What’s Not to Love about WEEDS?


With WEEDS making its long-awaited return to the airwaves tonight on Showtime, this TV Addict thought he’d pose an interesting question.

WEEDS. Best Show Ever? Discuss.

Now admittedly, the ‘best show ever’ classification might be a slight over-exaggeration. That or a symptom of this TV Addict’s post-May Sweeps depression. I mean seriously, PASSWORD and SWINGTOWN? Who’d have thought that outside of my burgeoning GREEK and BUFFY addictions I’d have CBS to thank for getting me through the summer! But I digress.

Having caught the show’s first few fantastic episodes, I can unequivocally say that the fourth season of WEEDS continues the show’s tradition of hilarious, albeit slightly dark humor. More importantly, it got me thinking, in all seriousness. What is there not to love about the show?

Be it the unique voice of creator Jenji Kohan, the witty social commentary, the brilliance that is Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon and now Albert Brooks. In a nutshell nothing. The show is one of those rare comedic gems that never disappoints.

Except that is until the credits role and you realize that thirty minutes goes by way too fast when you’re having this much fun.

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  • I am 100% back on board with Weeds after seeing the first few episodes – I thought the addition of Albert Brooks was a wicked smart decision and that MLP and Elizabeth Perkins have never been better!

  • Emaline

    While I’m definitely excited, I’m nervous about Conrad and Heylia being gone. I understand the creative decision I guess, but I’m sad about losing two of my favourite characters from one of my favourite shows 🙁

  • TVFan

    I too am curious as to how Conrad and Heylia’s absence affects the show.

  • Emaline,

    I have to say, as much as I enjoyed Conrad and Heylia in the show’s first two seasons, their roles last season were greatly diminished. Resulting in them not being missed this season, at least thus far.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I downloaded S1 of Weeds this weekend and will probably break the seal and start watching sometime this week.

    And told ya so about Buffy. I’ve gotten one of my co-workers addicted to it and ANGEL. I loaned her my DVDs. Her husband wasn’t going to even watch Buffy and then saw a few episodes and he’s hooked too.

  • Mick

    Best show ever? Sorry, New York Magazine already awarded that title to (tee hee)…Gossip Girl. But seriously, while I’ve never seen Weeds due to self-imposed cable / household budget restraint, for a show to top Buffy would reallllly be sayin’ sumpthin.

    Curious to know, in your Summer of Buffy…which characters are your favorite (Drusilla–how great?), and which “Big Bad” grabs you the most? If you haven’t reached the seasons of Glory, Willow, or The First….WOW, as I think back on all the greatness, why don’t I OWN this series? A pox on you ignoramous Emmy voters!

  • Not best show ever.

    but pretty damn close.

    though I too will miss Heylia and Conrad but I like this new direction (even though Im not a huge albert brooks fan).

  • Vance,

    The only problem with Albert Brooks is that if you close your eyes and listen it seems like Nancy Botwin’s arguing with Nemo. And I don’t remember Nemo having such a foul mouth!

  • que

    “Weeds” is a great show. But “The Wire,” was in fact the “BEST SHOW EVER.” hands down