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Nice touch ending last week’s inaugural ‘Ask The Addict’ by posing a question to the readers. But you failed to answer it yourself. How are you getting through, as you so accurately put it, “the dark days of summer rerun/reality TV hell?” — Dylan

Rather than turn to overrated and frivolous pursuits like ‘reading’ or ‘the outdoors,’ this TV Addict has thus far survived these dark days of summer with the assistance of two phenomenal shows: GREEK and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

And while I’ll get to BUFFY later in the column, I do want to take a moment to give a huge shout-out to GREEK creators Shawn Piller and Lloyd Segan. Who, much to my surprise, may have delivered the most entertaining and heartfelt teen-centric drama of the year. So good in fact that I’m willing to overlook the incredibly unrealistic hookup I just witnessed between Rusty and Jen K. I mean seriously, in what dimension does a girl like that fall for a guy like Rusty. And no, I’m not bitter. Really.

Thanks for the genuine TV scoop last week. But just out of curiosity, do you ever have any scoop that doesn’t involve a DEGRASSI star? — Jenn

I would — if Josh Schwartz, Greg Berlanti, Josh Freidman, Marc Guggenheim, J.J. Abrams, and/or Roberto Orci would ever return my emails.

When will the new season of WEEDS air in Canada? — Lucy [and tons of others!]

Direct from my good friends at Showcase [the Canadian network that airs WEEDS], this TV Addict is thrilled to break the news that the fourth season of WEEDS will premiere on Showcase this fall [Week of September 1] and will air Sundays at 10pm.

Hey Jenn, how’s that for TV Scoop that doesn’t involve a DEGRASSI star?

I fell asleep and missed the last 15 minutes of NUMB3RS this past week. Do you know how it ended? — Dianne

Overlooking the obvious jokes with regards to NUMB3RS putting you to sleep… hmmm… let me think. Oh wait, I don’t watch crime and/or procedural dramas on CBS. Also known as 75% of the Tiffany Network’s schedule. But that Dianne shouldn’t stop you from discovering the answer for yourself by heading on over to and re-watching the episode online.

Curious to know, since you mentioned you’re a BUFFY virgin. Which characters are your favorite (Drusilla–how great?) and which “Big Bad” grabs you the most? If you haven’t reached the seasons of Glory, Willow, or The First….WOW, as I think back on all the greatness, why don’t I OWN this series? A pox on you ignoramus Emmy voters! — Mick

Mick, first off, it’s time to let go of your bitterness towards Emmy voters. After-all, BUFFY’s annual Emmy snub was almost a decade ago and Emmy voters have long moved on to bigger and more egregious snubs like the cast of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Lauren Graham and Matthew Fox.

And to answer your question, while I’ll undoubtedly share your enthusiasm for Drusilla, Glory and The First in the not-to-distant future, right now I’m only on episode three, of season one! Which means I’m just now getting over the fact that some of my current TV favorites like Alyson Hannigan [HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER], David Boreanaz [BONES] and Nicholas Brendon [KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL] all look like sixteen year old lost puppies.

Where is Joel McHale’s pilot that was supposed to debut in the spring? — Bobby Brown

If the pilot you’re referring to was NBC’s adaptation of the hit British comedy THE IT CROWD, well I’ve got some bad news for you Mr Bobby Brown [if that is your real name]. After failing to premiere mid-season as promised, it seems likely that NBC has permanently shelved the Joel McHale laugher.

And while NBC has been mum [that’s British for quiet] on the reasons why, this TV Addict has a theory. One that I’m more than happy to go out on a limb and share with you. THE IT CROWD was purposely shelved because the Peacock Network is hard at work quietly developing a spin-off to THE OFFICE that just so happens to revolve around, you guessed it, an IT crowd.

Anyone else going to join me on that limb?

Is SCI FI really going to make us wait until 2009 for the second half of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s final season? — SimplyKimberly

Yes. But if it makes you feel better, there’s a silver—lining. Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribute recently broke the news that the second half of the final season has been expanded to 11 hours instead of the originally planned 10. With the President herself, Mary McDonnell describing her reaction to the final script as, “an incredible feeling of adrenaline.” telling Ain’t It Cool News that “It made me understand the entire saga, and made me excited for all of you.”

Do you have any SUPERNATURAL scoop? — Jayme

Does more information on the SUPERNATURAL appearance at Comic Con count? If so, here’s a tentative schedule on what fans can expect if you’re joining this TV Addict on his 3rd Annual Pilgrimage to Nerd Fest July 24 — 27.

Friday, July 25th
THE BIG BANG THEORY: 10:15am-11:15am

Saturday, July 26th
THE OFFICE Writers panel with special guest Rainn Wilson: 12:45pm-1:45pm
PUSHING DAISIES: 3:15-4:15pm
CHUCK: 3:30pm-4:30pm
FRINGE: 4:45pm – 5:45pm

Sunday, July 27th
SMALLVILLE: 10:00am – 11:00am
SUPERNATURAL: 11:15am-12:15am

Thanks to GMMR for the Tip!

Ausiello had Smurfs, Snapple and Keri Russell, what’s going to be the TV Addict’s gimmick? — Brandon

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. I’m not about to obsesses over memorable 80’s animated characters and highly addictive yet refreshing beverages in an effort to fabricate some gimmick that will keep readers coming back each and every week. This TV Addict is all about hard work and journalistic integrity. Oh, and did I mention free swag?

To enter to win the third season of WEEDS on DVD, simply post away in the comments below with your suggest for what loyal readers of should be called? Reader Mel has already suggested “Addicticons” and “Addictiers” with Tarn cleverly adding “Junkies”

Got your own suggestion? Post away and check back next Wednesday to see if you’ve won.

And don’t forget, any and all TV questions can be emailed to More importantly, there are no stupid questions, just stupid TV shows [see ACCORDING TO JIM].

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  • Maria

    The Addict Army!

  • TVFan

    I can’t believe we, and by we I mean Canada has to wait until SEPTEMBER for the fourth season of Weeds. When will Canadian networks clue in and realize that if you’re not going to give us our favorite shows at the same time as our American friends, we’ll find other ways to watch them.

    We’re living in the digital age people. Get with the program

  • Maria,

    I think we could take Dumbledore’s Army!

  • Tarn

    Wait – I thought Torchwood was doing Comic Con this year, too?

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  • Lola

    Love your theory on The Office spinoff and as for nicknames, my vote goes for TVA Junkies

  • CC

    Episode 3 Season 1!!??? LOL you have soooo long to go. But kudos to you for FINALLY going for it. Buffy is awesomeee

  • Jake

    My sentiments exactly, CC. If you’re only at episode 3 of Buffy, you’re still getting over The Master (ceeeeepy!….and did you know that he is the same actor who played The Maestro on Seinfeld??), and Darla’s first appearance. Wait’ll you encounter The Anointed One….very shortly. Chilling!

  • shanna


    I really like this column. Unfortunately I can’t attend Comicon. I REALLY want to see what Lost has planned.

  • jess

    i so wish i could go to comic con. Hopefully next year i’ll plan ahead but it’s hard when you live on the EasT Coast. But have fun and hopefully post lost of pictures.

  • Michael


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