FOX Gets its End of Season Report Card

Good Moves:
Alongside the edge-of-your-seat excitement that was TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, the resurgent HOUSE and that little reality singing competition known as AMERICAN IDOL, FOX ended off the season as the number one network in the coveted 18-49 demographic. Oh, and did we mention we’re still reeling from BONES’ big reveal!

Bad Moves: Just how disappointing was PRISON BREAK’s third season? So mush so that showrunner Paul Scheuring is bringing Dr. Sara Tancredi back from the dead. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the underrated BACK TO YOU, which won’t be coming back to you. Yet miraculously, ‘TIL DEATH continues to live to see another season. Which naturally begs the question, where is star Brad Garret hiding the highly incriminating photos of the Proverbial Powers that Be?

Prognosis for the Coming Season: Pretty frakkin’ incredible considering the three “J’s” that will be returning to FOX this fall. JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon, and Jack Bauer. Could we BE anymore excited for the new season?

Grade: B

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  • How about a fourth “J” for Joshua Jackson!

  • paketep

    BONES big reveal?.

    (spoilers for the final episode)

    Are we putting in Good Moves Zach’s horrible twist?. It was so totally out of character that I can’t guess for the life of me what the hell the writers were thinking!

    Also, I’ll miss Back to You. Ok, so it’s not Drive, Firefly, The Inside, Wonderfalls or… (yeah, I’ll stop), but it was funny and it had potential. Damn Fox, how I hate your fair and balanced criteria for cancelling shows!.

    I hope Fringe and Dollhouse get really good ratings on their first episodes, or we’ll be missing them pretty soon 🙁

  • Mick

    Grudgingly, I also give Fox kudos for the two funniest animated shows ever: The Simpsons and Family Guy. Man, you talk about some no-holds-barred subversive humor. The writers are brilliant.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I don’t think Monday nights on FOX come next January can get any better. 24 and Dollhouse on the same night on the same channel. It is like FOX asked me how to program the best night on television and then gave it to me. My TiVo will be dedicated as a shrine to FOX starting in January.

    I don’t want to jinx it, but Dollhouse may be the best new thing on tv – Whedon, Dushku, Pinekett, Minear, DeKnight, and :fingers crossed: Jane Espenson (if she gets on board post-BSG).

  • nick

    paketep…i agree with you 100 percent about Bones!!!!It made me so mad.Its just stupid and did not fit at all.It makes me not want to watch the show anymore.I love the cast and Zack is a favorite.It just does not work for me at all.Did Eric Millegan(zack) want to leave the show so they came up with this lame idea?WEAK….

  • In BONES defense, I really do believe the big season ender twist was rushed due to the writer’s strike.

    Mick — way to point out two consistently funny shows that I completely overlooked simply because they’re always great.

    Hay — you’re so right. Great call on the fourth “j”

  • nick

    did a little google work and found this interview with Eric Millegan(zac)

    Also this one with Bones creator, Hart Hanson,

    Tvaddict, to say it was rushed because of the stike is WEAK!

  • TVFan

    Cannot wait for Dollhouse and Fringe. Will miss Back To You, especially Kelsey Grammer.

  • Just to clarify nick,

    I think had BONES had more episodes leading up to the finale, they could have built up the reveal so that it was a little more realistic. Planted clues along the way.

    But I completely sympathize why fans might be angered. I certainly didn’t expect Zac to be a killer.

  • nick

    Just to clarify TVaddict,

    All the shows had to deal with a shortened season.Look at LOST.
    They have a very strict story structure but they still found a way
    (because of good writing)to give us all a great season finale that
    fit with the characters actions .To say if they had more episodes
    is a cop out.The actors (like Boreanaz)were not to fond of the way
    the season ended either.If they did not have the time to do it right then
    they should have waited till next season…

  • nick,

    Upon further review I’m going to do something I so rarely do — concede. Excellent point!

  • Amy

    Re: Bones. The execution was all wrong – given the strike they should have let it play out into next season. But, since it was obvious it would be a main cast member who would turn out to be the killer then Zach was the only one that would make any sense. I’m biased since he was by far my least favorite character, but his character traits (especially since coming back from Iraq) made him actually a pretty obvious candidate. If it had been anyone else it would have felt forced. In his case it only didn’t work because they had no time to develop it properly. Given that time it could have been awesome!

  • sorry off topic but, is there a cbs end of season report card yet?

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