but simply doesn’t do everything in the public domain; it’s hard to know (you can often judge a person by the company they keep, although sometimes you can be blind to a friend’s true personality).

    Heigl is old enough to know better than to air her ‘dirty laundry’ in public. It is not like she is a teenager who you could forgive for being impulsive and not having the self-discipline to keep her mouth shut. I sort of agreed when she voiced her support for TR Knight over the Isiah incident (although we can’t know the exact circumstances of what happened unless we were there so I have some slight reservations), but I do not support this behaviour in any way shape or form!

  • Kristen

    I personally saw Knocked Up because of Seth Rogan and the fact that there were 4 Freaks And Geeks cast members in it and it was a Judd Apatow movie. Katherine Heigl was just there. After hearing her ridiculous comments on it, I couldn’t care less if I saw 27 Dresses or not. I did because my mom and sister wanted to but it was On Demand, not in the theatre. Even now, I can’t stand her on Grey’s and she used to be my favorite. I can’t stand people who have nothing to complain about but still find a way to play victim, and that’s exactly what she does!

  • jess

    well i’m holding out for an Izzie/Alex reunion. Cause those last scenes were stellar

  • NikkiHolly

    i agree. maybe she shouldn’t say it so publicly, but i agree with what she said. her storylines weren’t great this year. the only memorable storyline with her character was the Gizzie romance which, aside from being so wrong, was finished about halfway through the season.

  • Marisa

    Oh silly foolish Katherine.

    She’s withdrawing her name — well how ‘big’ of her.

    Who said she was going to be nominated in the first place?

    I think it was a premptive strike on her part so that she didn’t have to face questions when she didn’t get re-nominated this year (after all she is last years winner).

    It also had the added bonus of ‘sticking’ it to the writer’s of Grey’s. Perhaps she thinks this will get her better material next year. Or she wants to be fired (there have been rumours that she wants off the show).

    It was a calculated move on her part – the statement was released by her rep/agent – it’s not just some throw away line to some random member of the press that’s being taken out of context.

    If she keeps these games up she may soon learn the hard way that Hollywood loves nothing more than to watch/cause the downfall of it’s actors/actreses. They don’t like it when you don’t play nice, and they are much more powerful than you.

    My gut is telling me this was a bad move on her part. We’ll see in time.

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  • Laura

    Well K8ie, KH is not the only breakout star GA has produced. Patrick Dempsey has certainly made it big. Within the last year People Mag’s Star of the Year, Peoples Choice favorite male tv star, TV Guides Sexiest male TV. star and he and KH both were just included in Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Unlike KH, he always thank GA and his co-stars for getting him where he is today. He has always been gracious and appreciative and has the largest fan base of any GA star. KH should take the advice she gave IW and “just not speak in public”