Tim Russert is Dead at 58

For years, one of this TV Addict’s Sunday morning traditions has involved a cup of coffee and MEET THE PRESS. So it’s with great sadness and sorrow that I write the following words: This afternoon, Tim Russert died of an apparent heart attack.

Russert made politics both accessible and interesting. Never skirting the important issues of the day or shying away from the tough questions. 58 was far too young. Sundays will never be the same.

For all the latest information, timelines and tributes, please visit the NYTimes. And check out Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno’s tributes.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    This was a huge shock. I’m quite the political junkie and I cannot tell you the number of election nights I have watched Russert and his whiteboard of fate telling the tale of victories and loss. He was a huge part of the election coverage year in and year out and I will really miss him this November.

  • Linda B.

    I am completely shocked and saddened. He seemed like such a likable guy, someone you would truly want as a friend and colleague.

  • This is a huge & sad shock to me too. In the last year or two, I’ve gotten in the habit of watching — evening season passing on TiVo — Meet the Press with Tim Russert and Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. I’m really impressed with both men’s interviewing skills, and it’s very sad to hear of Tim’s premature passing. He was also really good at moderating roundtable discussions on his show and national debates during the election cycle.

    I read elsewhere that Bob Schieffer said if you could ever scoop a story before Tim Russert you felt like you hit a home run because he was just that good.

    Even AintItCoolNews.com recognized his passing. They mentioned something I think I had heard before that Tim was the longest-running host of Meet the Press which is television’s longest running show.

    I agree with Linda that he seemed likable. While his questions to political interviewees were often intense and hard-hitting, he always had a way of ending an interview with a lighter moment. This is a shame. Sunday news TV won’t be quite the same.

  • TVFan

    Meet the Press was a weekly fix for me. Such a shock. And You’re so right TVA…. 58 is ridiculously too young. My thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family.

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