TV Casting Craziness!

Even though there may not be that much to talk about on screen — behind-the-scenes — network execs, actors and agents have never been busier. And keeping track of it all is your very own TV Addict, with the latest news on which actors and actresses will soon be popping up on your favorite shows come the Fall 2008.

The News: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S Paul Campbell [Billy] will be joining the cast of KNIGHT RIDER as the head research tech at Knight Industries.
The Lowdown: Finally giving us a reason to tune in after February’s uber-disappointing two-hour car commercial.

The News: Ex-FRIEND Matthew Perry has signed on to headline Peter Tolan’s [RESCUE ME] Showtime pilot THE END OF STEVE. A dark comedy revolving around Perry, who will play a local TV anchor who’s real-life personality is somewhat different than his cheery on-camera one.
The Lowdown: Could we BE anymore excited for the return of Matthew Perry to television? Umm… no.

The News: Madchen Amick is returning to Central Park West, or more accurately, the Upper East Side to play a possible MILF for Nate [Chace Crawford].
The Lowdown: Already spoiling May’s finale tease that ‘S’ and ‘N’ might have lived happily ever after, at least for a little while. Way to go EW.

The News: ALL MY CHILDREN’s Leven Rambin will join TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES this season as Riley, a new school friend of John Connor.
The Lowdown: And by friend, we naturally assume love interest. So place your bets now, Riley is (a) an undercover Terminator sent from the future, or (b) Terminated by a Terminator, thus kick-starting John’s transformation from brooding teenager to leader of the revolution!

The News: Television icon Mary Tyler Moore will be joining NBC’s LIPSTICK JUNGLE for a multi-episode arc next season, playing Brooke Shields’ mother.
The Lowdown: Casting coup yes. But in all seriousness, how many fans in the younger demographic NBC so dearly covets really has an attachment to 70’s TV icon Mary Tyler Moore?

The News: Former star of THE PRACTICE, Michael Badalucco will be one of a rotation of grad students filling Zack’s position while he does the Hannibal Lecter thing behind bars.
The Lowdown: An old grad student. Sound hilarious! Assuming we didn’t already see the same gag on HOUSE and GREY’S ANATOMY last year.

The News: The revolving door at County General continues as actors Shiri Appleby, Julian Morris, Emily Rose and Victor Rasuk join the cast of ER for its fifteenth and final season.
The Lowdown: News that would excite us had we not stopped watching ER the day a helicopter crushed Dr. Romano to bits.

The News: Ex-MEN IN TREES star James Tupper will be joining the cast of SAMANTHA WHO for at minimum three episodes, playing a love interest for Christina Applegate.
The Lowdown: Can we start the healing process now MEN IN TREES fan? Or are we all still bitter? What’s that… still bitter. Rest assured, we at understand. Seriously, three years later, we still won’t shut up about EVERWOOD being canceled.

  • jess

    The Lowdown: Already spoiling May’s finale tease that ‘B’ and ‘N’ might have lived happily ever after, at least for a little while. Way to go EW.

    that’s wrong at the end of the May Finale “B” was with “C” and “N” was flirting with “S”.

  • shanna

    So I don’t do ER but I will admit they do put on stars that make me want to hop on the bandwagon (Victor Rasuk nom nom)

    What about that little tidbit about 90210 recasting their lead? Any updates?

  • Alyssa

    Did you watch Gossip Girl? Nate and Blair broke up a long time ago and were boring. Nate was hanging out with Serena at the end, but it wasn’t romantic at the time. Blair and Chuck were dating but Chuck is steps away from screwing it up on his very own. So, what did EW do? Fact check?

  • Hey All,

    My apologies. Mixing up my favorite consonants. What I mean to say was ‘S’ and ‘N’

  • NikkiHolly

    Shiri Appleby? i might actually tune into ER every once in a while to catch Liz Parker as a doctor (i miss Roswell).

  • Cassie

    I’m looking forward to Matthew Perry’s new show. Matthew didn’t sign up to Tolan’s show though. The show was thought up by Perry and he brought Tolan into it to help write it. They will both be executive producers too.